Meanderings. 2-27-10


Beleaguered Rep. Charlie Rangel defied bipartisan calls for him to step down as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee despite an ethics committee report that found he violated House rules by taking corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean.

Here’s a surprise, no coverage by CNN, Washington Post, while MSNBC carried the story it is without any outrage what-so-ever.  I can’t even imagine what the headlines would be, and above the fold of course, had this been a member of the GOP.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, noting that multiple ethics complaints remain pending against Rangel, declined to say whether he should stay on the job. “We’ll just see what happens next,” Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters.

In other words, “we’ll do nothing unless his seat is lost in the next election, just like Jefferson“.  I don’t understand why the rest of America isn’t sick of these arseholes.

Gee, between this and advertising the shove it down out throat method of passing health care takeover, is anyone other than those in Congress perplexed as to why their approval is now down to 18%?

And here is why we should actually teach little things about the Constitution to kids in school.  This is from the Daily Kos, (or Daily Communist), from Jed Lewison:

For all the talk about reconciliation being some sort of complicated beast, Axelrod’s messaging nails the issue on the head: let’s have a vote, let’s let the majority rule, and then let’s move on.

Obviously, unrestrained majority rule is not a good idea, but when you’re dealing with policies like the current health care proposal — as opposed to issues involving constitutional rights, such as the power to declare war or the freedom of speech — majority rule is the American way.

Jefferson said Democracy is 51% taking away the rights of the other 49%.  I’m real sure Mr Lewison, you’d feel much different under other circumstances.  The fact is this IS an issue of the Constitution.  The Constitution has nothing in any way shape or form that allows the Federal Government to mandate that every citizen purchase Health Insurance.  Nothing even close under ANY reasonable reading of the Founding Document, gives such an enumerated power to the Government.

Grow up and stop expecting the Government to be your mommy for life.


3 Responses to “Meanderings. 2-27-10”

  1. Gini Says:

    Actually, I would amend that comment…I prob think ‘they are informed’, but do not agree that the Constitution as written, ‘applies to today’, so would continue to engage in it’s destruction.

  2. Gini Says:

    I continue to smile Chas… 🙂 I agree, but there is no hope ‘they’ are going to ‘grow up’ and ‘become informed’. lol 😦

  3. Dan Fugate Says:

    Another well thought out post. The Jefferson quote is great.
    Thank you Dan. Jefferson had many great quotes, maybe more than any other man in American history.


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