UbL Vs. ObL Vs. BHO.


I am really tired of trying to appease everyone, which only leads to making everyone angry.

The most transparent Administration in history is now refusing to show the picture of UbL being axed because it might make some Muslim’s more angry at us.  I’m sorry, I really don’t give a damn about their feelings seeing as those who hate us already aren’t able to hate us more because we offed this murderer.

Alive or dead they still try to kill us and want our Country to fall apart.  UbL was nothing except a figurehead once he was forced to live in his little Neverland, unable to move about freely.  Unless Pakistan is lying and did allow him to move about and protected him while he did.  Which by the way, would not surprise me very much.

Now maybe you might disagree with me but it seems to me that transparencies are not an actually a strong suit of this Administration.  Seems that no one knew very much about Health Care before it was passed, (“We have to pass it before we know what’s in it“), does this pass the sniff test of transparency?  It doesn’t for me.

David Corn Mother Jones of thinks that this offing of UbL shows that Obama isn’t soft on terrorism and former VP Chaney should apologize.  I think that David should understand that although it was the right call, it really doesn’t change a thing.  What it DOES show is that all the jive Obama tossed out during his campaign turned out to be nothing but pure BS.  The only achievements he has in foreign policy, in the 2 wars and in fighting terrorism are all a result of the policies of Geo. Bush’s Administration.

Reality is that even with the small chance that the mission might fail, it was an easy call.  In fact he continues to make the easy call.  He could have just snatched UbL and sent him someplace no one knew of.  He could have worked him over for information.  Or he could just off him and hide the pictures that so many would gain a sense of closure from by seeing the bastard dead.  Nice job Mr. President, you got maybe a half right out of three.

In the end what has happened is the President is getting a political gain which is a short term.  What my good friend Horsefly calls the “Dead Cat Bounce“.  It might bounce once, but settles down to earth after that.  The jump on approval rating for the President is as short-lived as $2.00 a gallon gas.

And with that lead in let’s talk about the price of gas once again.

How blind are people anyway?  When gas prices hit this level back in ’07 when Bush was President it was all my Twitter friend Dana Perino could do to fend off the attacks of “Bush the oil man was responsible“.  Now the Press and the media is blaming big money and oil companies for the rise and leave Obama untouched by the pain HE is causing by his green and anti-oil agenda.

The President’s plan to curb prices…..buy a new car.  REALLY?  How out of touch is this man?  Let me go out and buy a new $45,000 car that runs on electric that only goes 40 miles between charges when I have a 70 mile commute.

As I said in the last blog, this really isn’t that hard. In 2007 we yelled “Drill Baby Drill” and in less than a year the price dropped from $4 a gallon to $1.78 a gallon.  Now not to point out the obvious but we haven’t seen $2 a gallon gas, Mr. President for over 2 years.  I’m not a big believer in happenstance but you and your go green agenda seems to have sparked a drive towards higher prices and YOU seem totally unwilling to do anything about it.

Now I’m just an average guy, but even I can figure this out.  How about applying that huge intellect you supposedly have and use some common sense and figure this out like us normal people have.  The green technology you love just hasn’t reached the level it needs to be to replace what we have.  Maybe someday, but until then we have to get the cost of oil down so the economy can recover and we can not have to choose between gas and food.

It’s nice to have goals, but you just shouldn’t kick people in the groin to achieve them.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

4 Responses to “UbL Vs. ObL Vs. BHO.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Great post Chas. Thanks for the mention. I guess I will be labeled a conspiricy theory guy, but, I believe bho went ahead with the mission for political reason only. It was like killing a retired person. Look how easy it was. No armed guards. Pakistan is very much co-operating with the U. S. covertly. They made it pretty damn easy to take obl out. Just sayin…

    • chas Says:

      The Paki’s make noise when we do things in public, but I think that is mostly show. But I also believe they are plauing both sides of the fence.


  2. Eileen Says:

    Good one. Many people pay more attention to who is getting booted off American Idol that Washington. I think you can do both.

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