Please forgive me if I don’t focus on a single issue this time around.  There are a number of things going on and I’d rather touch on many of them instead of zeroing in on one.

The Poverty level has jumped a few points to its highest level in decades.  Regular readers will know that since the “War on Poverty” started in the late 60’s under LBJ over $6 trillion has been spent in this so-called war.  The Poverty level was in the 10% range at that time.  This month it hit 14%, up from the old reporting of, get ready for this, 10%.

So in over 40 years and with $6 trillion spent we accomplished…?  I’d also like to add that what we in this Country call poverty is living like a king in many other parts of the world.

There is a great debate going on right now on who should get more of our money, the Federal Government of the actual owners of the money, us the tax payer.  Anyone remember when in 2008 the House Speaker pronounced the Bush tax cuts as dead in 2011?  Seems they will die, in a sense, they seem willing to continue them now so long as they can call them the Obama middle class tax cuts.  😆

With 31 Dems already demanding that ALL the tax cuts stay in place, even to the nasty rich people, they might have to amend the name.  But a rose by any other name…!  Even Ben Nelson is jumping on the save the tax cut band wagon.  But let’s remember that this is the same guy who just couldn’t support the HCR bill either, until her got a sweetheart deal that is.

Speaking of the HCR, have you heard how the Administration is defending the Constitutionality of the Law?  Shades of FDR, it’s just like Deja Vu all over again. The Administration is arguing in court that the HCR is nothing more than a tax, just like Social Security, so it is Constitutional under the power to tax in the 16th Amendment.  This regardless of Obama’s very strong statement that he rejected the idea that HCR was a new tax.

Again regular readers will recall that this is the very same tactic that FDR used for Social Security.  While he talked to the Nation assuring them that the collected funds would be in a separate account, untouchable by the Government, his lawyers were telling the USSC that Social Security was Constitutional because of the 16th Amendment and the money collected was going into the general fund.  Obama’s lawyers are now arguing that HCR is just a tax and so is Constitutional under the Taxing powers of the 16th Amendment.  Another case of the President saying one thing and his lawyers arguing the opposite in court.

The joke of the day is Carter on N. Korea.  In an article in the NYT Carter claims; “Pyongyang is sending strong signals about its willingness to resume peace negotiations.” Yea right.  This from the guy who gave them all sorts of considerations in the past just to find as soon as they received everything say we made no such deal and continued on the same path as they were on before.  Anybody that listens to that half-wit on any topic, but especially foreign policy, is dumber than a stump.

Despite the mounting evidence that Obama will end up taking over the top spot as the worse President in US history, he still has a ways to go to catch this guy.  Especially if Carter is going to believe anything that N. Korea is going to tell him.  I guess he never heard the old saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

There’s a lot of talk on the media about how Ms. O’Donnell can’t be elected.  I hate to point this out, but she already has shown she can.  She won her primary.  Palin continues to frustrate the media by backing winner after winner no matter how much they attempt to malign her and those she backs.

While I don’t believe Palin herself would be electable to say the Office of President, given her growing influence, she could very well end up the next RNC chair.  This might annoy some that believe that Palin is ready for the big job, I think she has some learning to do yet and there isn’t a much better place for her to learn and still keep a very high-profile and do some good for the GOP.

While I am on the topic of O’Donnell I have to ask the general media about her “baggage” that makes her unelectable.  Why aren’t we hearing how unelectable Rangel is?  Or don’t you consider his ethics violations baggage because he’s a Dem?  How about Boxer or Walters?  Same thing, it’s ok because they are Dems?  The one-sided and slanted reporting shows why people no longer believe the regular media.

I just heard this and it really does show just how stupid this Administration believes “we the people” are.  Seems that in addition to the Bush tax cuts will be renamed to the Obama middle class tax cuts, they also want you to forget about Global Warming because they are changing the name to Global Climate Disruption.

If the idea strikes you as yet another DC calculation to further the size and scope of Government I’d have to agree with you.  But to think that we are that stupid to think if you rename something a third time, (Global Cooling, Global Warming and now Global Climate Disruption), it will make you believe in the nonsense just shows the arrogance of the people in charge.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


15 Responses to “Irksome”

  1. Russ Armentor Says:

    I posted quite a few diggs on the article, great job.

  2. Stormin' Says:

    Sister St. Claire was a conservative. You’ve learned well.


  3. capmotion Says:

    I don’t disagree with your observation, chas, but I am concerned that this stuff we are seeing now is simply a passing fad instead of a true epiphany about the evils of expansive and usurpatious government. Some of us started writing about the violations of limited government being wrought by DC decades ago, and it was as valid then as now, but no one cared. And I don’t think most people really care now, or else a big deal, and a properly big deal, would have been made out of Constitution Day yesterday, but few big deals were made. Few cared. And fewer will care tomorrow, which is how things got so out of control, beginning with Wilson – or even with Lincoln.

    • chas Says:

      Certainly with Lincoln, no man more abused the Constitution as much as he.

      It may be a fad, but again I think we have to start somewhere and this is not so bad a start. Returning control of education to the local authorities would be another good move. Allowing the Fed to control education because of the money they send was always a bad idea. Heck my Mother knew that back when I was in grade school when they got more money because I was the son of a Federal Employee, she refused to fill out the paperwork. My Mother was hardly a Tea Movement type person.

      On another topic, the Greenroom is supposed to be up and running, there is a new page up today. We shall see how this works out. it would be nice to have you back.


    • capmotion Says:

      Indeed, Lincoln was a military dictator who grossly abused the Constitution and set the groundwork for future presidents concocting from whole cloth an emergency exception to the Constitution. If one were to analyze that notion in the context of from whence came the Constitution, one would realize that since it was the product of, and reaction to, emergency, and there cannot be an emergency exception to it – there can’t be an emergency exception to that which is born of emergency. If people were as interested in Constitution Day as they are in the political Woodstockism of 9/12, 8/28, and other Beckaroons, that would be obvious to them. But I digress.

      Yes, we need to start some place – 1776 was a fine place. When people stop looking to DC and to local government to lift them up and start looking to themselves for salvation, advancement, success, then I’ll believe there is a new dawn. But then, what caused the darkness in the first place? Until we understand that, we won’t be able to lift ourselves out of it.

      Yes, I see Ali’s blog, and have already posted on it. I’ll visit unless or until the curious censorship of before rears its ugly head again.

  4. capmotion Says:

    What I find “irksome,” my Friend, is that the current cute trend of neo-patriotism, with rah-rah-rah, sis-boom-bah, about 9/12, 8/28, “Tea Party-ism” [by pseudo-patriots who generally can’t tell me the date of the real, original “Tea Party”] is not going to effect a real change in the growth of usurpatious, repressive national statism, because most people are really not serious about it. You can have all of the “yankee-doodlism” at a Glenn Beck religio-moralistic-red/white/bluism event, but until there is a true resurrection of deep commitment to founding values, the Reids and Byrds and Obamas of the world will remain the ascendant governmental reality. The one clear exemplar to me that this rash of neo-patriotism does not signal a resurrection of originalistic values is the comparative silence of yesterday. Yesterday was Constitution Day, but where were the rallies, the flags, the parades, the megaspeeches? Naturally, Hillsdale College commendably had a significant event, and other venues of serious Americanism marked that most significant of all Americanism days with appropriate, but not very crowded, remembrances, but most of the Palin/O’Donnell hooplah-ites were oblivious to the coming and going of the day, because they were not commanded to march and celebrate by the various rightist demagogues who orchestrate the events that mobs are dutifully showing up at. The Left will continue to rise because truly committed originalists are few, far between, and increasingly marginalized by the superficial Woodstockism of neo-patriotism.

    And that is irksome.

    • chas Says:


      While I understand and even to a degree agree with your frustration I have a slightly different view.

      As I recall my reading of history the call for Independence started with a simple outrage of Troops walking the streets and taxes being placed on them from 5,000 miles away. And actually there wasn’t at first a demand for separation from England, just the request for a hearing of grievances. All movements start somewhere, with a few who are able to instill in others a call to arms at some point.

      I for one am pleased to see any call to the reduction of the size of Government, the scope of its power, even if those calling for it understand not so much from where the idea originates. Because as Jefferson pointed out men often need not know the law but all understand from within the right and wrongs of life.

      Most who fought in the revolution didn’t really understand what they were fighting for short of their way of life. Many didn’t understand even that. But you have to start somewhere my friend.


  5. brucewv Says:

    Well Chas, me being a man with no class makes me a non statistic lol When I was younger I could have used some help but always found myself on the short end of the stick and yet I survived and got stronger. Now I’m glad things worked out like they did. I did actually live in a vehicle two different times.
    I am really excited about what I’m seeing in the American people and I die laughing at the media’s atempt to define. Just like the politicians they don’t understand. I truly believe all the dinosaurs regaurdless of party will be gone this Nov.even if their opposition is mentally challenged as long as they basic math and the government is for the people by the people

    • chas Says:

      We best hope over the next couple of elections we do change the make-up of Congress or the Country, as we know it, will be forever gone.


  6. DogOnCrack Says:

    Chas, with all due respect to you my friend, I think you’re completely wrong about Palin. Take in mind that even most people on the right thought that Reagan would never become POTUS. Obama will be easily defeated by whomever the GOP nominates and the Tea Party is certain to give it to Sarah!

    • chas Says:

      We all reserve our right to have our opinion my friend. I don’t say she can’t, I just don’t think she is ready. Give her a few years and with some help and study I think she would be. Look at how many people thought Obooboo was ready to be President. We see how that turned out.

      She’s young, she has lots of time, unlike Hillary who is nearing the mark when she won’t be able to run. Relax, all good things happen in their own time my friend.

      BTW, I am looking at this from a voters eye, not my personal opinion. I think she’d do a better job than the clown we have in office right now for sure.


  7. Frank C Says:

    Another fine piece sir. I think the liberals/progressives/democrats are scared to death of her vote getting power. I think her record is 2 winners for every non-winner she endorsed. O’donell is only not electable if the voters believe the Lame Stream Media. She raised over $1M in less than one day after her victory.

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