More of the 9-12 Rally


More of America should be this passionate about this Country!


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


2 Responses to “More of the 9-12 Rally”

  1. Chris Denno Says:

    Who are you???? I just happened on to your blog from a quilting blog….WOW!!! You are RIGHT ON!!!!! I agree with everything you’ve written. If you lived near me(maybe you do???) I’d invite you over for a nice meal and good conversation with my whole family….we’d love each other.

    I wish you’d run for office!

    Chris in the “Land of Taxes” (NY)

    • chas Says:

      Ha ha, thank you Ma’am. I live in MD and I’m guessing that you found this blog through my wife’s quilting blog.

      I was in NY back in June with an invite to visit the Fox & Friends Morning Program, which is also covered a few pages back in the blog, which includes my appearance on the After The Show Show.

      I’m glad you enjoyed your first visit and hop you will return. There are a number of post that many have found to be informational and thought provoking if I may say so.


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