Hi Stupid


Well, that seems to be John Kerry’s opinion of you if you don’t agree with policy of this Administration.

Kerry during an impromptu media meeting said to the effect “Voters are uninformed and easily swayed by slogans“.  It might surprise you to read that I tend to agree with him.  At least 53% of voters were swayed by a slogan of Hope and Change or Change You Can Believe In.  Put forth by a man with no background or experience, yet they bought it any way and we are now paying for that bad choice and regrettably so will our kids and their kids for a long time down the road.

Charles Hurt in the NY Post said the President claims this week that he has accomplished 70 percent of all the Hope and Change he promised us during his 2008 campaign.”If you look at the checklist, we’ve already covered about 70 percent,” said the President.

Now I’m not going to try and do the math here, because that isn’t the actual point here.  The real point that the President has passed a great deal of what he claimed he would.  Health Care, Targeted Tax Breaks, a Stimulus package and more.  The problem is that America didn’t really sign on to the “changes” because they elected a man they didn’t fully understand.

What we have to look at is the lack of experience and what hasn’t been accomplished.  Congress just left Town without a vote of continuing the Bush Tax Cuts, a Budget for the upcoming year or any notion to the public’s mind on improving the economy.

Now this is how you play politics.  The President shows once again that he can jerk even Congress around just as well as he does the rest of us.  “The bill, named the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act, would require courts to accept document notarizations made out of state. Its sponsors intended the effort to promote interstate commerce. But homeowner advocates warn the new law could allow lenders to cut even more corners as they seek to evict homeowners.” This would undercut the so-called Dems claim they are trying to protect consumers.

The Washington Post calls his non-VETO and non-action a pocket VETO.    They also tell us it is the second time he has used this.

The President knows this is a bad bill that undermines consumer protection, but is unwilling to offend Congress by an open VETO.  He instead takes the coward’s way out and watches Congress leave town so that the 10 day rule of the Constitution, (Art 1, Sec 7, para 2), does not apply.  The bill itself is not really being brought out by the media mostly because of what it does and the mid-terms are right around the corner now.

Erroll Louis of the NY Daily News thinks that having 400 different left-wing liberal groups that managed to draw together about 1/5th of the people that “right-winger” Glenn Beck drew was a roaring success.  He calls it a minor miracle that such a diverse group could unite for the day.

He of course didn’t ask why there were so few and how they could so trash the same area that the Beck group occupied that left the place cleaner than they found it.  “This is absolutely the beginning of something big,” NAACP President Ben Jealous told me.

Given the losses the left expects to suffer this cycle, perhaps it is a big thing to him.

Speaking of losses, with over 60% of Americans believing that we are moving in the wrong direction, the Dems have nothing to really run on.  Not a one that I hear brags about passing Health Care, brags about the stimulus, nor can they brag about the economy.  It’s almost funny really.  The left has been trying to blame the GOP as being the party of No for all these problems, but then can’t run on their own record.

Seems to me “NO” is the answer that Americans want given the opinion of the wrong direction majority.  But they, the left, thinks every one of you are stupid and John Kerry is not the only one.  He just happened to be the one that left it slip out right now.  Of course Pelosi pretty much said the same thing when she told you that “We need to pass the bill in order to know what’s in it”.  That rates right up there with trying to tell people, that you might not like the bill now, but wait until you get use to it.

Notice to the left and moderates: You are being played.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


5 Responses to “Hi Stupid”

  1. capmotion Says:

    He instead takes the coward’s way out and watches Congress leave town so that the 10 day rule of the Constitution, (Art 1, Sec 7, para 2), does not apply.
    Pocket veto is coward’s way?? chas!

    Number of pocket vetoes by presidents we [or you or some of you]appreciated or loved:

    Nixon, 17; Ford, 18; Reagan, 39; Bush I, 15; Bush II, 1; Madison, 2.

    On your general theme, I too am distressed when politicos haughtily claim to know and understand more than us poor, ignorant souls, whether it be the pompous paternalists like Kerry, or the spooky “I’ve got inside information”-ist conspiratorialists like Beck and O’Donnell. Most who do putdowns on others with claims of secretly or haughtily knowing more generally do not know much and are compensating for their own ignorance by pushing others down to comparatively raise themselves up.

    We need constantly to encourage people to be studying the Constitution and then to be demanding that our government not do more in our lives than the Framers intended and authorized.

    It is interesting that the Confederate Constitution of 1861 recognized the “sovereignty” of the the central government was exclusively a function of delegated power from the states, which itself was delegated by the true sovereigns, the People, which I think was designed to more strongly prevent any “commerce clause”-like evisceration of state and individual rights by national policies.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Good post Chas. I hope all this talk about how well the repubs will do in Nov. doesn’t stop people from going to the poles. Its the only chance we have to survive this current state of affairs.

    • chas Says:

      Overconfidence is always a fear during any election, of both sides. However the GOP? does seem to be charged up.


  3. Frank C Says:

    Chas great read. I wonder what Kerry’s real opinion of Obama is now that he put the Pocket Veto on an unconstitutional piece of legislation passed with bipartisan support in the House and Senate. As one pundit said Obabble blindsided his Democratic allies.
    If the head of the NAACP thinks their rally was the start of something big, he was right A BIG MESS. Their blatant disregard for the cleanliness of the Mall is pathetic with all the professional signs, empty bottles and trash strewn all over. Don’t take my word for it check it out

    • chas Says:


      Given that most of them are busy running away from Obama and the bills they passed I’d hardly believe they would care. Or maybe it was explained to them that this bill was really bad news for them and that’s why he kept it under cover.


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