March on D.C.


March on D.C. United in Action is going to march on D.C. with the objective to wake the set in place politicians up to the concerns of the American people.

In fact in their own words: “The 2010 March on DC is not just a rally… it is 4 whole days of spectacular freedom promoting events that will educate, inform and inspire all who attend. The March on DC and associated events are truly grassroots—our leadership consists of members from some of the country’s largest independent conservative-minded organizations. All those involved in the planning of this event are non-partisan volunteers who share the common goal of unifying constitutional patriots to preserve liberty and the Constitutional principles upon which this nation was founded. This is an event of the people, by the people and for the people—it is We the People United in Action!

I have personally notified a number of people within Fox News with the information and still fail to see any comment on any media at all. No one is giving this any attention at all! They must all be too busy to cover a bunch of conservatives at a peaceful rally. They have to cover more important things like Tom Brady in a fender bender in which he wasn’t even hurt. Or the story that 50 idiots are planning to burn a Koran.

No one seems to get upset that some of these “people” on an almost regular basis burn the American Flag, or attempt to kill American Soldiers. They hang our leaders in effigy, but who cares? So long as we don’t offend them at all. 🙄

I encourage all the readers to check out the provided link.  Write into the Networks and demand some coverage.  Even if we know they will slant it, just seeing the number of people there will have an impact.

We the people must take back our power over the Federal Government least we become its slaves, instead of its master.


Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people. Th. Jefferson


6 Responses to “March on D.C.”

  1. capmotion Says:

    Ginni Thomas, Justice Thomas’s insightfully conservative wife, was interviewed on some radio news program this morning and did a great job of promoting the event and embracing the need for it.

  2. Eileen Says:

    Last year was 1.2 million so the organizers say. This year should be MORE and I will have a front seat there. The workers at the subway stations were not given any notice and were totally overwhelmed as were the trains. They put on extras during concerts and other events in Washington. Wonder if it will be better this year????

    There are so many better ways to get out the messages that TV personalities masquerading as news people. The internet is a powerful tool and buses are coming from all over the country bringing people. LOTS of just regular people know about this who are part of local groups. I am joining a friend coming with a bus full from North Carolina.

    I will be there for 2 days and take LOTS of pictures. My favorite candidate—Charles Lollar—who will be replacing Steny Hoyer– already had committed to our local Veterans Home.

    I have heard nothing on the local Washington news stations but then I watch them for about 5 minutes so cannot really know if they are covering it.

    CAP—the people who vote will be there and that is really the only ones who count.

    • chas Says:

      Maybe the upfront coverage is not so important as the follow up coverage.

      Properly covered after the fact will have some bearing on the elections.

      You are my correspondent, I expect good work….lol


    • capmotion Says:

      Eileen, you suggest only the voters count, but that is not correct. We need to have the populace in general, voters or not, especially including older children, understand what this Republic is all about – and not about. We need to inculcate values in people who will become voters, who will become community leaders [uh, not community organizers!], who will become business people [big and small] and entrepreneurs and doers and makers and shakers, to take the Republic forward by living and breathing the standards undergirding our founding. The question is how. Is this just another “happening,” the sort of thing that many will attend just because people enjoy happenings, regardless of the message? I don’t know. I do know that we are steaming toward the iceberg with perhaps too small a rudder to avert disaster.

  3. capmotion Says:

    I suspect that one of the problems is that no one really knows anything about this, and that is largely because there are few big names associated with it. One of the speakers is Alan Keyes, who has always been one of my favorites and one of the purer and more enlightened conservatives around, but other than him, who is there? There is a book recommendation about three of the Founding Fathers by Glenn Beck, who confessed a year ago that he had been studying the founders [at that point] for [all of!] two years! So, there is a real lack of gravitas in what should be a serious and expansive presentation of American founding values.

    • chas Says:

      I tend to agree. Still we are looking at a whole lot of people just showing up. You would think the media would show some interest.


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