Why so Lame?


There was a time, many years ago, when travel was a problem for the members of Congress.  One could not expect them to campaign in their home State for office and then make the journey all the way back to DC when horse was the main mode of travel.  Same can be said for early 20th Century simply because there wasn’t that many roads and travel, even by train, was slow.

But today you can lose an election on Nov 2 and be back in DC, pack out your office and be back home by Nov 7th.  Even when there isn’t a change of control of Congress, there is simply no longer a need for a lame duck meeting of Congress.  This year is very good example of why the outgoing House and Senate should not be permitted to pass any new laws.

For the first time in American history a lame duck Senate, that is going to see the majority party lose seats, wants to pass a Treaty, that in all likelihood would not pass in the new Senate, without regard to election results.  They tried to pass a massive pork laden spending bill, again without regard to the results of the election.

They did pass a major change in Military policy by doing away with Don’t ask don’t tell.  This BTW I believe, will result in somewhere between 10 and 15% of active duty person leaving the service and I have no idea how many it will prevent from joining for the foreseeable future.

They tried but failed to pass an immigration bill that rewarded illegals for being in this Country illegally by giving them citizenship.  And they tried but failed to increase taxes with the communist style progressive tax plan to punish the rich for doing well.

BTW, the other day( Dec 17, 2010) Barney Frank says he doesn’t believe you deserve the estate money left to you by your parents.  He believes the Government deserves it.  Besides the fact that the Government did nothing to earn it, he doesn’t feel you did either.

I don’t even have words for thinking like this or how it could come about in America.  Worse, it does happen but shouldn’t.

I want to thank you my readers who take time out of your busy day and spend some of it here, reading my opinion, meanderings and general thoughts.  I want to wish every one of you a Blessed and Joyous Christmas along with a prosperous New Year.  I wish the same for your loved ones.

Be safe, as well as a joyous time of the year, it can also be dangerous.



2 Responses to “Why so Lame?”

  1. Frank C Says:

    Chas, great piece. If they want to have a Lame Duck Session it should be with the newly certified elected officials. Then the will of the people will be heard loud and clear.
    Barney does not believe people deserve the fruits of their or their parents labors. Parents work extremely hard to leave a legacy for their childrenm not the government!

    Thanks for all your words and efforts during the year.


    • chas Says:

      Thanks for your continued readership my friend.

      To the rest of you, please check out Frank’s blog, it’s always an insightful read.


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