Meanderings. 2-21-10


Well it seems that the First lady, Michelle Obama, said she tries to stay away from news because she wants to formulate her own opinions based on her experiences.

I have to ask how you form an opinion on something current without information?  But let’s take that on the face value.

There’s an old cowboy wisdom that goes: “Good judgment comes from experience…  And a lot of that comes from bad judgment“.  So in the absence of current information she uses her previous bad judgment?  I guess we should be happy she’s not in charge.

General Alexander Haig has passed on.  Many disliked the man, some loved him.  I don’t think that anyone should doubt his devotion to his Country.  Having met the man one time, I can tell you he was impressive, as both a solider and a man.  And I don’t impress easy.

Condolences to the Haig family, and the Country in general.  We have lost a great American.

Ms Penny Lee, political adviser to Harry Reid, said yesterday on Fox & Friends on VP Chaney that “I wouldn’t take the political advise of a man who left office with an 18% approval rating”.

To Ms Lee I say, I’m not sure I want to listen to advise from a political adviser who’s client’s chances of reelection is looking more like the same as me winning the Lottery.  I don’t play the Lottery in case you were wondering.


4 Responses to “Meanderings. 2-21-10”

  1. Gini Says:

    It’s NOT the first lady’s job to ‘keep the nation healthy’ I submit! None of her business what I eat or don’t, actually. Hopefully our food source stays free of contamination, and we continue to not have to worry abt that one thing, which actually is ‘the business of government’, I think.
    I would agree that the smack at ‘ratings’ falls high on the ‘hilarious scale’ as we see the numbers continue to plummet for ‘government’ in general, as well as the president. Makes the argument abt Cheney, toooooo funny! lol They seem to all be scrambling for favor, as 2010 is here, and we get to decide again, who is going back to Washington, and who is not! lol
    First ladies have a for years now had a mission or special project that they champion and I have no problems with that, so long as it isn’t something political. Say no to drugs, say no to fat, I have no problem with.

    I just worry about what the support can lead. Food Police?


  2. Eileen Says:

    She has a good message and is TRYING to help the next generation stay healthier.
    I don’t fault that. It’s “I don’t keep current in the News” that I fault.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Well said Chas, Cheney’s rating is only 2 or 3 points lower than Congress as well as Reid’s not beating any of his challengers.
    Just pointing out how silly her comment was Frank. Some people.. 🙄


  4. gwenfl Says:

    I was sad to hear that Gen Alexander Haig had passed away yesterday. My thoughts were there goes another great American. We need some young men out there like Alexander Haig.
    He was a rare individual.


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