Right Behind You!


Having back-up, words like that are helpful and encouraging.  However it doesn’t do much if they come from the guy who is supposed to be the Leader of the free World.

I doubt it comes as a surprise to many that the President has elected to sit back and talk about generalities but leaves all the specific to Congress, (when the Dems controlled it), or to staff and advisers.  It is yet another sign of the lack of experience that was my main objection to him becoming President.

He speaks on TV more than any President that I can recall.  In fact the only thing he seems to do more than give speech’s is play golf.  Seems like he’s played more golf in the last 2 years than any member of the PGA plays on tour in a 5 year span.  Clue Mr. President; when they said giving addresses was part of the job, they meant giving speech’s addressing the public, not the golf ball.  😉

Long time liberal Paul Belaga claims GOP is way off in their fight to cut spending and worrying about the debt.  American’s are much more concerned about jobs.  Any fool can tell you that the debt steals money from circulation and less money floating around and available creates a pinch of funds which is widely used to hire and expand business.

But people like Begala are all about soaking the rich.  Fair to them are they pay nothing and the rich carry the load.  I call it theft.

I hear many of the left and even a couple of those in the GOP claiming that the new GOP is in danger of becoming isolationist.  A little touch of that, done in a correct dose, isn’t all that bad an idea.  We send out billions of dollars we don’t have to foreign Countries, who don’t like us or appreciate us very much.  We get involved in things that aren’t necessarily any of  our business.

I’m not calling for us to dismiss the rest of the World, just take a more measured response to it.  Do we, for example, really need all those Troops in Germany, Italy, Japan and S. Korea?  Some might say yes to at least Korea because they still need our protection.  Fine, them let us keep Troops their but on their dime, not ours.

Military affairs are too unpredictable to get involved with in a flurry and hurry.  Remember, the President said of Libya “A matter of days not weeks”.  Well 90 days have come and gone, that by my count is 8 weeks.  And it’s taking longer because NATO is leading, not this Country.  Maybe it is time for a little bit of selfishness and just give the job to NATO.  Let them pay for it and figure it out.

Give me a minute here to talk about the War Powers Resolution.  I know it’s called the War Powers Act, but it actually legally fits the definition of a Resolution.  It is the responsibility of Congress to declare war.  That according to the Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 8.  If the war powers has any real use it is in case of direct attack upon our people or Country.  Any thing else is just political cover for Congress.  Once in, all the President has to say is “if you defund this operation our Troops will suffer”.

Now the President claims that we are merely helping out NATO and what we are doing doesn’t rise to the level of a conflict under the war powers so he doesn’t need to ask Congress.  I bet Libya has a slightly different outlook on the President’s meaning of “conflict”.  Let’s face it when the bombs drop in on your neighborhood, you will think it is a conflict.  In fact the full force of the US Military would be landing on your doorstep if that happened to us at any time by any Country.

So in this case the Presidents excuse is just about as lame as NBC’s excuse for cutting out the “under God” this weekend while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  They want you to believe that they left out “under God” because they had time constraints.  Two words jeopardized the whole programing?   This is golf, not NASCAR.  Time is all you have in golf in fact they talk themselves blue it is so slow moving and dull.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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