Thought for the Day, 6/24/’11


I have no love lost on this President as anyone who reads knows.  But I have to say he really doesn’t get a break.  Things just seem to happen even when he does something he believes in.

Take the other day for example.  President Obama makes a major campaign speech in the guise of a military policy speech about troops in the Afghan Theater.  That should be front page above the fold News!  What happens?  The FBI catches a murder from the Mob, 19 known kills, after 16 years of chasing him and that takes over the front page and most of the News.

In a respect it now turns out that it works for the President.  Seems his order of 33,000 Troops home by Spring is way more aggressive than was recommended by the 3 major players.  You could add me to that list, but he doesn’t listen to me in any case….lol

The GOP has walked out of the Budget talks citing that the Democrats refuse to bend on a Tax Increase as the reason.  I never thought that the Dems would bend on that.  It’s all the answers they ever have for anything.  Let’s raise taxes, especially on those who create jobs.  Nice plan….NOT!

Increasing taxes when our growth rate is merely 1.8% is absolutely moronic.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


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