Meanderings. 2-24-10


It’s amazing what your thumb bumps into that you never know that it does.

Yesterday, while slicing a piece of corned beef on a small Deli slicer cut the tip of my finger.  Nothing serious, but a lot of blood.  In any case, since then the tip of my thumb seems to find anything within arm reach and bump into it.

This makes it rather hard to type also.

When did it become such a shock to hear someone wasting to say the Pledge of Allegiance?  Even Congressman Becerra laughs.  But I’ll let you decide

This Van Der Sloot is back in the News.  This is a sick individual.  Now he admits he Killed the Holloway girl 5 years ago.  Either way, he needs some serious help.


2 Responses to “Meanderings. 2-24-10”

  1. Gini Says:

    YIKES Chas…and Frank! Maybe you two should STAY away fr allllllll things sharp? lol 🙂 ~giggle~ That said, I am sorry your thumb is hurt Chas, and yes, it does remind you how often you do use your thumb. lol 🙂 OUCH for sure! lol 🙂 I do not regret missing the ‘news abt Van der Sloot’…..I am wont to believe ANYTHING he says at this point! lol Natalie’s family certainly was destroyed over it all, so any price he pays for his involvement is, in my opinion, not nearly enough! A very sick and dangerous young man….
    Tough to cut meat with a dull knife…lol


  2. Frank C Says:

    Chas, my thumb got in the way of chain saw and took 8 stitches. Was helping a military neighbor cut limbs. We debated on going to ER or him stitching…opted for hospital. At least it was the thumb and not typing finger.
    Even the thumb gets in the way. No stitches, I stopped the bleeding myself so I didn’t go.

    Every tell you about the time I was cutting trees and buried the chain saw in my knee? Well never mind, it’s a gross story.


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