Meanderings. 2-26-10


(02-24) 14:49 PST South Bend, Ind. (AP) —

Police arrested a South Bend man for drunken driving after other motorists reported their vehicles were struck by a hose from a gasoline pump dangling from the fuel tank of the man’s truck. St. Joseph County Police say the 46-year-old man failed several sobriety tests after he was stopped Monday night on state Route 2 just west of South Bend. He was taken to the county jail, where his blood-alcohol level tested 0.13, higher than Indiana’s legal limit of 0.08.

An employee at a Speedway station said the man had purchased gas at the store with a credit card, then drove off with the hose still attached to the truck. Police returned the hose and nozzle to the gas station, but had no estimate of damage to the pump.


(02-24) 11:57 PST Daytona Beach, Fla. (AP) —

Police say two Florida teenagers are facing charges after 911 dispatchers heard them talking about breaking into cars when one teen’s cell phone accidentally called 911 during a heist. Daytona Beach police say 19-year-old Stefanie Vargas and a 13-year-old boy are charged with burglary to a conveyance.

(02-17) 14:51 PST Aquilla, Ohio (AP) —

It’s quite the man cave.

Jimmy Grey says he’s been out of work for almost a year and needed a project to stay busy. So with the heavy snowfall this winter, the 25-year-old laborer got to work on an extreme igloo in his family’s yard in Aquilla (ah-KWIL’-uh), about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

His four-room creation has 6-foot ceilings and an entertainment room. He powers the TV with an extension cord plugged into an outlet in the garage. He also ran wires for cable television with surround-sound stereo.

Grey says candles help add ambiance for nighttime get-togethers with friends, and the freezing temperatures mean that the beer never goes warm.


Do you still wonder how the same morons continue to get reelected?


2 Responses to “Meanderings. 2-26-10”

  1. Gini Says:

    I just LOVE your blog Chas! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ ~laughing~ ~frowning~ ~furrowed brow, as I also wonder~ Nicely done! lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love having you stop by Gini. Thanks for all your support.


  2. Frank C Says:

    Yep Chas, I still cannot figure out how and why, we keep reelecting the same crooks, tax evaders, ego maniacs.
    Because most people don’t actually pay attention. I guess they are too busy calling 911 on their self. ๐Ÿ˜†


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