Thought of the Day, 06/22/’11


Tonight the President will give yet another speech.  This one will be about the draw-down from the Afghan Theater.  He “believes” that fewer Troops are needed.  He has support from both the left and the right on this, for different reasons.

What I believe is that this is nothing more than a political choice.  He announced last year this pull down and back then I said that violence would back off and they would lay low until we left.  I’m betting this is what will happen.  All that money, time and lives 2 years or less after we leave will have been for nothing.

Making Military matters a political choice is always the wrong way to go.  This will be just like ‘Nam.  We kick the North out of the Country, leave control in the hands of the South, then Congress cut-off their funds, the North move back in and take over, a million or more lives later.

Yet again inexperience is showing in the big house.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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