New Year New Stuff?


Let’s start out with a lesson in why understanding the Constitution without going into politics.  In other words, this has nothing to do with major complications in life.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, even if you are not a fan of the NFL, Brett Favre has been fined for non-cooperation in the investigation involving sexting and sending rather revealing photo’s to a female member of the NY Jets Organization.

That is a very short explanation of what happened.  It is helpful that the same charges were brought up before and no real evidence was produced.  It comes back again this year and messages and photo’s were produced.  However, the so-called proof is in doubt.  In fact the Commissioner has said:  “Roger Goodell “could not conclude” that Favre violated the league’s personal conduct policy based on the evidence available to him”.

In fact it was said; “Forensic analysis failed to establish that Favre sent the images to Sterger“.  So why did Favre receive a fine for $50,000?  It seems he was fined for;  “Favre’s punishment stems from Goodell’s determination that he was “not candid in several respects during the investigation...”.  In other words he stood by his right’s under the 5th Amendment not to give testimony to incriminate himself.

Now grant it that $50K is about 3 minutes of Favre’s pay on game day, so it’s not like it is going to hurt a guy who makes $16 million a season.  What should hurt all of us, is that this monopoly thinks it has the power to fine an individual simply because they don’t want to appear to not be politically correct by walking away from a sexual harassment charge.

The other lawyer claimed of course;  ““Today’s decision is an affront to all females and shows once again that, despite tough talk, the NFL remains the good old boys’ league,” attorney Joseph Conway said.”  Of course it is, let’s ignore the fact that there was no conclusive evidence to support your claim of who actually sent those pictures and messages.

Shouldn’t we all be outraged at the lack of consideration over the rights of the accused?  Seems the public and liberal press is more outraged over the lack of rights to terrorist than our own citizen’s.

Look’s like the VRWC is dead and it is now the OHM, (Obama Hate Machine).  Spilling lies like the stimulus did not create any jobs.  According to this David Corn the OBM claims the stimulus saved or created 3.5 million jobs.  One wonders how since in the time Obama’s been in charge the unemployment rate has risen and over 3 million jobs have been lost.  Sounds pretty much like a push to me.  And I certainly wouldn’t want to spend almost a trillion on a zero net gain.

Would we call it an irony that the Sec of Homeland Security is helping the Afghans learn how to protect their borders?  I mean it’s not like she is willing or able to protect our own.  She couldn’t do anything when she was Governor of the State, hasn’t done anything to stem it now and supports all the nonsense of things like the dream act and supports the legal action against the State for trying to do what she has failed to do.

It’s almost a comedy.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas or whatever your faith takes you to celebrate.  I want to wish all a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.  The very best of luck to all and I look forward to seeing everyone in the next year.



7 Responses to “New Year New Stuff?”

  1. making money online Says:

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  2. Frank C Says:

    Love it Chas but remember Brett signed an indentured servatude contract with the Vikes and NFC. Those contracts take most of his rights away. Mr Jane Skinner (aka Roger Godell) is hoping the $50k fine will make this debacle go away.

    Speaking of going away, isn’t it fantastic that DHS Chief Janet Napolitano is in Afghanistan over New Year’s? Where was Mr Coool Ride? Oh that’s right Hawaii.

    Bush 43 slipped away to Iraq and A’stan numerous times to be with His Troops in the combat zone while Ofrequentflier is visiting the Marines in Hawaii. Give me a break!

    How many of the “saved” jobs were government and union? Probably 90%.

    • chas Says:

      While he is under contract I’d need to remind you that there are certain rights he does retain and the best example of that comes from his own team.

      The Williams boys were caught on that no tolerance steroid thing and were both threatened with fine and suspension. They fought it and showed that they indeed did not violate the rules because they were taking a weight control product that contained a small amount of one of the banned drugs. So, like Farve, the NFL did not have enough evidence that they violated the policy.

      I was hopeful that we’d get a lot less Obooboo because he was on vacation. I was expecting too much I guess. No matter what he just seems to have to find a way to get on the air. This is going to be the most overexposed in history and make for another very long 2 more years.


  3. brucewv Says:

    Hi Chas, I glad Christmas is over for me and I’m looking forward to the new year, I think I can honestly say that this coming year and all future years couldn’t get worse than 2010. Tell Eileen her quilt was a big hit with all that visited me this season and again THANKS. Just wondering if it’s still ok to say hi to a member of the opposite sex any more. LOL. I pray you and your family stay healthy and happy this comming year. I’ll catch up to you one of these days. Your friend Bruce

    • chas Says:

      I can’t even begin to think how I would have dealt with your year. You are a much better man than I. Eileen and I are so happy that the quilt has brought you some small comfort.


  4. olinl Says:

    Well written, my Friend. Happy New year to you and Eileen.

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