Profiles in Cowardice


It is distressing when you see politics take the place of moral courage.  Take the length’s many politicians are going to avoid standing up to the mosque 500′ away from Ground Zero.

Even the President took the political easy way out by saying he wouldn’t judge on the “wisdom” of building there.  Harry Reid is taking some heat for not only his stance, (they should build elsewhere), because it seems to go against the President, but he didn’t even have the courage to give the statement himself.  He sends out some spokesperson to do it.

Set aside the Freedom of Religion for a second because no one I hear ever says there is any doubt about that not being the case.  Then there is it being a “wise decision”, it really doesn’t have to have anything to do with it.  One thing we all know is the Government is always telling us what we can do with our land.  Entire blocks are Zoned for certain types of activities.

Now I don’t personally know what the status of that area is, but it seems that it is mostly businesses in that area.  How tough would it be to just say, sorry you can’t build a religious structure because the area is Zoned for business.  Seems to me that often the Government holds up or stops projects because of some little know red tape.  Just ask Julie Bandaras.  Took her month’s just to remodel the Apartment she already owned.  I wish I could get her to stop by and tell us what she went through.  I followed the events on Twitter for month’s.

Ask Mother Teresa who spent a couple of years trying to build a family center for new Mom’s that were single and had no support system.  The red tape was so bad she gave up the effort.  Talk about trying the patience of Job.  NYC red tape and bureaucracy wore down Mother Teresa.

So don’t tell me this can’t be thwarted without making it a Religious fight.

But let’s not think this is the only issue that is set aside.  The mid-term is causing politicians on both sides  of the aisle vote and hide or not vote to put off things until after the election.  Not that I advocate any of this stuff, but the lack of courage shown by those who are supposed to lead the Country.

Notice that almost everything that makes a difference to Health Care Reform takes place after 2012.  Many of the cost effects to your taxes and bottom line, after mid-terms.  What happen to closing GITMO?  What happened to the trial of the 4 terrorist who were supposed to be tried in NYC?   Cap & Trade, on the back burning.  Card check, on the back burner.  Tax increases, let them die naturally because that happens after the mid-term.

As I say, I do not favor the passage of any of these items, but what it does show just how cowardly our so-called leaders fail to actually lead.  And most of what was passed in the last year all is mostly opposed to by the majority of Americans.  That’s not leadership, that’s dictating an agenda.

Lastly, speaking of real leaders.  Numerous military leaders said that by giving a departure date out to the enemy would result in an increase of violence.  We sought to put in place a new Government and now we are leaving, pulling out a major part of our forces before we have done that.  So we have failed in 2 areas.

Next week the pull out goes into full swing and yesterday 69 Iraq recruits were killed in a bomb blast, after month’s of passable calm.  You don’t think they happen to tie together do you?  It’s not possible that this new bomb wasn’t set off in time with the start of withdraw of US Troops, is it?

Not even as stable Afghanistan also has a draw down date.  Wonder what might happen then?  I don’t.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


9 Responses to “Profiles in Cowardice”

  1. capmotion Says:

    You are correct and most astute about cowardliness and hypocrisy and double-standardness [where there is any standard!] by our so-called leaders. They must think that if having a standard is a virtue, then having a double standard is doubly virtuous! NOT.

    • chas Says:

      When I was a lowly SGT in the Army, I was given a plush assignment. I was short, since I couldn’t return overseas with my then wife, I made my intention clear that I was not going to be reenlisting. To make a long story short I lead the ROD Squad, (Relieved of Duty Squad), which was not only people under investigation, but other short timers. We did a list of lowly task and when that list was accomplished, I took those who were relieved for reason to the motor pool for further duties, the rest let go and I could then also leave for the day.

      A few weeks in a row the First SGT of being caught actually scrubbing toilets and floors with the “Troops”, I had been taken aside and told NCO’s didn’t do such task. My response was “I was taught that a leader leads by example. And if I was telling my Troops that they had to scrub toilets, then I was not above that task myself”.

      I was reassigned to a job where I worked 12 hours a day overseeing a Motor pool POL operation, and at times having to work 24 hours to fill in for others when they went on leave and using my off days to finish monthly reports.

      The bottom line here is that I knew what leadership style worked for me and that was working WITH those who worked under me. There is nothing like that in DC today and it truly does about make me sick. Never ask others under you to do what you yourself are unwilling to do.

      OK, off the soapbox now. 😉


    • capmotion Says:

      Ain’t nothing lowly about a sergeant, My Friend, a reality those of us who served well know, and the celebrated chicken-hawks like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Cheney know nothing about. I can tell you were a leader, and one who inspired others to follow, and you are correct – people will happily follow when they see those giving the orders doing that which is being ordered.

    • chas Says:

      Since less than 1% of Americans ever serve, and a percentage of those wash out, I try not and disparage those who haven’t. It’s not a life for everyone. Some great leaders of the Military never actually engaged in battle, their genius in tactics being their real talent. I try to keep that in mind since Adams, Jefferson and Madison never served and either did FDR. Regardless of what I thought of his progressive policies, his war decisions turned out to be sound, other than Yalta.

      If memory serves, Churchill was somewhat of a disappointment as a Naval Man, but he basically saved England from defeat.

      I would not put myself in the same category of any of those men. I do however understand the concept of leadership, not because I am a leader of men, but because some SGT took the time to show and explain to me what a leader actually was. Again, this is something we both see lacking in today’s so-called leadership.


    • capmotion Says:

      I find no fault in people for not serving. I find great fault in those who wear bellicose belligerency on their sleeves, militantly pressing our children on to political wars, when they took affirmative or fraudulent steps to avoid their own service.

    • chas Says:

      Seems to me and I’m just s HS Grad, you are the scholar, that the majority of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, attended the Constitutional Debates did not fight and of the first 5 Presidents only 2 served in combat during the revolution.

      It seems to me that this is not something new to American politics.


    • capmotion Says:

      Shoot, you are far more of a scholar than many of the self-righteous poseurs blathering their reactionary stuff on the radio waves these days – you have been a serious student of the Constitution and of the Founding for many, many years; most of those noisy polemicists have never studied any of it, and generally merely parrot things fed to them by nameless, shadowy sorts.

      As I tried to make clear: “I find great fault in those who wear bellicose belligerency on their sleeves, militantly pressing our children on to political wars, when they took affirmative or fraudulent steps to avoid their own service.”

      None of that applies to the highly principled and patriotic founders. Indeed, the weepy and maudlin fawning over the military we see on the airwaves now would not have been practiced by the Framers, who felt we should not have a full-time military establishment and who felt military actgion was to be limited and never lawful unless declared by the Consgress. None of them wore militant bellicosity on their sleeves to advance their political propaganda. None of them were militant warmongers nor would have avoided military service becvause of a pimple on his butt [Limbaugh], nor would have made up excuse after excuse to avoid conscription [Cheney], nor would have affirmatively mocked others’ military service while failing to serve themselves [Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, O’Reilly]. Indeed, none of them would have mocked others’ service anyway, whether they had served or not.

      I find no fault for people not serving, nor give elevated credit for people doing so, but I think those who are warmongers and critics of others’ service but didn’t serve themselves should tread carefully, lest their slips of hypocrisy be showing.

  2. capmotion Says:

    Strange how people can look at things differently. My unalloyed, originalist, true conservativism has always found me objecting to governmental interference with property rights, because the Framers would not have tolerated it. That is, even zoning is a prohibited prior restraint on the use of private property, which neither I nor the Framers [which some think is congruent!] would countenence. If you don’t like what your neighbor is doing with his propery and somehow think it invades your “rights” [only a communist would maintain that position anyway!], your remedy is the free market [taught most recently by Milton Friedman, and me; earlier by James Madison!], not government. That being the case, a true conservative would sadly and reluctantly say “Mr. Muslim, your choice to build your mosque on your private property near/in ground zero is hurtful, regrettable, bad form, and counter-productive to what you want to achieve, but unless you will sell that parcel to me, I cannot properly stop you.” But then, that’s true conservatism, which we rarely see these days.

    • chas Says:

      My argument rest solely on the reality of life in NYC. Just as it does with this Administrations plans, which I oppose, but wonder where the courage of their convection is. Personally I agree with you that it is not the Government’s business what is put where for what reason unless it represents a public danger.

      However, here in the real world, and my greater point, is most of these so called leaders, have the tools at hand, regardless of their merit and my opinion of them, but are just too cowardly to use them for fear of losing a vote or two or three and having to get a real job like the rest of us.

      That, dear Sir, is my only point, not the Constitutional abuse of power that we seem unable to curb.


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