Jun 5, Behind the scenes @ Fox


I just can't get away from the Beauty & the Beast thing.

Ms Aly trying to update her blog so it includes the next picture.

My Wife's Quilt of Valor. Wasn't time to get it on the show.

Interns assigned to keep me out of trouble. The blonde is Lisa, I forget the others name.

Ms Janice Dean hard at work setting up the next Weather Report.

And you thought she was far away in another studio..lol

You know this place...lol

Inbetween segments Ms Aly comes off the set to finish breakfast and chat with me.

And there you have my days being an honored guest at Fox and Friends.  One could not have hoped for a better time nor better treatment.  Ms Aly, even while doing the show made sure that I knew that she was aware that I was there.  A look , a smile, eating and talking over her breakfast then the last 15 minutes in the Greenroom.  Everyone made sure I was well attended to and made special effort to ensure I knew they felt it was special for them for me to be there as I felt special at being able to be there.

My deepest thanks to all of you  @ Fox News.



24 Responses to “Jun 5, Behind the scenes @ Fox”

  1. Cory Erie Says:

    i truly like your site. could keep checking back here.

  2. chas Says:

    Hi Merlie,

    Glad to hear you’re not under house arrest..lol A number of people had problems with it. Here is the link within the archives. It seems to work a bit better for some reason:


    I would have welcomed the company and have enjoyed meeting you.

    I will pass on your kind words to her.


  3. Merlie Says:

    Great pics Chas,
    Unfortunately, I have not been able to view the ATSS… (help)
    Knew you would have a great time in NYC.
    If I wasn’t wearing an ankle brace on my foot I would have driven to NYC to meet you.. (the brace is for a broken toe and swollen foot, I am not under house arrest lol )
    Your wife’s quilt for Valor is a beautiful piece of art….

  4. chas Says:

    I think we both enjoyed it Sal, I know for certain I did.

  5. chas Says:

    Thanks John. It was a fun time.


  6. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas,
    Congratulations Chas you looked like you had a great time with Alisyn and the guys…… Great pics my friend.

  7. John Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your visit. It is very interesting to see it from your point. Very good job.

  8. chas Says:


    Thanks you sir, but it just goes to show how looks can be deceiving. I was scared to death.

    I think Aly saved that, it was like she knew where to go and when to let om off the hook..lol


  9. Dan Fugate Says:

    Chas, I just watched the AtSS and I have to say you are very comfortable in front of the camera. Congratulations. Yeah, that deserves the whole word, not just congrats.

  10. chas Says:

    Thank you Mary. I’m about at the is the 5 mins of fame over yet? lol

    Seriously it was fun and scary all at the same time. All I could do is follow Aly’s lead. Otherwise I would have just been a bump on the couch…lol


  11. Mary Says:

    Great pics Chas. Finally the girls left and I was able to watch the AtSS, and you were awesome. And I still want your autograph. You can tell Ali is such a down to earth person, and she looks like she was having so much fun finally getting to meet you. You did a great job on the curvy couch.

  12. chas Says:


    You’re support to me has always been unwavering and I am humbled by it.

    I am being overwhelmed a bit by the positive response to all this. I kept saying, “but, I’m just some smuck from MD”…lol


  13. chas Says:


    It will be the same, but I will understand how things work better, like when conversations drop off, and interviews don’t work.


  14. Dave S Says:


    You did a great job on the ATSS. Very natural, calm, cool, collected. Nect up, Chas’s Citizen commentary on Fox News. I’m glad you had a good time. Alisyn was thrilled to finally meet you. She’s a very nice lady. You have to make another trip back when Clayton and Rick are there too. Well done, Chas. Well done, my friend. Great pics too.

  15. gwenfl Says:

    I’m so happy for you Chas. What a wonderful day for you. Watching FoxNews will never be the same for you again I don’t imagine.

  16. chas Says:

    Thanks my friend. It was a remarkable experience.


  17. awall614 Says:

    FABULOUS!!!! What a great day for you!!!!

  18. chas Says:

    Thanks Dan,

    They really did go out of their way to make me feel welcome those 2 days.

    If you get the chance, go to F&F page and check out today’s After the Show Show. Ms Aly brings me out onto the curvey couch for most of the time they were on.


  19. Dan Fugate Says:

    Chas, these are great pics. I’m glad you were so well taken care of up there.

  20. chas Says:

    No argument from me, Eileen.


  21. Me Says:


  22. chas Says:

    Thanks Frank.

    How could I not with such fine people looking out for me?


  23. Frank C Says:

    Great pics chas…glad you enjoyed your timein the Big Apple

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