Platform Anyone?


One of the most often complaints I tend to hear is that the GOP has no platform, or that you can’t win an election by just saying no.

Respectfully, I disagree.  You see, saying no to even more Government expansion, mostly unpopular by the majority is a very good platform, but not enough in and of its self.  You see, while it’s just fine to say we are against this or that policy, it helps if you have something else to offer also.  Especially since you spent almost 6 years doing pretty much the same thing.

It would be a little more acceptable had you not forgotten the lessons and the platform set forth by Newt Gingrich and kept a lid on spending.  What I’m saying is that it is not helpful to claim the Dems are spending too much, when for 6 years you spent too much.  That they have upped the game limit doesn’t really strike a chord with most Americans, since the reason you are no longer in power is because you forgot the basics of budget spending.  That being you can’t spend money you don’t have forever.

In the short-term tax cuts work, but you have to accompany them with spending cuts.  It really is simple math.  If all, (like 3 trillion is small), you are taking in is 3 trillion, it just doesn’t make good fiscal sense to spend 5.

It’s not much of stretch to figure out why things are moving in the direction they are.  The economy and jobs are in horrible shape.  Spending is and has been out of control for years.  And the key people who are supposed to pilot the ship, have absolutely zero experience in business, money control.  In other words from the President down we have no one that can steer because they never had to steer the ship before.

Most of the “heads” in Congress are nothing more than career politicians who never actually held a job of any considerable importance.  Now I don’t say I have all the answers, but there are a couple of obvious areas that come to mind quite easily.

There was a time in this Country when we made things.  Somehow it became a nasty thing to have a job where you did make things.  If you don’t go to College and make 100K or more a year, if you get your hands dirty, there is something wrong with you.  Maybe it’s let the illegals do that stuff kind of thinking, I don’t know.  But it sure doesn’t help to have so many who really have no business in College getting a college education that they can’t use and that drives down the price of hire.

What I am saying is there seems to be a disconnect here between those in the Administration, both present and some past, and the real world.  Not everyone should have a College Degree, not everyone is able to and the Government shouldn’t be trying to make it so they can.  Not make it so all our jobs of manufacturing, building things, gets sent overseas so we become a nation of paper pushers.

It seems to me that we, as a Nation, have lost sight of where we came from and what made this a great Nation.  Perhaps this should be the platform of the GOP.  Let’s stop believing that the Government has many of the answers, return to the basics of the Constitution which says that the Government should be as noninvasive on the individual as possible.

Maybe we should be pushing for a little more market control and let the public choose what happens.  I for one, though I don’t smoke, get tired of being told where and when people can.  I am tired of having roadblocks set up to see if I am protecting myself by wearing a seat belt.  I’m tired of my tax money being used to study the life cycle of a fruit fly or its mating habits or millions being spent of finding out which ketchup has the least amount of water in it.

Perhaps THAT should be a platform worth running on and worth voting for.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


17 Responses to “Platform Anyone?”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Good Morning Chas and everyone,
    I have been talking about manufacturing jobs for years,
    we need to bring them back,
    not everyone wants to go to College,
    when I was done with school there was so many opportunities,
    now like you said if dont get a College Degree you wont get a job,
    we have become a nation of pencil pushers.
    Great Post Chas .

    • chas Says:

      Good to see you Sal. It is pretty sad when you have to have a 2 yr degree just to make fries at Mickey D’s…lol

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Frank C Says:

    We do need people to push the manufacturing sector and draw back on the “study” companies. We have shipped too many jobs overseas because of profit motive backed by our out of control costs. We need less government spending and control. We need to have the discussion of the usefulness of union’s in today’s marketplace. That is blasphemy to some, but a much needed conversation.

    • capmotion Says:

      There is a need for a discussion of unions. Not wanting to be a troublemaker about it all, but I think it clear that the collectivisation of decision-making, and the inability for individuals to disagree with the collective decision, that occurs in unions, by the grace of the federal government, is indistinguishable from the practices of a full-blown communist state. Freedom of association is one thing [1st Amendment]; denial of freedom to dissent from the association is quite another [tyranny]; the latter is the evil of modern unions.

    • chas Says:

      Many things, in fact all things, die over time. I think that Unions have long passed the purpose they once served and in fact mostly work to enrich the elected officers of said Union.

      When they can demand your money and spend that money for a purpose that offends you, I’m sorry even Jefferson knew that was wrong and that was before any Unions.

      “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which He disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
      One could say the same of Union dues.

  3. carolynro Says:

    I cannot add to your words accept to say “Amen”. Been saying it for years….LIMITED GOVERNMENT IS THE WHOLE REASON WE ARE HERE!

  4. elaine Says:

    First of all yes you are right and I have been saying this all along….when the republicans say “NO” then where is their solution to back their “NO”? And yes, not everybody even wants a college degree, some are happy with a low min wage job, besides here’s a question to all you college grads, who is going to wait on you in a restaurant? Who is going to clean your house? Who is going to mop the floors at your place of work? I know you don’t want to do it, so who do you expect to do those jobs when you are the ones saying that everybody should have a college education? Some people ARE happy with those jobs even if they are not an illegal immigrant. And yes, we are a free society with a constitution, so what gives anyone the right to tell everyone what they feel is best for them? Instead of making people do things like wearing seatbelts and the other things you mentioned, all they have to do is educate the people and then let the free society make up what happens. Like for instance the smoking ban, if people don’t want to be around smoke as a whole they will stop going to places that have smoking and if there are more non smokers than smokers then maybe the owner will make their place non smoking ON THEIR OWN so they won’t lose business. duh. Things have a way to work itself out on it’s own and these doo gooders that like to force people to comply with what they feel is best is under estimating the American people. Every day scientists are finding new things and you have to give it time to educate the people and then let the people decide. Speaking of which, remember when coffee was bad for you? Remember the eggwhite fad? Now they are saying that dark chocalate is good for you? The list goes on and on……….

    • chas Says:

      I think I should let you write my next Excellent points and something I have been saying for years. When MD wanted to put the no smoking ban in effect many were saying make it a free market choice. Mark the door with a smoking or no smoking sign and let the public decide which establishment they would rather do business with. But reality is that those with an agenda don’t want to leave us ordinary people with a choice because their agenda is their so-called life. They would rather dictate their agenda and force us to comply with their wishes than let it be subject to possible failure.

      That is NOT how America and the Republic is supposed to operate.

  5. Jeff Says:

    I agree with you and Capmotion Chas. Since when did saying “NO” become a bad thing. “The party of ‘no'” is what the republicans are being called but for good reason. There is nothing the Dems are bringing up that is worthy of a “Yes”.

    • chas Says:

      Unless of course you are in agreement with Government telling you how many sheets of toilet paper to use to wipe, (Please forgive the Crow reference). There are some deluded people that believe that these people we elect are smarter than the collective will of the people. Sad, thus it will forever be I fear.


    • capmotion Says:

      Or unless you think government should be able to dictate what sort of light bulbs I can use and cannot use, and when. It’s an urban legend that Crow make that crappy suggestion; it is, sadly, a fact that Bush issued the lightbulb decree.

    • chas Says:

      Have you seen the Audi Ad about the diesel engine they have? The green police grabbing a guy for asking for plastic bags instead of paper, breaking into a house for a battery and the Reporter talking about the guy getting arrested for having a regular light bulb?

      I get to wonder if that Ad isn’t closer to the sign of the future than the humor it is supposed to portray.

  6. capmotion Says:

    I agree with chas re: “No.” The whole notion of a government of enumerated powers, a government without inherent police power, which is what our central government was intended to be, is that there is generally a “no” to what latitudinarians want the government to do. The lesson of Art 1, sections 8 and 9, and of the 9th and 10th Amendments, is that “no” is the most constitutional thing which should be uttered about most things national politicians want to do, and I think that would be a dandy platform – especially for those who think or pretend they are patriots and constitutionalists.

    • chas Says:

      While of course there are things that require federal police power, it should indeed be very limited. And those limits, as cap so aptly pointed out , are contained within the Constitution.

      As cap says, there is NOthing wrong with saying NO to unconstitutional expanses of power.

    • capmotion Says:

      By “police power,” I do not mean whether any government can have gendarmes for enforcement of their legitimate functions, but instead whether there is an undefined residuum of unstated powers to deal with public health, safety, welfare, and the central government has none of that. It can, of course, have badged gun-totters for its narrowly limited role, like…., hm…, well, protecting the president, guarding the supreme court building, collecting duties on commerce, guarding the borders, some [but not all] stuff in sections 8 and 9 for which the action is both necessary and proper. It is ironic that the bloated federal constabularial power exercised by the central government, and metasticizing into a constitutional cancer that will consume the whole, thru its FBI, DEA, and other alphabets, are enforcing laws generally, and laughingly, enacted pursuant to the “commerce clause,” but none of those characters work for the Secretary of Commerce! Strange!

    • chas Says:

      Not so strange since during the last 80 years or so the real move to central Government began to take force. Take away State’s rights by having the Senate elected by popular vote. Hold individual’s paychecks ransom by and with a progressive tax rate, subject to change by the whim of Congress. Establish things like the EPA wholly without Constitutional restraint and the FDA to help “manage” our lives.

      Didn’t Jefferson say the first bonds of slavery are forged with the first link? Or words to that effect. It would seem to me that we have elected out own tyranny, would it not?

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