My 2nd Day @ Fox, Part 2


I didn’t really portray the reaction from Ms Aly, as I should but I’ll correct that here.

She didn’t just smile when she entered the Greenroom.  Once she saw me she became quite animated.  She shouted Oh my  Gosh a couple of times, rushed towards me with out stretched arms and gave me a rather nice friendly hug.  It was a really nice Friendly greeting  and much more of a response than I expected.

As we walked towards the studio she explained how she had been trying to get up a blog, after I mentioned that there were a lot of people who would really be looking for one that day.  Once we were inside and Aly showed me where I was to stand.

My View of the Show

Between segments Aly announced that she was finally able to post a new blog.  Unknown to us out here, it seems that the computer network at Fox is temperamental to put it mildly.  And if the network is working, the computers do not.  I got a first hand look see of that because a bit later I tried to have Elizabeth to hook up a computer so I could stop in and say Hi, but it just wouldn’t cooperate.

After another segment passes Aly says “I have some messages for you chas.  Sterling says Hi, LizK says Hi….”  and on on on it went   as many of my internet friends jumped onto the Greenroom blog to wish me well.  It was very flattering.

As the show went on, a person I believe was the floor director, Dave, walked over and cleaned off a chair that was sitting there next to the computer that Janice Dean was using to update her weather map.

Janice Dean adjusting the weather map for her next report.

She even worked around me a couple of times, although I did try and get as out of the way as I could.  At one point she even asked when I was leaving and where I was going.  I told her that morning and I was heading towards Philly.  She re-checked the map and said you should be OK, but you might get showers later that day.

I found that I wasn’t limited to just the studio and that’s when I drifted down to the Greenroom again.  This was shortly after talking to Dave Briggs about the McCartney slap at Bush.  I asked him why he didn’t bring up the fact that while Paul was slamming Bush as being stupid and unread, he him self was a high school drop out.

It was a respect thing.  He thought of it he said, but wasn’t going to bring it up because McCartney was rather well read.  Karl Rove did a great job however of reminding people that he and Bush were always in a reading contest.

I went back to the Greenroom, talked some to Lisa and Elizabeth who were just the most wonderful young ladies you would ever want to meet.  After that I went across the hall and found some hot water and an English Breakfast Tea.  I returned to the studio as there were no more guest in the Greenroom at the time.

This would be a good time to let you know how Aly was during the show.  At almost every break and opportunity Aly would wave, smile, wink or talk to me for the 2 hours I was there.  When she wasn’t on camera, she was sitting there next to me talking to me.  This had the effect, more than anything else, making me feel welcome and relaxed.

One such time she came over to try and finish her breakfast, she sat down and Dave shouted “What are you doing Aly?  You have the next segment”.  She said no, he said yes, he was right, she had to do the For Your Health segment.  So she had to stand up, put down her breakfast and I of course had to go back to my chair, since I would had been seen if I sat where I was.  You don’t see it on the segment, but her breakfast is sitting on the ledge just behind her.

A number of times people would come to me and ask if there was anything I needed, or anything I wanted.  I kept thanking them but I was mostly just trying to stay out of anyone’s way.   Which is another thing you would find on the set.  The crew behind the camera is really funny.  They are always cutting up and if you think “Yea, I’ve heard that”, what you hear on air is nothing compared to what goes on when they are in commercial.

So the Show is coming to a close and Dave comes up to me as the last segment is going on with a couple of mics in hand.  Just before the closing thoughts asks me if he needs to mic me up.  I said why?  He said aren’t you going to be on?  I replied I hope not.   I understand those HD Camera’s are expensive.  They don’t want to risk them on my ugly pan.

In any event, I turned out to be very wrong.  As the AtSS started, everyone on the curvy couch seemed very relaxed talking about Eric Bollin’s tie.  A minute or so into the internet show, Aly starts to talk about a special guest and I see Dave Briggs picking up his notes and phone.  Ut OH, I think as the Director Dave puts a mic in my hand.

Alisyn stood and said come up here chas and sit with us on the curvy couch.  Here is the video of the AtSS:(just click on the below paragraph)

Now some have said that I looked relaxed, some said Dave seemed not very kind. But I know better. For one thing I was scared to death. If I looked relaxed it is only because Aly worked for a couple of hours to make me feel that way. You will hear me say someplace into the show I was hoping for a quick wave from a dark corner.

And a review of the film, as it were, shows Dave was open and rather friendly given the circumstances.  I did not in either of the days I was there sense any hostility from him.  In fact the first day he encouraged me to write that special slogan for Eric.  Which seems to be the last of the slogans.  I haven’t heard on since that one.

Once the show was over, we had to clear the couch because Dave still had some things to shoot, but as we walked off Alisyn said wait, do you want a picture of you on the curvy couch?  I said I just spent 5 minutes there with a large part of the World watching…lol  She said well we must get a picture of us in front of the Fox logo here.  She grabbed a cameraman and i showed him how to operate the camera.

Taken right after the After the Show Show

We moved to the Greenroom talking on the way with Ms Aly telling me how nice it was that I helped out with the Football Pool, her blog and the other things I try and be a part of, for the show.  She said I was a friend of the show and a friend of  hers.

We talked in the Greenroom and she asked if I enjoyed the visit and I said the only thing that was missing was I was hoping to get a mention of the Quilts of Valor, but the quilt I had brought with me was out of reach while I walked to the curvy couch.  She said she couldn’t change that, but she could add it to her blog which of course she did.

Aly placing the Quilt of Valor on her blog.

But, like most things in life, the good ones come to an end.  After talking for a half hour or so it was time for me to leave the building.  A busy lady to be sure.

I can’t say enough about how well I was treated, how well Ms Alisyn made me feel like a not only welcome guest but an honored guest.  The same must be said for the Lovely Lisa and Elizabeth, the talented and lovely Janice Dean.  Both Dave’s and Eric as well as the behind the scene crew members.

It certainly was a day to remember, thanks in a very large part to Ms Alisyn Camerota.



7 Responses to “My 2nd Day @ Fox, Part 2”

  1. GwenFL Says:

    Wonderful! I’m so excited for you.

  2. dave S Says:

    Terrific post. Well, worth the wait. You didn’t meet Clayton and Rick so you’ve got to visit again. Would be great to see the banter of all the guys in person. Said it before and I’ll sat it again, Alisyn is a really, really nice lady. Only thing that would have made the experience any better would have been a BBQ segment, lol
    I thought the bloody Mary’s would have made the whole thing even more worthwhile. 😥

    No such luck. Hazards of live TV I guess.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Chas, glad you enjoyed your time there and were treated so well by Ali and all at FOX.
    I did and I can’t say enough about how nice everyone there was to me.


  4. Horsefly Says:

    WOW! What an experience. Was that your first visit there? How did you get to do that?
    Yes, it was my first, (and maybe my last), visit to Fox. It came about when I mentioned that I was going to be in Philly. Ms Aly suggested that it might be close enough to come on up. Instead I went there and stayed 2 days. Day 1 was a tour of the bureau. Day 2 watching the show. I will post day 1 in a few days.

    It really happened because of a couple of years of helping with things like Ms Aly’s blog, the Football pool they do every year, which has allowed me to get to “know” a few people on the show. So you might call it a reward for helping out.


  5. Dan Fugate Says:

    Great post, Chas. I can actually imagine Aly coming into the greenroom and welcoming you… you lucky dog.
    As I said Dan, I drove a very long way to be that lucky.


  6. Me Says:

    wow good for you chas!
    Thank you my friend.


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