All for Juan and Juan for all.


I would feel bad for Juan Williams if Fox hadn’t stepped up to the plate and expanded his role on the network after NPR dumped him for 1. not being left enough and 2. talking to Fox news.  Even though he had been featured on Fox for a number of years having and expressing his trepidation seeing someone in full muslim garb gave him some angst when he boarded a plane was the last straw.

Someone on the Greenroom blog suggested that Juan had been “warned several times” about this, but like most of the far left didn’t provide and links to back up that talking point.  I suspect that the reason is because there was never any such warning.  I am very certain any public warning would have been rather big news given Juan’s popularity.

Mr Williams, besides the only thinking liberal on NPR, as far as I can see, was the ONLY black thinking liberal and black man on NPR.  So let’s see where that takes us.  We have a publicly funded, (tax payer supported), radio station, that doesn’t meet the standards set by liberal politicians for Fox News having only one black man on the air and yet there is a surprisingly few jumping to his defense.  Can you imagine the out cry from the left if Fox had done the same thing?

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I support his views on things.  He is easier to listen to than people like Alan Colmes, Huffington and Ed Rendell.  I have little use for people who are that blind, but at least Juan could see that everything didn’t come down to party and both sides could have working ideas.  Obama could learn a few things from Juan for sure.

But let’s talk stupid.  So a guy who has worked for you for 10 years says something you don’t like in his last 3 month’s of contract, so you call him on the phone and let him know he’s fired?  In a time when people get laid off and fired who never thought they would, can you think of any surer way to gear up dislike of you?  Even Conservatives, who don’t really like Juan, are outraged.  I hope the unconstitutional funding of NPR does gain more support for this for no other reason as the Government shouldn’t be in the business of funding a certain ideology of either left or right with our tax dollars.

Just like Air America, let them sink or swim in the market place of ideas on their own.  We all know where that left wing station survived.

Last item:  I’m getting a bit tired, as most American’s seem to be, about hearing after 20 month’s in office it’s still all Bush’s fault.  For one thing the Left has held the purse strings for the last 4 years.  Up until they took over things were chugging along pretty well.  So having the purse strings for 4 years and still things have fallen apart, wouldn’t that lead one to think that they own some of this mess?

As I hear it single-handedly Bush managed to cause all this, according to Obama.  Someone in the GOP really needs in these last 13 days to pound that point home to the voters.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


9 Responses to “All for Juan and Juan for all.”

  1. capmotion Says:

    But, chas, I want to know how Steph votes/voted! 🙂

  2. stephanie Says:

    Well said! I enjoyed the read!
    4 more days til voting day! 🙂

  3. Jeff Says:

    Nice post and I agree with you whole-heartedly.

    Also, in your post you said ” I hope the unconstitutional funding of NPR does gain more support for this for no other reason as the Government shouldn’t be in the business of funding a certain ideology of either left or right with our tax dollars”.

    Along those same lines, the president of the United States should not be campaining as Obobo is doing for a certain ideology with our tax dollars. I have never witnessed a more partisan president in all my years as Obobo is.

    Lastly, Jaun Williams is going to do great on FOX.

    • chas Says:

      All Presidents campaign, but I agree that is not something they should do in mid-terms at least. During mid-terms the President should be representing the Country as a whole, not a party.

      And that goes for both parties.


  4. David S Says:

    I think it all comes down to the whole politically correct thing. There is a fear of offending people etc. And so they decided to fire him, thinking that would be the end of that. I don’t think they expected that to backfire on them.

    • chas Says:

      But its quite alright to offend Catholics, rednecks and various other normal everyday Americans. But certainly not people who want us dead.

      The Country has turned on its head.

  5. capmotion Says:

    I think what happened to Juan was reprehensible, and its horror story is not made less so just because Fox decided to capitalize on the event and snag him for their own. I note they did not make him a $2,000,000 offer until this grandstanding opportunity reared its ugly head.

    It is most telling that this thoughtful and intelligent and courageous and patriotic Black man did not merit high profile, reactionary attention from the Black victmization lobbies like NAACP and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I wonder why not? He is not of their political ilk? Is that a condition precedent for the professional Blackism lobbies to march and stand up for victimized Blacks? You have to be the “right” kind of Black, meaning not leaning right, to deserve their concern?

    There is hypocrisy and exploitation all around this issue, but Juan can properly hold his head high throughout.

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