A Tour of FNC


After leaving Lamar PA at midnight, I drove to NYC which I hadn’t been to since I was a Senior in High School, other than to land or take off from an Airport.

It was a surprisingly easy drive right through the Lincoln Tunnel.  I left at midnight because I was expecting a lot of traffic and delay to get to the heart of the Theater District.  I was to stay at the Washington-Jefferson Hotel, which is on 51st Street about 5 blocks from the Ave of the Americans.  The News Corp building is at 48th Street and Ave of the Americans.

Fox News Building

Wish I had known that, but I didn’t.  After turning over my truck, (which had my maps in it), I tried to remember where it was.  Bottom line is I walked all the way down to 40th Street before asking a cop where the building was.  So I had to walk back to 48th street.

Still, I got there before the show actually started.  I watched while the Dunkin’ Doughnut Girls set up for their segment.  Free Iced Coffee and a doughnut for anyone passing by.  Very nice young ladies, who I had to disappoint  because I no longer drink coffee and I never liked sweets.

Time to serve the doughnuts

They did however remain very nice to me for the few hours I spent outside.  You see I was not due to arrive until 8:30 that morning.  but seeing as I had driven all night, and had an easy time of it, I thought it would be fun to hang around outside until the appointed time.

It turns out that it was a wise choice.  The Security People around the plaza were very friendly, no one questioned me about why I was there or even questioned why I stayed so long.  I took a number of pictures, as you have already seen.

I saw a number of people I had seen from the show that aren’t normally on camera.  Later on when I was able to say something to them a few were polite, and it was obvious that they knew my name, but were unimpressed.  I can’t blame them, it’s not like I am someone.  As I often said to many there, “I’m just a smuck from MD, who happened to get an invite”.

But then came time to walk in the door.  It was 8:35 and I had been listening to Kellie Pickler doing sound checks.  A few minutes before she asked the camera man, (Chris?) if her red top covered the fact that her zipper was broken.  A bit later after doing a few segments of songs, (Like a verse and then on to the next song), told the crowd that they always did that in concerts,  Just do part of the song and never the whole thing, just to save time.  She was joking of course, which the crowd knew and laughed at both comments.

So it is time and the fun begins.  I enter the building.  I was told by our friend AJ that I need tell Security to call the Greenroom of F&F.  Ok, sounds easy enough.  So I go to the desk and say “Hi, I’m chas.  I am expected as a guest to F&F.  If you call the Greenroom there they will verify that”.   I’m thinking that should be easy enough.

The security lady ask for a picture ID.  I am OK with that.  She takes it and calls, what I suspect is, the Greenroom and tells them there is a guest named Charles ***** and waiting for admission.  I think OK, but then she repeats my full name including my middle name!

When I start hearing that I’m getting nervous.  I mean, after all, the hotel room is going to cost me $300 for a single night and now on one knows I am here?   OH NO!!!!   So I say “Hey wait, no one knows who Charles is, tell them it is chas”.  So the guard says chad, Yikes!!!!  “No NO” I say and write chas on a paper and show him.

All of a sudden all is OK and someone is on their way down to escort me.  As she shows up, in walks a young guy and as she says my name, he stops and turns and says “Chas???”  Only took a second and I knew it was AJ.  Now all is good I have 2 escorts.


Part 2 soon to follow.


6 Responses to “A Tour of FNC”

  1. GwenFL Says:

    I’m way behind on my reading! I want to catch up before I no longer have time for the next month or so. I have enjoyed reading your time at Fox. What a wonderful experience for a very deserving fan. I’m so happy you got to go.

    • chas Says:

      It will be here for as long as I can keep it. Never a rush, and it’s not like it is earth changing. Thanks for being such a loyal reader my friend.


  2. Eileen Says:

    such a fun trip and many wonderful memories

  3. Dave S Says:

    You left us with another cliff hanger, Chas. Always interesting reading. Looking forward to next post. Hey, can I caption your photo of AJ? Could we call it AJ having a cow? Sorry, AJ, couldn’t help myself. 😀

    • chas Says:

      LOL, I tried to get him to stand closer to the cow, but he wouldn’t do it. Said where he was is just fine….lol


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