Meanderings 08-06-10


I hadn’t thought to write about much lately.  Some of that might be because of the time of year.  Some of it could be because of the gut retching feeling I have in what I am seeing in the News today.

In CA for example a Judge, a Bush, Sr. appointee I might add, named Walker, decided that the majority of voters in the State violated the Constitution of that State by amending it.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the purpose of an Amendment to change the Constitution?

If one were to accept that as legal, then wouldn’t the 16th and 17th Amendments of the Federal Constitution also be, well, unconstitutional?  It can’t violate the equal protection law, because the 16th Amendment already does that and overturned the original concept that taxes must be determined by population, not arbitrary income cut offs.

Why isn’t it that Government’s set aside special deals everyday for many minorities in many areas and that doesn’t violate equal protection?  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing minorities nor am I a bigot.  I’m just tired of individual special interest groups thinking that because there are fewer of them than other folks that they deserve special consideration.

I know the German’s didn’t get it, nor the Irish when they first came here.  They were stuck in the worse and only jobs available.  I’m tired of people thinking it’s the Government’s job to inflict restrictions on some to the benefit of others.  Government cannot make life fair.  God didn’t make life fair and I’m pretty damn sure the Government can’t improve upon that.

Bottom line for gays, suck it up.  Heterosexual couples that don’t decide to marry, get no breaks either.  You say being gay is a life choice, so is living together.  Deal with it.  Don’t shove your life style upon the majority, it will only hurt your cause in the end.

Let’s talk about having big brass ones.  The President goes into Ford, (you know the Company that the Government didn’t help recover and is doing better than the one they did?), and told them how he saved the Auto Industry in America.

Meanwhile another 137,000 or so jobs were lost last month.  How’s that hope and change working for you again?

Why is it that all the evidence we need for recovery is right there, under the Years of Reagan, that we can’t do something to start turning things around?  And the Reagan years weren’t perfect by any means.  Had the Budget he outlined been followed the debt we built up would never had happened.  Yet the Tax Cuts increased Federal Revenue and should have covered any present spending.

Problems is to get the cuts Reagan had to swallow spending increases by the Democratic  Majority.  Let’s stop talking and let’s start cutting.  Stop playing games with theories  of spending more does more when history shows us otherwise.  Let’s just cut out some of the nonsense like a Dept. Of Education.  Every State has it already and it isn’t part of the enumerated powers of the Federal Government in the fist place.

If people would just take the time to look at the Billions of dollars the Federal Government throws at projects that do nothing more than benefit a Congressman’s or Senator’s chance to be reelected we should be appalled.  We should be outraged that we inflict law suits against Arizona for trying to defend the borders that the Feds will not, yet ignore Cities that openly defy enforcing Federal Law.

Once again, another effort is being tried by liberals to do away with the Electoral College to be replaced with laws that commit the Electors to vote for whoever receives the most popular vote.  This is also another dangerous trend leading us away from the Constitution.  This could lead to a popular vote for the President, and though it often turns out that way, hasn’t always.

Since somewhere in the neighborhood of 65% of the population of the Country lives on the Coast that would leave the entire bread basket out of influence for President.  Of course most of the 65% live in the pile on area, high population, high need of Government services.  Guess how they vote?

Last item.  Anyone else getting a chuckle over the new Democratic campaign by Obama; “It could be worse!”  Hey guys, we only lost 131.000 jobs last month, just think how bad it would have been had we not spent $100,000 per job saved or created.  😆

Good luck with that one.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


15 Responses to “Meanderings 08-06-10”

  1. chas Says:

    Lots of thoughts to digest. But I MUST say—— are a well read Bible scholar and bring up a point I have long agreed with. You can pick through the Old Testament and find all kinds of really obscure and harsh passages.

  2. capmotion Says:

    Good to see your blog again, chas.

    Not only was Judge Walker finally appointed by Bush I, he was also first nominated by Reagan.

    By urging that it violates federal equal protection for a state to command that a marriage to George must only be by Fred and not by Freda, and by urging that the topic of marriage is a fundamental right requiring strict scrutiny for the state to regulate, does not mean they are seeking “special consideration,” but rather equal consideration, nor does it “inflict restrictions on some to the benefit of others”: I am not restricted in my marriage by others’ marriages, regardless of their respective genders.

    And it happens all the time across the Fruited Plain that state constitutional amendments are overturned by showing that they violate the US Constitution; that’s what the Supremacy Clause is all about. The example you give is of overturning one federal amendment with another federal amendment, which, of course, cannot be done, but which did not happen here.

    It is interesting that Jesus, who came to Earth to change and sweeten the standards of the Old Testament and to make the ultimate rule be one sounding in love, took no position against gays; he was adamantly, vocally condemnatory of divorce, however. Many critics of gay marriage are flouters of Jesus’s real concern.

    My prediction in the CA gay marriage case, which has been stayed until Monday, is that the stay will be dissolved, the intervenors will try to appeal, and someone will wake up to the legal notion that intervenors cannot appeal – they can only join the real parties’ appeal, and the real parties here are not appealing. If the courts know what they are doing [which is not always a foregone conclusion], the matter will die with the local court decree that the state amendment is illegal.

    I have no dog in the gay marriage fight, but having read the 136 page decision [and most have not], I have to say that it is pure example of originalist application of due process and equal protection.

    • chas Says:

      Great to see you cap.

      I have to believe that society has to have some norms. I have nothing against gays, I don’t care what they do, I just do not think they should receive any special consideration, any more than I got when I lived with my girlfriend.

      If you call this legal, then is there any restraint of what is a legal marriage? How can you say that a certain age must be obtained then, equal protection, how about those who want animals? People say that’s crazy, but 30 years ago so is this ruling.

      I think that this is a scary road we might be trying to head down my friend.


  3. brucewv Says:

    ” could have been worse” but could have been better. I wonder who taught O to see into the past. Kenya,voodoo just saying. The comander in cheif wants to be a medicine man with health care. Funny how nothing is black and white with this guy always cloudy. After they get done bleeding us dry to pay for all the spending they can boil us in a big pot to feed the poor LOL Souds pretty green to me.

    • chas Says:

      He does great at seeing the past when blaming Bush for all his woes. Of course he blames Bush for his stimulus not working too. I believe that if his marriage fails, that will also be Bush’s fault too.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. Dave S Says:

    Great post Chas, Lots to think about. Interesting that Ford wasn’t bailed out, isn’t it and look at them now. Fun Fact for you, as a kid we had a friend who worked in advertising, I was about one and a half and was cast in a Ford advertisement along with big brother and sister. That was the start and end of my short-lived career as a male model. So I thank Ford for that! haha

    • chas Says:

      They should had kept you on retainer…lol This Administration gives too much to think about.

      I left off the Kegan vote. The left went nuts when Meirs was suggested because she had no experience as a Judge and then they vote in Kegan. The hypocrisy of the left drives me crazy.

      thanks for reading,

  5. Iron Camel Says:

    I say this to gay marriage. Let them have it. That way they can feel the pangs of gay divorce.

    I love the part about Ford. That us why I drive an F-150!

    On a recent trip to El Paso, just across Dom Juarez, Mexico, you can really get to understand the issues with the borders. It is unreal!


    • chas Says:


      How wonderful it is to see you.

      I drive a Ford Ranger. My trip covered 2550 miles using 89 Gals of fuel. You do the math and tell me how much I love my Ford.

      I don’t care if anyone is gay. No big deal, just keep it to yourself. I don’t run around and say I’m heterosexual and I’m proud and want special advantage for being that way.

      I fail to understand why the Federal Government isn’t more concerned with the concerns of those who live there, given that they are the ones who suffer for their neglect. Maybe there would be more concern if they had voted for him?

      Give my best to Ms Larson and the rest of your family.


  6. carolynro Says:

    Amen Chas….the smoke and mirrors that this administration is using makes David Copperfield blush. Thanks for sharing your succint thoughts as I am too wonrn out to write these days.

    • chas Says:

      Thanks carolyn for taking the time to read.

      It’s not like it’s just this Administration that does this, but it’s the one we have to be concerned with at present.


  7. gwenfl Says:

    Hey Chas,

    I haven’t participated in much lately. With Murray being in Scotland it’s been me trying to keep up with the folks and my place alone. He will be home next week with his dad and I’m looking forward to a new happy start in our lives. And to get back to following your posts more. I love them.

    This one is so good. I especially like the reference to Ford. I have a friend who is retired from Ford. Of course he thinks Ford is the greatest automobile every, but now he is a bit cocky since Ford was the only one who was NOT bailed out. LOL.

    Great post Chas. I hope to be reading more soon!


    • chas Says:


      What you need to do is far more important than any little musings I might have to offer. No need to be sorry for not being around. I’m not worth the extra time.

      I hope things work well for you. I know the work thing has also been an extra burden. I’m thankful that you take the time to bother to read. Thank you.


  8. Frank C Says:

    Another fine post Chas…I love his “It could be worst” campaign. You notice that 141,000 census workers are now showing in the pink slip catagory. If his economic policy team is so good why are Orzag and Romer bailing out. Starnge isn’t it.

    • chas Says:

      it is just what the right was saying for months while Obooboo was touting the “new hires”.

      Now that they are finished, well it could have been worse, at least they made tax dollars for a couple of months. 😆

      For this Administration, reality is what they believe it to be.


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