Obsession:  1 : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling;

I submit that the President is obsessed with this Health Care agenda, to the point of interfering with the performance of his duties as President.

The Constitution provides in Article 2, Section 1; “In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office…”

Which means if the President is so obsessed with a single item that he is unable to, for example, take a trip to a foreign County or 2 that has been planned for months, costing that Country millions in preparations because of a single item on the floor of the house, ignoring all else that needs to be attended to in this Country, would that not qualify as a preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea, especially considering that the majority of Americans are not on his side in supporting this agenda?

Does not the idea that most of America protest your agenda make it unreasonable to push it through regardless?  Is not an obsession a sort of mental incapacity that in its self makes one an unreliable person, incapable  of holding, arguably,  the most powerful position in the world?

Is it not obsession when you have to bribe and twist arms of representatives, to vote against the wishes those who elected them, to the point that they will most likely lose their seats?

And now here it is, beyond all reason, his obsession is fulfilled and by a scant majority it appears that we are stuck with this monster.  How can something so large, so important get into law with a 4 vote majority?  Seems to me that some adjustment needs to be made in the House Rules that make unconstitutional bills have a 2/3rd majority to pass.

And I firmly believe that the mandate to purchase health insurance unconstitutional.  How can anyone believe that this would be in the scope of Government power?

Some have said you are required to purchase car insurance, not true.  I can not own a car, which is very common in the larger Cities.  You can take public transportation.  There are a number of smaller vehicles that have very small engines that do not require a license nor insurance.  So that argument is bogus.

But let us say that the Government can force you to purchase insurance, for the common good of all.  Where does that common good end?  Rationing your intake of sugar or salt?  Limiting the amount of red meat you can buy?  Alcohol of course would have to be closely monitored.  Why not?  All these things may cause health risk so for the common good why wouldn’t Government also have the power to force your behavior to change into their ideal eating and workout program?

Doesn’t take a whole lot of looking around to see how much the Federal Government has imposed itself upon the lives of the individual, or to force its will upon the State.  When will we say ENOUGH?


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

11 Responses to “Obsession”

  1. Dan Fugate Says:

    I say enough right now. Insurance is a good idea to have but the gov’t requiring it is a crock. It only stands to reason that if they are requiring that you have health insurance that they can then impose restrictions on things that can cause ill health.
    Yep, as I noted in my greenroom days, and in other things I have written various places for many years, we need only look to the rationale for laws commanding seatbelts and helmets: part of the arguments supporting those liberty invasions were that, since government people needed to scrape up your broken bodies when you have a wreck, and transport you in governmentally funded ambulaneces to governmentally funded emergency rooms, then government can command your conduct to minimize what invites the scraping up/transporting/treating. So, for government funded or commanded [the latter nowhere supported by “commerce”] health insurance, those rationales provide the top of the slippery slope to “well, since your bad [eating habits, exercise habits, alcohol habits, smoking habits, etc.] contribute to sicknesses that government has to pay for, we can regulate or command your conduct about such things.” One need not be a Beckian hysteric to understand that such regulation is in the works.


  2. Sterling Says:

    I admire your resolve, cap, and though your experience and insight is sorely missed in the realm of the greenroom, I too, know where to find you and I am exceedingly blessed for that knowledge. Keep up the good fight, my friend. The republic needs you now, even more than we did 234 years ago. 🙂
    Thanks much, Dear Sterling. The fight continues, until the Republic is restored. And it can be, with education, dedication, and True Grit! Yo!!


  3. Gini Says:

    Cap…yes, I was referring to Aly’s, and you are missed. I would agree with you, and we all continue to wonder whatsup w/that. But, your voice of reason is missed, amongst the ‘fray’, when discussing it all over there. I do not put that much emphasis on the ‘magazine’ premise of F&F. I watch solely as a fan of Alisyn, and if she were not there, I would prob not be there either, which is one reason they ‘moved’ her to the weekends, I would think? The ‘boyzzzzzz’ could not demand the audience she enjoys. I continue to think it’s remarkable that more have not invaded her blog, actually. One, being enough, of course, so no complaint, just a curiosity. The ‘others’ that come and are ‘polite’ only annoy me, especially ‘the one’ I actually know. Anyway…have told folks they can ‘find’ you here, so there ya are! ha ha! lol In the mean time, I refuse to concede the malaise that threatens to overwhelm us all, and contend that the ‘exceptionalism’ of the American spirit will prevail. YES! As I enjoy the company of all of you who are smart, I extrapolate that out, and contend there are many many who will also ‘fight the good fight’ to keep America ‘free’ fr the ‘shackles’ of government, conceding that ‘we have all’ been lazy, along the way.
    Chas is wonderful, reminding everyone what should be, and I am privileged to have him as a friend. lol 🙂
    Yes, chas is indeed wonderful, a true constitutionalist, and delightfully devoted to the mission. He reminds me of some of my compatriots I saw at the Framing in 1787. But because I was there, I will not waste my time on a blog that does not respect my insights while allowing me to be attacked by a self-serving, malevolent harridan who is an ally of those who would undo my Republic.


  4. capmotion Says:

    You know, I don’t know that this is really thought-out purposefulness by the uber-left so much as it is the natural tendency of systems to devolve toward repressive order, the obverse of liberty, when it is not opposed, and that opposition will not come without education and dedication regarding the Framing purposes. Maintaining liberty in the face of those who want to obliterate it for their own nefarious or self-serving purposes requires effort and energy and devotion and understanding, and when we have a populace more concerned with couch-potatoing in front of the tube for soap operas or sports numbo-tainment, then we are poised for being victimized by energetic oppressors. And we are being. And we can stop it. If we only will.

    Thanks re missing me, gini. I presume you are speaking of Ali’s blog. It became clear to me that Fox is not as interested in true originalist philosophy as it is in attention-drawing provocativeness, which is the only explanation for the odious one being able to wrongfully accuse me [and chas] of being a communist while censoring my totally accurate commentary that the Cheneys and Rumsfelds of the world are quite distant from the founding premises. You censor my truths, and you lose me. I have studied this stuff, and devoted myself to its essence, longer than Fox has been around, and I will continue to do so long after Fox sinks beneath the waves.

    My best to you, gini, and keep the faith.

  5. Gini Says:

    This year the citizen will say, Enough, I hope Chas. Great ‘essay’ as always. This is a mess! for sure, but I am still optimistic, and not caving to the idea that America is not ‘exceptional’, and can thwart this ‘coup’ attempt. The preference to ‘stay free’ rings loudly in my ears, and I will join w/my fellow citizens in the fight to ‘stay free’.
    I continue to think O was hand picked, plucked out to do this one thing. He doesn’t care a fig abt America, his job being over now that this is accomplished. We will see who ‘wins’ this one very soon, I think. I will continue to ‘keep the faith’, refusing to buy the propaganda that it’s all over now. NO, it is not!
    Hi Cap…we miss you. lol 🙂
    Thanks Gini. It maybe that it isn’t over until the last person gives up. One man with a vision can go a long way.


  6. Sterling Says:

    This bill is nothing but tyranny and this usurpation of our Constitution by our so-called representatives is terrifying. We must, every one of us, get up off our collective complacent asses and protest what our tyrannical government is imposing upon us. Are we seriously supposed to sit back and expect that the courts will save us? Or that the other party will save us? Who saved us from the tyranny of King George? Was it a political party or a judge? NO. We the people must stand fast against tyranny. We are the ones who have everything to lose and everything to gain. Cap said it best when he said that a supposed constitutional law professor does know of the tyranny he embraces. THAT, my friends, should be the most electrifying of all our grievances.
    Of course, let us not forget [which I have not, since I was there!] that when George III’s tyranny became overbearing and we decided to throw off the schackles of his oppression, the “we” was really a strong, vocal, thoughtful, aggressive minority. The numerical majority of colonists then were somewhat alike the numerical majority of Americans now – complaisant, maybe even slothful [only politically, not physically, although aee are both], and that powerful minority carried the Revolution ball to the goal. That reinforces the value of “wake-up” groups like the Tea Partiers.


  7. capmotion Says:

    Better do something soon? Many of us were preaching this horror story decades ago, but few cared. What has now happened with Obama-ism are the wages of the lack of education and concern and conscientiousness about founding principles then. This is nothing new [Nixon’s patently illicit wage and price freeze was far more dictatorial!], and it can only happen because people slothfully and irresponsibly allow it to happen. Heritage will give anyone who asks a free pocket Constitution, and all should obtain, and read, and study, and understand. I am cynical, however, about whether such will generally occur.
    I find most are more concerned with their day to day life, forgetting that the bigger picture is part of their day to day life.

    I agree, and that shortsightedness is what has allowed the Hun to now be at the gate, and we must now either gird our loins for battle or annoint our loins for burial, but time for one or the other is nigh.


  8. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas,
    I dont know what its going to take, but we better do something soon, because this is not about healthcare its about Power and Control,
    the American people better WAKE UP and see whats going on here,
    like you said its “unconstitutional”
    and we will Repeal it and every State will block its passage,
    because its unconstitutional,
    his Obsession with healthcare will destroy his Presidency,
    because he is neglecting his job to govern.
    Sounds like his next obsession is going to be, not jobs, but immigration. An increase in illegals getting citizenship and giving the Dems a larger voting block.


  9. capmotion Says:

    And this is a command to penalize people for inaction [not signing up for insurance], which is hardly “commerce”!!! And it finds no other support in the Constitution.
    I don’t think tyranny cares a wit for the boundaries of the Constitution my friend.

    Sadly, that is true, and it is most distressing when the tyrant is a constitutional law professor, because he, unlike less informed presidents, has no excuse, and hence his malevolent purposefulness becomes clear. And it can only happen because the people have failed to educate themselves and/or refuse to stand against this dangerous gust of faction.


  10. capmotion Says:

    chas is, of course, right on, and let’s dispense with the “well, they can make us buy auto insurance, so this is ok” bilge, because (a) I have opposed mandatory insurance in the states since imposed, because they cannot properly command it, but (b) what the states can impose by their unstated and inherent police power does not define what the central government can impose under specifically defined, enumerated powers limitations, and (c) there is no authority in the US Constitution for commanding citizens to do business with a private company on pain of fine and other punishment. The auto insurance analogy fails, because the Framers intended the central government to not have any power than appears on the face of the Constitution, and a supposed constitutional law professor President should [read “does”] know that. This is worse than usurpation, it is tyranny.
    Right on cap. I can make the choice to not drive, but not to live is a tad different, me thinks.


  11. Frank C Says:

    There are a lot of States Attorneys General who are lining up to challenge this Mother of All Unfunded Mandates.

    I hope they win.
    Great information

    Thanks Frank.


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