NFL Football Pool


I will take a vote here of the readership.  Since the season has already started The first week will be next week and by that I mean 9 Oct, which is week 5.  Since Fox & Friends has chosen to not have a pool this year, and as many may know I was involved in that pool, it has been suggested that I run one here or elsewhere.  I opt for here.

Here is how it will work.  First you must opt in.  Once you count yourself in, if you miss a week for whatever reason you will automatically forfeit all that week’s games.

1.  Games, 5 which I will pick, are offered you pick the winner.  No point spread, simply winner/loser.  It’s not win loss its points, which means your losses are subtracted from your wins.  During the regular season each game is 1 point.  When it is time for the playoffs come the winning points will advance +2(2, 4, 6).  The Super Bowl you elect how many points to wager from 0 to 10.

2.  Games will be posted by Friday morning.  You have until 5 PM, (all times EST) Saturday to make your selections.  I will allow a change until 8PM Saturday, but no alterations after that time,  (This because I understand last-minute drops in starters).

3. Tuesday I will post the standings.  I suggest however that you keep track of your own standings.  I am not Spock and have been known to err at times.

If there are enough people interested I will run this pool, if not obviously I won’t.  Chime in by Tuesday  5 Oct and let me know.  There are some additional rules but I want to make sure there is enough interest I will post them at that time.

I guess I should post a disclaimer also.  I will not pick winners on this pool.  I will simply pick the games of the week.  You win nothing except bragging rights.  You lose no money, nor do you win any.  This pool is not authorized by the NFL, Fox News or anyone else but me.  It’s just for fun.

If it works out this year, we will start it earlier next year.  This is all up to the readership.  To me it’s sort of fun, but it’s mostly work.  So let’s hear from you.



6 Responses to “NFL Football Pool”

  1. Me Says:


  2. Lanna Says:

    I’m in. I’ll rely on tea leaf readings!

    • chas Says:

      Sorry to say, there isn’t enough interest to go ahead.

      I should have started before the season started.


  3. olinl Says:

    I’m up for it, if I don’t have to do any handicapping. Just gut fel!!

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