Meanderings 3-28-11


I apologize for the passage of time since my last blog.  I just started working a new job which required a good deal of my attention for the last couple of weeks.  I thank those of you who continue to check in for new updates.  I hope  to get a bit better at twice a week updates once things settle down a bit.

Harry Coover, creator of Super Glue, dies at 94.  Rumor has it that he wanted to live to be 100 but he just couldn’t “hold it together” any longer.  Ok that’s bad, but I couldn’t resist the obvious joke.  Mr. Coover “found” super glue quite by accident while working on rifle scopes for our troops during WW II.  If I recall Silly Putty was also found by accident.  Funny how we find things without looking.

Speaking of finding things we weren’t looking for we seem to have a civil war to get involved in.  The President wants to call it a “Kinetic Military Action“.  Ladies and gentlemen, when bombs fall, property destroyed and people die, that is called a War, unless nature does it.    Now I understand the need for some things to be kept quiet.  There are very few secrets in DC.  I also don’t like the War Powers Resolution and how it is used, that doesn’t mean I like it.

I also understand that Presidents from both parties have used it, but come on, you should at least tell the Leaders of Congress 10 minutes before the bombs drop.  Even in DC the word can’t get out that fast.  That this President didn’t even bother to try to notify the Congress until the operation was well underway is unconscionable.

Yes, I have the same complaint about Reagan and Clinton who did the same thing, pretty much.  There is a reason why the power over the military is divided between the President and the Congress. There is a reason why the Founders didn’t want to place all the powers in one place.  All you have to do is look around the world to places where it is like that to figure out why.

I’m also annoyed at the lack of worldwide outrage at the Nobel Peace Prize winner who has launched more missiles than any previous award winner.  I hear that he has a coalition.  Big deal, it’s half the size of Bush’s but somehow this President gets a pass?

What about $4 a gallon gas prices?  When the price of gas was rising under Bush it was all his fault.  Him “helping” out his oil buddies.  Why isn’t this blamed on Obama not allowing us to drill on our own soil or off-shore?  I keep hearing that this “just goes to show that we really need to explore “green technology”.  How come it wasn’t time under Bush?

While I am at it, let’s talk about this going green stuff for a second.  My Grandfather told me that this is a truly amazing Country.  One of its wonders was that if you put together 2 things that have never been together before, someone will buy it.  What he was really saying is that if there is a demand for something and profit to be made someone will come up with a design for it.

So in other words if there was a market for green technology don’t you think the Government wouldn’t have to shove it, force it or bribe us to have it?  Which as I look around that is the only way any of that stuff sells is by the demand driven by the Federal Government.  I mean seriously, we’ve turned a couple of kids games into multi-billion dollar organization.   We buy into things that we like or that improve our lives.  Obviously the greenies just don’t get it.

Jefferson once said “Only a lie needs the support of Government, the truth stands on its own“.  I think there is more truth to that than might appear.

I think if we do not get our act together and soon the Federal Government will so overshadow State and local Government, what this Country once stood for will be no more.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


6 Responses to “Meanderings 3-28-11”

  1. brucewv Says:

    Hi Chas, I’ve been a little lacks myself.
       [ki-net-ik, kahy-]
    pertaining to motion.
    caused by motion.
    characterized by movement: Running and dancing are kinetic activities.
    Sounds to me that the aftermath would be considered a kinetic action, you know result of war. (running for cover and dancing when it’s over)
    I have a friend that has a farm with a spring that supplies the house and has such volume that the over flow shoots out of a 6” pipe 3′. He was going to build a little hydro plant to supply the house and sell remaining to the electric co. The gov. stepped in and said oh yea you have to pay taxes on that so he said forget it. What does green get you? More taxes and the expense of building the devise. I think if gov. would just stop trying to fix and forcing us in a direction that has not been conceived yet, the country would heal itself. It would also be nice if our gov. spent as much time and resources securing our borders as they put into securing the well being of the Middle Eastern countries people who do not share our interests or values. That’s my diatribe for the day so talk to you later buddy. Bruce

    • chas Says:

      That’s fine my friend. I’m just glad you still check in.

      I’ve been looking into Podcast and trying to figure out if it would be worth it to do one and tie it to this blog.

      Working is slowing the research down but I’ll figure it out. 😉

      Good points. I like the way you think.


  2. Jeff Says:

    Again Chas you echo my feelings and beliefs. If we do not set up for what is coming state sovereignty will be lost and have to be won back at great scarifice.

    • chas Says:

      If it could be won back at all. By the time most people see the mess we’re in they might not see it as anything out of the ordinary. Really, just ask around and see how many people actually know Senators were once appointed not elected. 😉


  3. carolynro Says:

    Once again a spot on and well written piece. Wish it could be published in my lefty newspaper!

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