There are a number of things I find alarming in today’s political debate.  It’s not what you might think, the anger, the vitriolic rhetoric, the name calling, although we could use a lot less of that.  No, what bothers me is the simple lack of either concern or knowledge of the Constitution in these debates.

That is not limited to just pundits either.  From what I hear many, if not most, elected officials seem completely unaware of what is contain in the Constitution and the meaning of what is there.

I was listening to a couple of political advisers from previous Presidents talking about this Government take over of the student loan programs in this Country.  The left refused to acknowledge that first it was a take over and second he continued to talk about the “good” it would do.  There was no regard for the loss of revenue of the private sector, no regard for the possible jobs lost, and certainly no regard for the fact that there is no such enumerated power in the Constitution allowing the Federal Government to become an Education Savings and Loan.

On the other side of the aisle we heard about the jobs lost, the private sector revenue and the phony billing practice that allowed the left and the CBO to call the Health Care bill, (itself  unconstitutional), deficit neutral.  Not a single word from the right on the Constitutionality of the program being in the hands of the Federal Government.

When did reminding the people that the Constitution isn’t a vehicle for Federal power, but a constraint on the power of the Federal Government, sort of taboo?  There is some limited talk about smaller Government, less Government, more efficient Government, but never do we hear about a Federal Government held in constraint by the Constitution.

I have to believe that the average American now believes that if the Congress does something, passes something or the President suggest something, it MUST be Constitutional, if they think about it at all.  Perhaps that is the point.  Perhaps the majority no longer think about if there is a legal restraint on the Congress and the Government.  Perhaps there has become a trust in what is clearly becoming a tyranny, to do what is best for the people based upon the sound bytes they get from the LSM.

I don’t have the answer to that.  I have no idea why anyone would think that the Government should be able to run health care when they can’t even run a savings account like Social Security.

Perhaps the spirit of independence is gone in Americans now.  Perhaps once we conquered the land from sea to shinning sea we became complacent.  I can’t fully blame progressives and liberals, mostly because many sat back while this all went on.  As with evil, all that is required for it to succeed if for the rest of us to do nothing.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


8 Responses to “Pundits”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas,
    Our country is headed in the wrong direction,
    we have been talking about these policies for the last two years,
    and now some people are waking up,
    the liberal democrats are to blame here,
    No one else but the democrats,
    they are taking this country to a place we have never been before.
    Great post Chas,
    I disagree Sal my friend. The GOP is only moving left and away from the Constitution at a slower pace.

    We have no friends in DC.


  2. Sterling Says:

    Yes, you are correct: It has always been our responsibility to keep the Republic secure. However, in the bright light of our glaring misrepresentation, to the ones who have done their civic duty to elect officials who represent those responsibilities, what now? What will now save our Republic?
    The same thing that would always had saved it, throwing out those who fail in their responsibilities to represent us and preserve that Republic.


  3. Sterling Says:

    My vote goes to the individuals who honor the Republic, regardless of their party affiliation. The parties, as they have always been, are overrated, and, as we’ve seen during the this last dreadful show on Capital Hill, over-powerful. The citizen sits back, helpless, as those who claim to represent us, do not, and under the guise of knowing what’s best for us, override our voice. They know nothing, but to increase their own power and prosperity, to the detriment of the Republic, and at the expense of the individual.

    Every American needs to be shouting the unconstitutionality of this legislation and this administration, at every opportunity. If the Republicans refuse to echo that cry from the citizen, then we must simply have to carry it ourselves. We are now, each of us, charged with saving our Republic, in whatever way we may contribute. It is our duty, and indeed, our apparent destiny.
    It has always been our responsibility to keep the republic secure as we are a self-governing system. So the failure here has been and always has been our failing.


  4. Gini Says:

    Grab onto this boyzzzzz and girls. I am SO FURIOUS I could bite nails in two! {well, not really. the dental work was a bit pricey!} The Brunner directive…’a friend’ on FB {dumb site!} posted a comment remarking on the Brunner directive. Something having to do w/Ohio and the GOP. I ask what that was. This is fr another ‘friend’, with the answer:
    oops…didn’t get it all….In Ohio if you vote in the primary will have to sign a document saying they’re switching because they actually support that party.

    During the primary in the 2008 election, some folks from one party thought it would be really funny to “switch” to the other party to vote for whoever they thought was the least likely candidate to win in the actual election.vote in the primary will have to sign a document saying they’re switching because they actually support that party.
    This has got to be illegal. They can’t demand anything like that fr a citizen can they? It isn’t any of their business why, who, what, as long as I am registered, and the switch is legal. The only ‘thing’ I have to ‘sign’ is the ‘register book’ to say I have voted, last I looked. Strickland at work again, in our State. What a traitor that man is! along w/his bud Stupak, and the whole bunch of the snakes in the grass! I am so FURIOUS!
    Hi Cap…howzzzzz it goin? lol 🙂 Sorry Chas…I did put your link up, suggesting ‘some’ could use a refresher course on the Constitution, hum? YIKES! I NEED A BEER! lol
    All’s well and good here, ms gini, although I grieve for the Republic.


    According to the Constitution the States have most of the control of the Election process. Short of barring people for voting, those who are legit of course, there isn’t much interference the Federal is able to do. As far as I know. cap might have a better insight on that, though.

    That is generally true, although we found from Bush v. Gore that it was not as exclusively true as we thought! Much of the process is governend by state law, though, except those things that impact a federal interest. For instance, the suggestions by some of the reactionary radio pundits over the past year or so that people should vote to “recall” their congressmen are absurd, because state law cannot impact the tenure of office nor qualifications of remaining in office of federal officeholders, and “recall” is a state procedure, state-by-state.


  5. capmotion Says:

    Of course, dear chas, that is a point I made early on in my greenroom posts, to the uninformed distress of some there, that the people being celebrated by the Right, like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc., really are not the constitutionalists their audiences think; they are [as Beck said of himself] carnival barkers who are spouting, in well-formed phrases, things penned by others. They know not whereof they speak any more than does the Left: they are all propagandists. We don’t have any William F. Buckleys; we have only P.T. Barnums spewing things of which they know nothing.

    So, we end up with “liberals” who are focused on undoing the Republic; we have “conservatives” [in quotes, because they really are not] mouthing superficially appealing words but based on scripts from others and not on their own studied insights, and we have a public too ignorant to know the difference and too slothful to study the stuff themselves.

    You are correct, as almost always: there is no understanding of and dedication to the constitutional precepts that undergird this Republic, which is why we can have a socialist get elected while demonstrating in words and deed that he is a socialist, and we have him contrasted with a so-called conservative 40 years ago who incredibly ordered wage and price freezes [Nixon], which is quite indistinguishable, in founding principles, from the current socialist president. We are going to sink beneath the waves of totalitarianism because we steadfastly refuse to steer clear of the statist iceberg dead ahead; we don’t even pretend to try to veer aside.
    If you don’t veer from the path you are on, you will end up where you are heading. I use to think that I would be long gone before that day came along and feared for those behind me. Now, I fear for myself because it increasingly looks as if I will see that day arrive and fear myself too old and feeble to fight on other than a vocal level.

    I have not been neglecting you cap, just merely having construction problems with the subject matter.

    My dear chas, you and I will never be too old, because we are one with the Republic, and it will endure, even against the depredations of the leftist Visigoths who would dismantle the marvelous citadel.

  6. Frank C Says:

    Great piece Chas. Probably only one or two persons in the Congress even know what is in the Constitution much less understand it. The American people have become lax in holding their legislators feet to the fire when it comes to the Constitution, a big mistake.
    As cap often points out, this is more the fault of our education system, but it is also a failure of the parents that have been taught better but are too “busy” to explain it to their children.


  7. Gini Says:

    The country was complacent, and those who should have voted, did not. The country was persuaded, against everything we knew, that this man was ‘different’. He is NOT, as we are discovering. Not at all a surprise to those who did use the ‘model’ that your friends do define you, and your life’s work to date, indicates who you might be. This man had ‘questionable’ friends, and his record of accomplishment was sorely wonting. We got exactly EXACTLY, what we saw. No surprises, not ONE. Now ‘the people’ must stand and be counted, and I think this prez is in deep trouble, destined to fail, his minions along with him. Not everyone is as schooled as they should be on the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, but EVERYONE understands when they have been LIED TO, tricked and flim flamed, and they don’t like that at all! Great thoughts Chas, on the state of our nation, and our Constitution. I think ‘the people’ are more informed abt everything today, than they were one yr ago!
    Dr Phil says the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. I believe we had all we needed before us and many refused to acknowledge what we saw. And we have seen all the past behavior of liberals and progressives. A result of what not paying attention to history gets you.


  8. carolynro Says:

    Well, there you go, Chas. An assumption makes an “ass out of U and Me”. The story is not over. With so many continuing to lose what they had counted on such as private insurance and retirement benefits I don’t think Americans will allow themselves to be rounded up and placed in so much jeopardy as so many Europeans have. After all, they have never had the freedom we have had- many of them were beat up by wars in their own backyards and dictators and were rendered just plain helpless and exhausted. We are becoming exhausted, as well. But too many of us had everything all planned out and this monster of a president is dismantling it all. No war, just with his policies. The silent majority – many of whom jumped on the “change” bandwagon are seeing how their lives are about to be forever “changed” and not for the better. We have to keep blogging and writing and calling..
    Thanks carolyn. When you lose site of where you started from it is impossible to to find out where you are going. Once off the path of the Constitution, you are groping in the dark, walking forward or perhaps backwards, because you have lost the starting point.


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