I Tried To Stay Away


I find that my need to vent is obviously more compelling than my need to have readers is.  So I have reached a a compromise and have concluded that though I will not try and be so intent of being regular with post, I will, when the move strikes me post

So the best bet to, if the move strikes you, to follow me, you should follow me on Twitter @chasemberger to see when I update or  use the notice option that is provided by wordpress.  On to the topics of the day as I see them.

What Adult? Why is it that Obama gets to cast dispersion on the GOP without complaint from the media while offering nothing in solid offers of real cuts in spending?  Name ONE dime Obama has said he is willing to cut in ANY Gov’t program.  Truth is, if you are honest you can’t.  That’s because he has only offered theory and sound good rhetoric which changes nothing.  I guess we are supposed hope for change.

But Clinton and Reagan raised Taxes:  The problem with this argument is that while yes Reagan did raise taxes, what the left doesn’t tell you is he cut the INCOME TAX RATE all his taxes were raised on consumption or as they would have said in the days of the Founders impost, which is how the tax system was supposed to work.

Robert Reich who tries to take credit for the “glory” years of the Clinton years, leaves out that it created the dot.com bubble which also created a recession but the majority for the so-called success of Clinton was the fact that the GOP forced him to the center.   G H Bush was unable to keep his word, thanks to Dems, and no new taxes was shoved down our throats with new taxes and Clinton increased that burden.  Free market was able to jump the Gov’t hurdle but the damage was already done and G H Bush lost the election.  Kind of funny if you think about it, Bush lost because he allowed a raise in taxes but Clinton won a 2nd term after raising taxes because of GOP policies which boosted the economy despite the tax increase.

I will not let you call my bluff”:  The President seems to think that his so-called priceless ability as the world’s greatest orator, and he thinks nah a nah a nah a boo boo is the adult in the room?  Let’s make one thing that even the media should point out if they were honest, Obama is no Reagan.  “Taking it to the people” hasn’t worked very well for the last 2.5 years.  That’s not changing.  To me this just says that at some point the President was bluffing.  I suspect he merely bluffed his way into the White House and thinks he can bluff his way to a second term.

On The Constitution:  A simple statement, Senator McConnell’s arrangement is simply unconstitutional.  It is beyond stupid to hand over powers delegated to Congress to the President.  If you need proof of that, just look at what the War Powers Resolution has done to us over the years.  If Congress were to hand over the debt limit to the President we all know the result, a higher limit with no spending limits and we know from history how that works out.

Credit Rating:  Does anyone else find it odd that Moody’s and S&P announce that they are considering lower our credit rating from AAA to something lower right in the middle of terse negotiations?  Actually if you do, you shouldn’t especially if you remember that Turbo Tax, (tax evader ), Tim Geithner is friends with Wall Street and was Chairman of the New York Fed when everything was collapsing back in 2008.   BTW Dems were in control of Congress in 2008, nary a word was spoken by Dems, because it was, of course, it was all Bush’s fault and still is according to the President’s last speech given this day.

Last thought:  Have you seen the AD for the VW where the kid tries to bust the Tourage Pinata?  This is what Congress is up against.  We as a people have become so intrenched in hand-outs, “help” from the Gov’t, in every facet of our lives and now they are trying to take it over completely.  Fighting against this kind of entitlement is beyond hard.

Here is a simple way to get people to understand the cost of Federal intervention, do away with the withholding right from your paycheck.  If workers had to write a check at the end of the year to pay taxes, you’d have a lot more objection to the in place services.  It becomes a lot more real when you have to write the check than if you never get the money to begin with.

It was the most devious plot set upon the American people since the 16th Amendment.  Think about it, when do you miss the water?……….


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


One Response to “I Tried To Stay Away”

  1. Gini Says:

    ~Sigh~ having so much fun Chas….my brief rest is over I guess, and back to my ‘reading’ duties. I am glad again, you are back to writing, and am always ‘in the mood’ to read what you’ve written….and of course, always have ‘an opinion’ too! hahaha ha! So…yes, I agree with this piece…and most especially, O can never never claim Reagan or Clinton as far as that goes, w/oratory superiority over them. As far as it goes, Jackson could give him some lessons too, if they were ‘friends’….ha! but, they aren’t so no go there. This man is not skilled, he is just underwritten by the media and big money. In fact, his cadence is all wrong, and speaks to his feeling of superiority and ‘why do I have to waste my time’ w/the peons. I do consider them all nefarious scoundrels. All of them……..

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