It’s Really Not THAT Hard.


Nancy Pelosi was on a tear the other night: “To my Republican friends: Take back your party, so that it doesn’t matter so much who wins the election — because we have shared values about the education of our children, the growth of our economy, how we defend our country, our security and civil liberties, how we respect our seniors.

If I may paraphrase your boss Ms Pelosi; “We won“.  Which means you lost and your left coast dream went with it.  Regardless of what you say, (or think if you believe something so moronic), we have elections for a reason and it DOES matter who wins.

The trouble is you don’t share the view, values or the desires of the majority of this Country and your ouster from House Speaker demonstrates that.   Additionally, most Republicans, even the RINO’s you’d rather see elected, don’t share your view of America.  You see the party that was taken over by radicals is yours and you are one of them.  That’s why the normal people of the Country look like far right-wing radicals to you.  You are so out of touch, so far left that to you normal people look out of step.

It really is that simple.

Speaking of out of touch…

Last Wednesday President Obama:  proposed spending cuts that are “fair” and ask for shared responsibility, and concluded that he wants to “live in a society that’s fair.”  First let me say that life isn’t fair and there is absolutely NOTHING fair about our tax code and finally, a fair is a place that has a Ferris Wheel  and cotton candy.

Here’s a guy who thinks that people, especially rich people WANT to pay more in taxes and would do so gladly if only we would ask them to.  I suspect that is why Mr “I’malsorich” Obama took advantage of $500,000 in tax credits and tax breaks on his last tax return.

If the rich, like you, are so willing to pay more, then please explain to me why they hide money in off-shore accounts, hire very expensive lawyers and ferret all the earnings they can to keep you people from taking it away from them.  If they really, really want to pay more wouldn’t you and they just take the standard deduction or just take no deduction and pay whatever?

Of course they would, but they don’t, just as you didn’t.  It really isn’t that hard to figure out.  Charity at the point of a gun isn’t charity at all.  It’s theft, plain and simple.

Speaking of theft, it seems the President and Rep Hoyer are bonding while left-wing Pelosi is cast aside.  One of the funnier things I read was some are suggesting that Hoyer should head up the debt caucus.  Why is that funny?  Because Hoyer is a Dem and thus in the minority party.  Even though the President stacked the deck and has more Dems that GOP members, their suggestions are going nowhere and mean even less.

The error the Dems made was placing Pelosi in the lead role again even though the people were firmly against her.  While Hoyer is slightly to the right of Pelosi I observe he is not a centrist by anyone’s definition except those as far left such as the minority leader.

My Tweet friend KT Mcfarland asked the other day if we were at war with Libya.  With all due respect it isn’t all that hard.  Let’s examine the case here.  We were dropping bombs on them.  We shot at them from our aircraft.  Now we are flying drones over their skies and launching hellfire missiles at them.  Now ask yourself this; “if this were being done to us here in America, would you consider us at war”?  I’m very sure there is no doubt we would and we would consider that the party responsible for these acts were committing acts of war against us.

So no matter how many pretty names and confusing rhetoric the President wants to toss at it, in this case a cigar really is just a cigar.

I am still waiting for the blame from the media towards President Obama for the rocketing price of gas.  We certainly heard enough of it when Bush was the President.  But I am sure that my wait will be eternal.  The President even had the nerve to say that there was no silver bullet to fix gas prices even after during his campaign blasting Bush for the high prices.

I was shocked when a left-wing publication displayed this:  “The president’s ineffectual statement on Friday’s massacre in Syria is the latest act in a White House drama that began in 2009, starring a brilliant intellect who is nonetheless confounded by events. “

Aside from the comment of his brilliant intellect, which has never been demonstrated in his 2 years in office, this is exactly what I and many others were saying during his run for Office.  The man has no background, experience or demonstrated abilities to hold office, let alone conducted the business of the US.

Everything he has tried to do has failed except HCR and that is by a good margin unpopular and will in all likelihood be ruled unconstitutional.  This man needs to be told to get packing and get in line with the other failed one term Presidents.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


4 Responses to “It’s Really Not THAT Hard.”

  1. olinl Says:

    Many of us knew from the onset of Obuffoon’s campaign in 2007 (still ongoing) that he was an empty suit. Nothing that he has said or done since has changed my mind. Without a teleprompter, he will be eaten alive in a debate, because he does not have the ability to think on his feet or speak extemporaneously!!

    • chas Says:

      I have often wondered how so many could be fooled. But as bad as he is a weak GOP contender could let him win again. Let’s hope this doesn’t come to pass.


  2. carolynro Says:

    I sense and agree with your frustration with President Iwannastimulatemyownpocketbutnotyours. What a crass, divisive, hypocritical, small man “they” elected to run the country two years ago.

    Only problem is that the only thing he is capable of running is his mouth and not very well, at that.

    I want to go to sleep tonight and wake up in 2016 as I don’t know how much more of this egocentric, selfish, hate mongerer I can stand. Most of them down there are incompetent and self serving but the way this dolt gets away with his BS is especially annoying.

    Whew…guess I am a little more than little annoyed myself!

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