Meanderings 18 November 2010


I waited until the dust settled before I wanted to sit down and make observations.

After 2 years of allegations showing up Charles Rangel finally got his day in court, so to speak.  He then promptly walked out.  It’s hard to even consider the fall out had this been a republican.  He cried for a year about having his day in court, and then rejects showing up for it.  🙄

I’m betting that he will retain his seat and not be kicked out.  A simple slap on the wrist for something that we, as private citizen would have gone to jail.

There are lots of complaints right now over the body scan machines and/or pat downs before getting to fly.  I think we need to do away with this political correctness.  Let’s stop patting down old ladies when we all know what we are looking for.  There is no perfect answer but tramping all over the 4th Amendment certainly isn’t the answer.  Remember; “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Ben Franklin

I wasn’t expecting anything different from the Democrats even when faced with the landslide in the  mid-term elections.  But to basically ignore the results are at best foolhardy.  For example I give you Pelosi as an example.  Instead of being treated like Wade Phillips, she remains in position to become the minority leader.

By a vote of almost 3 to 1 she remains in a leadership position even after losing 60 some seats.  I heard her “victory speech” this morning and she claimed she was reelected because of all the “good work” she has done and how she can get the job done.  All her “good work” are the things that Americans rejected and resulted in them Dems losing the House, health care, the Stimulus…etc.

I bring this up because I believe in the 2 party system.  While I would rather have the Dems in the minority, as they now will be, we need something to balance the GOP.  If they fear nothing, they would do as they would without recourse of the people.

Lastly, remember when Eric Holder was so hot and heavy for placing the GITMO prisoners in a civilian trial?  He claimed that when Ahmed Ghailani was tried there was no doubt he would be convicted because our courts were quite able to try these people.

In case you hadn’t heard Ahmed Ghailani was acquitted on all but 1 account because of the difference the way a military tribunal and our civilian courts run.  So now what do they do?  Wake up we hope and use the 5 million dollar facility built for the expressed purpose of dealing with these terrorist at GITMO.  It certainly can’t hurt Obama any more than it already does since he’s blown his promise to close the facility in his first year of office.

Just goes to show that campaigning is NOT governing.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “Meanderings 18 November 2010”

  1. David S Says:

    As always you provide a lot of food for thought, Chas. Can’t believe that terrorist got acquitted for all but one. Unbelievable.

  2. Frank C Says:

    Another fine piece.
    U are so right about Charlie R. He has had almost 40 years of perfecting the art of double speak.
    Queen Nancy thinks she is wonderful and won’t let anyone forget it. Wonder how she will feel after 30 days of GOP control.
    Obabble and his wonderful AG have a strange definition of victory. Conviction on 1 of 280 charges is not mine. Even major league pitchers have better batting averages than that.

    • chas Says:

      It is long pass time that Congress be held to follow the rules that they pass for the rest of us.

      Thanks for your continued support.


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