For Once, Just tell the Truth


In his speech, Obama warned that rounding up everyone in the country who has entered illegally would be both “logistically impossible” and “tear at the fabric of the nation.”

If we followed the President’s “logic” here we would also ignore the following:

Drug use, we can’t stop all the drugs coming into the Country, catch all the Dealers nor catch all the users.

End the War on Poverty, we can’t solve that either since we’ve spent over $6 Trillion and the poverty rate is the same as it was 48 years ago.

Speeders on our highways.  We can’t possibly catch all the speeders so why should e bother to catch come of them?

As you can see saying that we can’t just round them all up at once is simply a straw dog argument.  We can’t stop all crime either, but that doesn’t stop us from catching those we can.  If we were to secure our border so that we slowed the rate of illegals getting in, we could catch those here illegally the same way we fight crime one violator at a time.

We can require those in our schools to prove they belong here.  We can make those collecting any services to prove they are here legally.  We can stop calling these people simply individuals looking for a better life.  They are people who have broken out laws, pure and simple.  I don’t care what flimsy excuse they use for breaking that law.

Politicians continue to try to sell this National Disaster as a victimless crime.  It’s no such thing, not even close.  Not only are many of them drug dealers and part of deadly gangs, but just the cost to the States and Federal Government is just incredible going into the Billions.  That makes us financial victims of this crime.  They are stealing our tax dollars!

And as has been proven in the past with welfare reform, when the money runs out people will take about any job they can get rather than starve.  So the notion that they are only doing the jobs Americans are unwilling to do is nonsense.  I know guys right now in construction that are laid off, jobs that they once had are now in the hands of illegals who work for less.  So they are also stealing jobs that Americans will and want to do.

There also needs to be a change to that wrong-minded thing they call anchor babies.  I understand there are court rulings that make this the law, but it fly’s in the face of legal logic.  What this ruling says you can achieve a legal result by committing an illegal act.

Nothing in any legal readings have I ever found that the legal system would find this acceptable.  This was a pure and simple political ruling, which has no place in our legal system.  The ruling should be any child born in this Country of parents legally in the Country, on a path towards citizenship, is automatically an America. The automatic citizenship for the child becomes effective at the same time the parents become citizens.

I’m sure some out there think I am against immigrants, that would be wrong.  No one that lives in this Country, including Native Americans, started out here.  Even they had to come from Europe, as no life started here that is human.  This is, or supposed to be, a Nation of laws.  What good ever comes when those laws are ignored?  Who is served by this besides those who are breaking the law?

This is my complaint here.  We are ignoring the law and doing a dis-service to our citizens and local Governments and States Governments who are forced to pick up the cost and us who have to provide the money to cover those cost.  I don’t want to hear how much they contribute, that is just another smoke screen.  The ONLY point that is relative to this situation is illegal.  They have broken the law and to ignore that weakens our foundation.

Patch the hole that they crawl in through.  Stop them from getting in here illegally and then, as we find them send them and their families back to where they came from.  Stop trying to justify doing anything other than what the law calls for.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


19 Responses to “For Once, Just tell the Truth”

  1. Frank C Says:

    Great thoughts Chas…We need to plug the leak in the border and I am not talking just about the southern border. We need to plug the northern border also. Let us not forget the failure to track those who come here on student visas. Let us not forget the military trainees who go AWOL.

    The government needs to enforce the laws that are on the books and send those back to their country of origin.

    I believe we are one of the few countries that make children born in this country immediate citizens.

    • chas Says:

      Sorry Frank, too many illegal votes at stake for the Dems and too many votes for the GOP to do much of anything in an election year.


  2. capmotion Says:

    Until there are stiff and regularly imposed sanctions against those hiring illegals, we will have a flood of illegals, plain and simple. And the power structure, whether it be Republican or Democrat, will never consistently go against their business masters. We are the sovereigns, but big [and combinations of little] business calls the shots, because we have for so long allowed that pernicious reality to exist and grow by the quality of people we send to Washington. We cannot gripe that the government won’t change to do the “right” thing until we change and do the right thing.

    You know, we could have a Framer come down the pike and we would not elect him to the White House – we had one, Ron Paul, and he was marginalized by people with less than marginal understanding of what the Republic is supposed to be about.

    We must change before OUR government will, and that requires educating ourselves to what this Republic is all about – or supposed to be.

    • chas Says:

      Absolutely cap.

      I quit saying it because people kept complaining about it, but I use to say all the time that there is never a problem with the Government, since we are a self-governing system. The fault lies with us. What we feel is wrong is actually put in place by us.

      Or at least allowed by us. Otherwise every time the Gov’t would do things like bailouts or federalized health care which are against the Constitution they’d get the boot.


  3. Eileen Says:

    And my daughter in law had to fly out of the country a couple of times and re-enter to maintain something or other. This was a great expense also. She is from Australia and came in legally.

    • chas Says:

      As I say, I am all for the legals. Just get in line and wait your turn.

      It’s the cheats I can’t tolerate.


  4. capmotion Says:

    I’m delighted you are back to work, dear chas, although your tour sounds wonderful and enviable. By the bye, since you were introduced to several of the vital cogs in that fascinating Fox machinery, did they introduce you to whomever censored some of my originalist offerings on Ali’s blog while letting that unnamable, nasty harpy’s snips at you and me come through? That was a product of choice by someone. That still grates on me and prevents me from ever participating there again.

    But welcome home.

    • chas Says:

      Sadly I met no IT people there. In fact I’ve been working with Ms Aly and Lisa the intern trying to fix her reply option. Seems it keeps putting her replies at the bottom of the blog instead of under the individual’s name.

      Seems they don’t get much support there.


  5. Dave S Says:

    Great points, Chas. My Godma went through all the legal channels to finally become a citizen on her 50th birthday. One of the proudest days of her life, she says. Illegal immigrants are deported from other countries without hesitation. In some countries in Asia, all citizens of that said country are required to carry their ids with them at all times, to do so would be illegal. You could be stopped at any time by law enforcement for an id check.

    You’re right when you say that when it comes down to it, th a law has been broken. Why should anyone else other than the perps have to pay for it?

  6. GwenFL Says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly Chas. As you know my husband is an immigrant, Scottish, and we went thru all the hoops, paid all the money, and followed all the rules. Of course everytime Murray came into the country over the years he came in with his Visa. But you can bet if he had stayed one day too long they would have deported him, and probably never allowed him to come back into the states again.

    Doesn’t Obama have an Aunt who is an illegal? No wonder he believes it would be “logistically impossible” and “tear at the fabric of the nation.” I’m sure he would not want to send her packing.

    As always, I enjoyed your post.

    • chas Says:

      I knew you would feel that post especially given your circumstances.

      She has been given some sort of special pass to remain. No politics involved I’m sure. 🙄


  7. Dan Fugate Says:

    I agree. I am all for people coming to the US legally. As far as taxpayers go, the more the merrier.

  8. capmotion Says:

    Hm…, being the originalist liberty type that I am, hewing much closer to the line drawn by the Framers than most of those who claim obeisance to founding principles, I don’t think we should be “fighting” a “war on poverty,” nor having a proactive constabulary to lurk in shadows to stop speeders, nor outlawing self-destructive drugs [the cost associated with their prohibition spawning the dangers often spoken of]. So, the first part of your comment fits with what the Framers and I would like anyway – do away with that oppressive and liberty-invading crap.

    But I do agree that Obama is a hypocrite, naive, and maybe dishonest in his dealing with the immigration thing – which administrations of both stripes irresponsibly dealt with [or irresponsibly didn’t deal with!] for many, many decades. Bush II’s chumminess with his pal, the president of Mexico, set us back in pressing for a solution that should have been put in place a decade ago.

    But I have gotten to the point that I don’t listen to anything Obama says, just as I wouldn’t listen to anything Bush said, because all politicians say what is necessary or useful for the hour and for the specific audience, without any attention to right-thinking and overarching principles.

    • chas Says:

      My point there cap, wasn’t so much that we should be doing those things, is we are doing them to no avail. So to use we can’t get them all is, as you say dishonest to say the very least.

      Nice to see you. About time I got off the trip and got back to work, wouldn’t you say? 😆


  9. Horsefly Says:

    This from WiKi Pedia: In the 1930s, more stringent enforcement of immigration laws were ordered by the executive branch of the U.S. government which led to the removal of up to 2 million Mexican nationals from the United States. In 1954, the executive branch of the U.S. government implemented Operation Wetback, a program created in response to public hysteria about immigration and immigrants. Operation Wetback led to the deportation of nearly 1.3 million Mexicans from the United States.

    Who says we can’t round them up and ship them off?

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