‘Cause I’m the Taxman.


I just read where 47% of Americans pay no income tax.  Anyone who knows me knows I have no love for the IRS or the income tax.  I have always believed that if the Founders wanted our income to be taxed it wouldn’t have needed a special Amendment to make it so.

But what this does tell me is why they didn’t think income should be taxed.  One reason is they considered your income your property and as such beyond the reach of Government.  The second reason is they knew that there could be no individual tax that would ever be fair.  The tax code and all its twist and turns is really nothing more than a way to turn taxation into votes for them and their re-election.

Now my first thought was this is “Representation without taxation“.  But after thinking about it and the low approval rating of Congress it just might be better described as “No Representation and No Taxation“.

Least we all forget, at the end of this year, as I pointed out while Obama was running for President, all the Bush tax cuts go away, which means a number of things.  One, in a time of hard money you will simply have less to take home.  Two, the recently passed Health Care will be adding to your money problems because of the Billions of dollars in hidden taxes that you will be paying.  You will also, regardless of what the left says, find the cost of Health Care will go up.  It simply has to given what is going on.  If you don’t believe that, do some research and see what happened to the cost of Health Care after LBJ set medicade in motion.

Third, The President is already setting the groundwork for a Value Added Tax, which will for certain drive up the cost of absolutely everything.  This is from the AP;  “President Obama suggested Wednesday that a new value-added tax on Americans is still on the table, seeming to show more openness to the idea than his aides have expressed in recent days.”

He also said; “When asked if he could see a potential VAT in this nation, the president said: “I know that there’s been a lot of talk around town lately about the value-added tax. That is something that has worked for some countries. It’s something that would be novel for the United States.”

Of course someone should ask the President when the last time “some of these countries” had a growth rate in their GDP of 1%.  Fact is most of them haven’t seen that kind of growth in decades.  Think that there might be some connection here?  Additionally he fails to include that the VAT took the place of their income tax in most cases.  I hear of no such talk from the President or any of his mouthpieces either.  They all seem to be on the same track and that’s a progressive income tax coupled with a Value Tax.

If you think the economy is slow and down trodden now, just let that happen.  No one in the country would be able to get by on less than a 6 figure income.  Of course you won’t see that this year, Congress is up for re-election.  Obama will start at the end of the year, if not a bit sooner to run for re-election so it is unlikely you would see it after the mid-terms.

But I am sure if there isn’t a turn over of Congress in the mid-term, you can almost bank on it in 2013,  if by some miracle Obama would be re-elected. If it looks as if there is no chance of Obama being re-elected, then I can see him pushing hard to get the VAT passed before the election.  All this depends upon this November’s election.  Remember that when you vote this year.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

8 Responses to “‘Cause I’m the Taxman.”

  1. Gini Says:

    Well, I am totally focused on 2010, leaving 2012, for later. First things first, and so we worry that the people will stay focused on the issues at hand, and vote in November accordingly. ~sigh~ I am EXHAUSTED. lol But, not discouraged. lol Great read Chas, again. lol 🙂
    Focusing on 2012 would be like planning to fight a war overseas, without planning on how to get to the Country.

    Let’s get there first and set the battlefield.


  2. capmotion Says:

    Eileen is correct that we should stop wishfully focusing on 2012 and instead attend to more pressing and topical dates, but I would prefer 1787 over 2010, because if we could inculcate the citizenry with the Framing values, and then force those who mouth the words that they will support and defend the Constitution to really understand what they are swearing to, we would not have the problems besetting us in the Republic. But we need to educate ourselves and to stop listening to the carnival barker rightist hucksters, because the Constitution is not what the Obamas of the world would urge, but it is also not what the reactionary statist talk show extremists blather about [with scripts written by nameless others] either. Education is the key, some of it formal, but much more of it informal and born of true interest in the meaning of the mission.
    Hey, Hey! Stop trying to pick-up on my wife… 😆


  3. Eileen Says:

    Another good piece. I wish people would SHUT UP about 2012 and worry about 2010.
    Absolutely correct. Were things to improve, even if Obooboo has nothing to do with it, 2012 is then, but 2010 is here. Improvement would be good but it would make it tougher to rid ourself of this far left leaning Administration.


  4. capmotion Says:

    Chas is, of course, correct in his thoughts about taxation, but the first question in the tax discussion should always revolve around not the source, but the need. If we could keep reminding ourselves, and then our representatives, of the limited nature and scope of government intended by the Framers, then we would not have to be so fixated on taxation. Government should be doing no more than about 10% of its current activity, so if 90% of its work was eliminated, and hence 90% of its budget, legitimate sources of revenue would easily suffice. Let’s get true and faithful apostles of the Framing into office, and then all would be well. And good.
    Thanks cap and as usual you are correct. Until such time as we abide by the Constitution we will continue to pay more for less and dig a hole we may never get out of.


  5. Jacksonian Lawyer Says:

    Great piece Chas.

    One need only look to the UK to see the effects of the VAT, particularly as combined with an income tax. Ignoring everything else, how long will it be before Obama’s “5% VAT” turns into 17.5% as it currently is in the UK? At some level, the phrase “Confiscatory Taxation” is patently redundant.

    Incidentally, earlier today, I “tweeted” a great article by Elizabeth Lauten called “The White House Lie,” complete with a printable “talking points” memo for those who feel they might need it:

    The best example of what you are saying has already happened here. When the offered the 16th Amendment the GOP wanted to place a cap on the tax. 5% was the upper income bracket then, they wanted to cap the top amount at 15%. Everyone went nuts saying if you had a cap that “high” someone might actually raise it to that.

    I believe that the top rate now will return to 38% at the end of the year and was more than twice that during other times in our history.

    Socialist always believe in more taxes and more spending.


  6. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning
    We have to win the House and Senate in november,
    or we are all screwed,
    did you see that clip of Obama in july 2008 on F&F this morning about a civilian military? thats in this healthcare bill?
    we have to dedund this Healthcare takeover after november and we have to take the Whitehouse in 2012 to repeal this takeover.
    Great post Chas.
    Thanks Sal. Maybe this is one of the reason Pelosi said we had to vote for it in order to know what was in it. 😆


  7. carolynro Says:

    No amount of rhyme or reason is necessary when electing a man who is screwing all of us. I am afraid you may be right about 2012…..

    This year much can be done to slow him down…but this professional snake oil salesman has the ability to charm the stupid.

    Good piece, once again!
    Sadly, he will take credit for “saving” the economy even though all that is happening would have happened without him. And that could save hi for another 4 years.


  8. Frank C Says:

    Chas, November will be critical to this nations economic health. Right now he almost has the votes within his own party to pass any legislation Obama, Pelosi and Reid can dream up. Scary.

    Did you see the poll that said 47% of the people were happy with the IRS…wonder if there is a connection between the two 47% numbers….

    I wouldn’t be surprised Frank. Who would be displeased with an organization that doesn’t bother you?


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