Deep in the Heart of Taxes


Contrary to his campaign rhetoric it seems the President is working very hard to be FDR.

Some 20 States are challenging the health care debacle with Constitutionality problems.  In other words can the Federal Government demand that individual’s of a State purchase health insurance or be subject to fines.  Now on the surface of this one might think the Government would push the Commerce Clause as the justification for their mandate.

After all, insurance companies are often nationwide.  However that does still not quite cover why it would give the Feds the power to mandate you purchase it.  Evidently they have also figured this out, (which they would have known had they bothered to read my blog), so they have taken a page from FDR’s book.  Let me explain.

You have heard the Administration say that Social Security was very unpopular when introduced, but is now very popular, (how that justifies going against majority rule escapes me).  In fact the USSC even told FDR if this were challenged they would have to rule against its Constitutionality.

As with his previous progressive plans the Constitutionality of it was the least of his concerns and threatened to pack the USSC with 9 more liberal Justices that he knew would overrule  the majority who would void the program.  Since he had a veto proof Congress and nothing in the Constitution prohibits or restrict the number of Justices on the Court, he could have well done so.

I have covered this in a previous blog.  It was passed even as the President daily proclaimed that this was going to be a private separate account that the Government could not touch, (and would never be taxed), his lawyers were arguing that it was going to be held in the general fund and was therefore within the powers of the Government under the 16th Amendment.

The Court had to know there were two stories out there, but took the side of the Government and allowed it under the 16th Amendment.  Not much has changed it seems.

This from the NY Times, not exactly know as a right-wing blog site;  Changing Stance, Administration Now Defends Insurance Mandate as a Tax. This in the face of the Presidents statements last September when he said;  “For us to say that you’ve got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase.”

Then why not fight the challenge on grounds other than it being a tax?  Why, because contrary to the Administrations blather, it is nothing more than a tax, a take over and a ruse to drive this Country into the same sort of failed health care system of single payer that the rest of Europe is going broke trying to afford.  Not to mention failing at trying to make work.

It gets better though.  If the reports are correct if you are provided health care, even if you are retired, you will be getting a W-2 for your employers contribution towards it and be expected to pat tax on that amount at the end of the year.  That’s right, now they are making you purchase something and then turn around and taxing you for having it.

Now if that doesn’t make your head spin, I don’t know what will.  So in short, they are levering a tax on you to pay and then taxing your tax.   Is there really any wonder why the more “we have to pass the Bill to know what is in it” is looking more and more like a huge scam and the more we get to know the more we hate it?

This whole scam is an outrageous abuse of not only power, but a slap in the face of the Founders and every American who died trying to protect the Constitution.  How can anyone doubt that we are heading down the road of tyranny?  How can you not see the abuse of power when every poll taken tells the Congress don’t pass this and they do anyway?

How can you buy the argument that the people just don’t understand?  Does it matter if they understand or not?  No of course it doesn’t because WE are supposed to be in charge.  Damn it, if we say NO, then we should get NO and suffer the consequences , not a I’m smarter than you excuse of why you passed it anyway.

Jefferson believed we as a Country would survive errors in judgment because the people would see the error later and correct it.  How do the people correct something when their voice is ignored?  Think upon that until Nov.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


12 Responses to “Deep in the Heart of Taxes”

  1. carolynro Says:

    Good Chas but my brain hurts now

  2. carolynro Says:

    AMen brother…my brain hurts now.

  3. Frank C Says:

    Chas, great read.

    We all know that forcing people to buy something is not at tax…you know like “it depends on what the meaning of is is.” We must listen to what he says and absorb it and disect it.

  4. brucewv Says:

    I find it rather humorous, in a sick kinda way, that we have to take responsibility for our health insurance or be fined,but can stay on unemployment benifits as long as the gov. continues to pass extensions

    • chas Says:

      Personal irresponsibility I suppose. And the Government is getting to dictate what it considers responsible.


  5. olinl Says:

    Good SArticle, Chas. Do you know why Taxes were ommitted from being uniform in Article I, Section 8?

    • chas Says:

      Yes, I believe I covered that in a previous post. They believed what you earned was your property and thus not in a governments power to relieve you of it.

      They also knew that not only is the power to tax is the power to destroy they knew that there is no such thing as a individual income tax that can be made fair without having an individual law for each tax payer.


  6. Horsefly Says:

    Very good post Chas. I totally agree with you. Our voices are ignored. Coupled with that, it is also worrisome how O bo bo is gathering votes. Any way he can. You know if you are a legal immigrant and the Dems promise to grant your illegal friends and relatives amnisty, you are going to vote for the Dems. Also, if you are a government employee, or a friend or relative thereof, you will vote for your/their boss. The sane people of America need to unite, banning together to make sure every one of us register and vote in November. If we don’t do this in November, it will be even harder down the road.

    • chas Says:

      While people will always vote for their own interest first, somehow we have to relearn that your/our best interest is in putting restraint on the Federal Government.


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