A Tour of FNC, Part 2


AJ and I cleared security and walked back towards the Greenroom.  My first look at the “it’s not Green” Greenroom.  AJ explained that they had just upgraded the entire area back there.  We walked off to the side and entered another area.

Back there was so many people sitting in front of Computers.  The behind the scene crew, was numerous, more than I would have ever expected to see.  Sifting through News Stories and other duties, people who do nothing it seems but read e-mails.

AJ walked me through the area introducing me  to various individuals, all of whom waved and welcomed me with great enthusiasm.  I don’t recall her name, but we stopped at one cube and AJ told the young lady that she knew who I was.  She stood and looked at me with no recognition in her eyes.  AJ said this is the lady who sees all those slogans you send in.

So I took the hint and said “Hi, I’m chas from MD”.  Her face lite up and with a big smile she said “well it is really nice to put a face to that name and all those great slogans”.  So I said; “now you have something to give you nightmares with every time I send in a new slogan”.  She laughed and said “not at all.  It’s very nice that you came to visit us”.

We moved on and walked by the Control Room.  I wanted to get a picture of it, we’ve all seen it, but the glass wouldn’t allow me to get a picture without a lot of glare from the flash.  So we moved on again to a couple of other Studio areas so I could see them until we doubled back to the F&F Studio.

AJ was saying that everyone at F&F was looking forward to meeting me.  I said; “well, I doubt Dave is.  He and I don’t seem to hit it off”.  Just then we walked into the Studio and AJ said, “speaking of Dave I hear him now”.  Sure enough when we cleared the corner and there was Dave sitting on the curvy couch.

He was getting ready to do a promo for the weekend show it seems.  Dave stood and warmly welcomed me to the Studio.  We talked a bit and said Eric Bollin was sitting in for Clayton in the morning and wanted me to write a slogan for him.  Which I covered in a previous blog entry.

Unknown to either of us the After the Show Show was already streaming live although there was no show yet.  This happens from time to time, someone forgets to kill the audio and it goes out to anyone who happens to tune in early.  My good friend Me told me she heard the conversation between Dave and I over doing a slogan.  AJ assured me that Dave couldn’t dislike me with a welcome like that.  I now agree with him.  Perhaps it is just that sports guy in him that makes him seem a bit gruff.

Let’s just say Dave talked me into it.  I was mostly concerned because of what Aly had said the weekend before; “I think chas should read his next slogan when he visits us next week”.  I did not want to do that.  My fears on that part proved unfounded since it was the opening slogan, as I explained before, read by Eric an hour before I was due to arrive.

After numerous prompts and complaints from the floor guy Dave had to return to work.  AJ and I went outside where the first week of the All American Summer Concert Series was about to kick off.  The guest, Kellie Pickler.

Kellie Pickler getting ready for sound check.

Kellie being with the crowd.

We watched the show, the AtSS but then AJ said he had a meeting to attend after the show.  Brian was already gone, Steve and Gretchen walked off in a hurry, so I had no chance to get to meet them.  Since it was a regular work day I had to have an escort.  With AJ having to leave, so did I.  Lucky for me I could remain outside as another staff member stuck around me.

The young lady w/brown hair in a bun watched over me.

As you can see there was a pretty nice crowd and at the end of the show Kellie spent a good deal of time signing autographs and taking pictures with the people there.  At the end I took apicture of a lady who was there on her Honeymoon but her new husband was still in bed.  She was from Nashville and wanted to see Kellie as soon as she found out she was there.

Her husband didn’t want to get up so she came alone.  I took a picture for her and she returned the favor as I told Kellie she was one of my wife’s favorite Country stars.

Telling Kellie about my wife.

Notice the Security guy giving me the eye….lol   Anyway, I explained that she was picked by my wife as the best that year on American Idol and how upset my wife would get when Simon was mean to her.  She was tickled to hear that and wanted me to pass on her thanks to my wife.

Thank your wife for me.

Then it was over.  Day one was done as far as the F&F Tour was concerned.  Roadies were taking down the set, producers and camera people breaking things down so what’s a guy to do?  I slipped past the barriers and made my way back to the front desk to let them know I had cleared the building.  Turns out, once cleared they didn’t care much where I was so long as I had someone with me.

I strolled back to my room and began uploading pictures for my friends.  Tried to nap, but I couldn’t.  I ended up walking down to Times Square taking some pictures, bought an unbelievable slice of Pizza for my dinner and then returned to my room.

Around 9:30 after way too many hours awake I gave in and went to sleep knowing that day 2 was an early start.



10 Responses to “A Tour of FNC, Part 2”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Hi, chas! 🙂

    Maybe Alisyn should hire you to monitor her blog and keep it going. Weed out the “weeds”. 😆


    • chas Says:

      Hi Dianne,

      Truth be told Aly would love to have the help. However I don’t work for Fox and they take a rather dim view of even her interns doing things with her blog.


  2. Dave S Says:


    Great round up of your visit. They sound like a bunch of really good decent people. That’s nice to know. Would have been nice if the whole gang was there -Clayton, Rick-the four of them have great chemistry and it’s always good TV to watch the guys rib each other. Which pizza place did you get the pizza from.

    • chas Says:


      Thanks. I have no idea of the name of the place but I think it was on 50th Street though.

      I’m mostly sorry to have missed Rick. He and I talk fairly often especially during football season.

      But now it’s time to get back to serious Constitutional issues.


  3. Eileen Says:

    a trip to remember for a long time I am sure.

  4. Frank C Says:

    Awesome post and trip chas. Glad you enjoyed your time at Fox.

  5. GwenFL Says:

    Your journey sounds awesome! Love the blog and love the pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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