My 2nd Day @ Fox


Saturday morning came.  I was up early, some because I was in bed pretty early the night before because I hadn’t slept in over 35 hours and some because this was the day I was to sit inside the studio as Alisyn Camerota’s guest.  It may not mean much to some, but I considered this a very big deal.  I would get to sit there for the last 2 hours of the show.

I arrived about a half hour before the show started to see what was being set up outside.  Friday there were many things going on such as the kick off of the summer concert’s, which just happen to be one of my wife’s favorite people Kellie Pickler.

But as luck would have it, the only thing that was outside was the Home Depot weekend how-to.  So I just hung around for a bit.  But then I saw this blond come walking out as it was close to show time.  She had a mic in her hand and a cameraman tagging along..

I said nothing at first thinking she was all set to go because the camera guy kept tweaking his focus and trying to get in the position he wanted.  After a minute or so I figured out it was going to be a little bit so I called over to her; “Ms Janice”.

She turned and smiled and started to walk over to me and this look came across her face.  I think at first she thought I was just someone hanging around the show area, but as she got closer a smile began on her face and she said “chas?”  I said yes Ma’am.  She began telling me how nice it was that I was there and how happy she was to finally meet me in person.

I had been a small part of her blog for a few years, so she had some idea of who I was.  After we chatted for a few minutes she said, it’s about time for me to go on here, but stand right there.  I want to introduce you after the weather.  This was not my first choice.  I was rather hoping to avoid any more exposure to a camera than I had already had the previous day.

Then just as she was about to start, she turned and said,” that’s not such a good idea.  I don’t want to steal Aly’s thunder and I know she is really anxious to meet you.  In fact there are a lot of people who are looking forward to your being here today.”

That was fine with me.  Janice went on with the weather report and afterward we talked for a couple of moments parting with me saying I’d be inside in less than an hour.  One of the nice Security people came by, remembering me from yesterday, stood by me and we ended up talking.  She was just trying to keep me company I guess, which was very nice of her since there was really only me standing there.

My new friend @ Fox

Time passes and the appointed hour is now here.  I make my way to the front door and walk in.  Having done the drill yesterday I already knew what was going to happen, so I figured I would cut them off at the pass.  I walked up to the desk, handed them my drivers license and introduced myself.  I told them, as I had been instructed to do, I was a guest of Fox & Friends and would they please call the Greenroom for an escort.  They could talk to either AJ or Alisyn.

They called and I am not certain yet who took the call but as he starts to talk I say tell them it’s chas.  They won’t know who Charles is, but he says Charles anyway.  I can only guess at half the conversation at this point, but he starts asking me if I am sure I know which show I am a guest of.

Turns out that I am not a listed guest, which I really wasn’t in the regards in which he meant and I guess that is what the Greenroom was telling him.  After a few minutes I am told someone is coming down to meet me.  Elizabeth came, and I’m not so sure she really knew what was going on, but I guess she figured I was harmless.

She escorts me to the Greenroom and says please have a seat, so I sit on the couch.  Dr. Marc Segal is there working on something and goes to Lisa and Elizabeth and ask her for a pen.  I say, here’s one sir.  So he takes that one and goes to the other side of the room to work.  I’ll have more things to say about these wonderful young ladies later on.

Lisa and Elizabeth

A few minutes later Dave Briggs walks in and goes over to the Doc, but looks back for a second and sees me there.  As you know we had met the day before on the set.  So he says my name and we shake hands, but it was obvious that he was actually working and needed to talk to the Doc about the upcoming segment.  Shortly thereafter they left.

A few minutes later Eric Bollin walked in.  I happened to already be standing and when he came in I say Dave so set you up.  And he  turned and looked at me with a sort of puzzled look on his face.  I told him how Dave had requested that I come up with one of my slogans just for him in the morning.  I didn’t know, but obviously Dave did, that Eric would be reading the opening slogan for the morning, and thus if I wrote one just for him he would have to read it.

Reading something cold is one thing, reading something that is about you cold certainly must be another thing altogether.  You might be surprised to know just how much of the Show is simply off the cuff.   At any rate he said he was honored that I had taken the time to do the slogan and how much he enjoyed it.  So yet another example of graciousness to some guy who they hardly know who just happened to be able to get an invite to visit.  And this is really the norm, not an exception.

So after talking to Eric for a minute he leaves to return to the set and Lisa started to ask me a question about why I was there.  Asking if I was a guest of the show she didn’t know about.  As I tried to explain I wasn’t going to be on the show, (little did I know), Ms Aly walked into the room and took a hard left.  This meant that she didn’t see me as we were standing off to the right of the room.

But I knew it was her the second she cleared the door and said “actually, I am a guest of that young lady right there.”  Ms Aly stopped in her tracks, turned and her face lit up like a 100 watt bulb.  She knew who I was the second she saw me.  That was pretty impressive to me.

We sat as she had to eat her breakfast. That should have been her priority.  She explained she only had a few minutes to eat, but instead of ignoring me she had other ideas.  She talked, asking questions, answering my questions.  I really felt badly because I knew she only had a short time to eat before she was due back on the set.  She wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Aly all of a sudden picked her food and said, I have to get back.  So I was ready to resume sitting in the Greenroom, but she stood and said “come on, you are coming too.”  So I followed her down the hall to the studio, we entered and she took me me to the side and told me, stay here, you will be able to see everything.

So we will continue in part 2…..


10 Responses to “My 2nd Day @ Fox”

  1. Me Says:

    Just To AWESOME!
    Part 2 is even more fun….lol


  2. steflrb Says:

    What a great experience! I hope one day I can do the same!!
    Looking forward to Part 2! 🙂
    Sorry I wasn’t aware enough to get your autograph. It’s a busy place and they don’t just sit around very much.


  3. Dan Fugate Says:

    Charles 😛

    What a great post. I’m so happy that you had the chance to go to NYC and meet Aly. She seems so nice on the show. She, Dave, Clayton and Rick have a great chemistry together.

    Looking forward to the remainder of this story.
    Thanks Dan. I am working on part 2 right now.


  4. Frank C Says:

    Chas, glad to see some of the details of your visit to out favorite show and hosts. Glad you had such a great time.
    Very much so Frank. Very little could have been done to make it any better. Well, except maybe Bloody Mary’s with Ms Aly…


  5. carolynro Says:

    Chas. I think this is why I stayed with Fox after the first time I watched Fox and Friends…..they are all about their viewers and the anchors are regular people, themselves. They really are doing what they do for the sake of “news” and do not really have an agenda like so many other anchors. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and unique experience.
    Thanks carolyn. It really is my pleasure to share this with you. Because we normally only see what’s in front of the camera, I really want to share what I saw other places and with other people while I was there. Lisa and Elizabeth for example really had no idea of who I was, but were still more than kind to me and attempted to make me comfy.
    This was a much repeated occurrence in my 2 days there. Even people none of us have a clue that they work there, knew my name. That’s a pretty heady rush for most anyone.


  6. Mary Says:

    Dave I was thinking of Gretchen Carlson, but I don’t watch the other channels. Addicted to Fox only.
    I have to say, that while I was there, of the 3 regulars Ms Gretchen was the only one out there taking pictures and signing autographs with those watching Kellie Pickler. She is very accommodating to the fans when she is out there as I saw it.


  7. Mary Says:

    Ya, Part 2, and be quick about it! Dave is right, it was like we were right there with you and Alisyn.
    OK, no ganging up on the blog guy….lol


  8. dave S Says:

    Ditto what Mary says. Question though, which network anchors are snobs? On CBS, NBC, ABC?
    I haven’t and have no desire to meet any of them, so I am unqualified to say.


  9. dave S Says:

    Great post, Chas. Great commentary of your day there. Felt like I was there myself while I was reading it. Looking forward to PT 2. Alisyn is a gem. Sounds like a really warm lady, a class act. Janice too! Part two please!
    Thanks Dave. Part 2 later this week. And a more gracious lady you would be hard pressed to meet. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy to have been granted this opportunity.


  10. Mary Says:

    Chas, that is a wonderful story so far. I am so glad you met with Alisyn. How great it is that you had a chance to actually be on set and she made you feel so comfortable. She is one special lady for sure. I guess that is why we love her so much, she is down to earth and not a snob like some of them on the network. And you can tell which ones are right? That picture that was taken with you and her, I would have blown up into a huge picture. Of course your Eileen might not like that. All I can say is: “Chas, you are da man!”
    Eileen isn’t at all jealous, she knows she is my real love. Ms Aly is a friend. It was a great time time and I will start of the final part this week.
    And I’m not the “man”. Just some smuck from MD who happen to get lucky enough to get invited to visit. And I’m glad I took her up on the offer. It really is amazing to see just how many people are involved at just that place in gathering information and doing little things to make the show run.


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