Who’s Really Holding Things Up?


One thing is certain, both sides are dug in on the debt and not really willing to move too much into any direction.  Part of what is really holding everything up is the 17th Amendment.  I know you question that but let me explain.

Prior to the passage of the 17th Amendment each Senator, 2 from each State, were appointed by their respective Legislatures which binds them to the will of that governing body, who, are in turn bonded and beholden to the will of the people.  Commonly this is called indirect representation.  It is the very basis of being a Republic, problem is we screwed that up with the 17th Amendment.  Now the Senate is bending to the flexible will of the people.  A mobocracy as Jefferson called it.

It is a sad day for the body politic when the leader of the Senate is willing to stand up and declare a bill from the House would be dead on arrival, prior to even reading the bill its self.  This sounds like the mess they passed without reading the Obamacare Bill which as we keep finding out has more poison in it than aid to any American.

Somehow I think Reid would have said the same thing had the House Speaker been able to get a hold of Reid’s plan and just copied it.  It’s dead on arrival without a viewing simply because it is presented by a member of the other party.  This stance violates the working system of the Congress.  Any Bill that passes the House should be reviewed by the Senate and IF voted down, it goes to committee to work out the differences.  Read you’re own rules Harry and get with the program.

All that said, the GOP has to have some give to it, even when voting on principle.  You do have to have a line in the sand.  A place you can stand and say “It stops here, not one step further.  Here it ends.”    There has to be a place where there is agreement, there has to be.

One thing I can agree with Harry Reid on.  Yesterday he said; “it is time to ignore those extremest”.  With that in mind I will no longer listen to Harry, Nancy or Obama.  They are the real extremest who have departed from Constitution, who forget that what we earn in our paycheck, (even if you are one of the very rich), is OURS!

I know the President wants this to go away and demands that any deal go past the next election.  OK, remind me again Mr President who you think is playing politics with the debt?

All of this, BTW, is a direct result of poor planning.  My Grandfather once told me; “When you aren’t particularly brilliant you have to make up for that with great planning“.  Both parties have put policies in place, Social Security, Medicare, Medicade for example, that were doomed to outstrip their funds in time.  But once you establish an entitlement, no matter how well intended, becomes an obligation that people expect to be rewarded with.  Even past the point of affordability.

None of these entitlements were ever thought to be the role of Government by the Founders.

Has anyone else noticed that the last few terrorist caught or captured have the same thing in common?  bin Laden & Pvt. Naser Jason Abdo both had porn on their computers.  I don’t know, I just find it odd that people who claim to be fighting a religious war spend their downtime watch pornography.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”


13 Responses to “Who’s Really Holding Things Up?”

  1. test a ipad 2 the keep it for free Says:

    Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

    • chas Says:

      Yes my Twitter user name is @chasemberger. Thanks for reading, and I would love to have you as a regular reader.


  2. Gini Says:

    And yes, I agree there should be zero benefits for life. They get paid for the job, and when their ‘contract’ is over, so is the pay and any benefits offered while doing the job. Yep….talk abt DOUBLE DIPPING and INSIDE TRADING, and ????

    • chas Says:

      I think you wrote more than I did….lol Thanks for sticking with me all this time. It’s always an honor to read your comments and though I might not be as constant as I was, but will keep writing as long as the mood moves me.


  3. Gini Says:

    Our congress has the purse strings in hand, and it’s supposed to be adversarial in every way, w/a two party system, agreement being contingent on compromising, but! We discover the congress is not willing to ‘do their job’ and now the prez is threatening to thwart the congress all together, yet again, and we the people are standing clapping over stupid chit, like the dna for food stamps, and oh…not to forget the CHAGRIN and talk abt NETFLIX and what the price of a movie is going to cost. ha! arggggggggggg and grrrrrrrrrrrr. I think the pool and maybe a session of Star Trek is warranted to soothe the angry beast in me today……..great piece as usual Chas. I am really glad you did not stop writing. You really should never consider that again, for real. In the mean time, the kid hit the machine w/the wrong num three times, so the ‘card’ won’t work! hahahaha hahah ha YIKES…now THAT’S what I call IMPORTANT, right?

  4. Gini Says:

    Of course, I am still apposed to term limits, but almost persuaded that should be the case. Just do not generally ‘like’ the interference of another law, with something that should be ‘self evident’ and wonder if those folks who have elected then reelected someone of ill repute, and of a nefarious character, won’t turn around and do the same darn thing again, so I keep getting back to the starting point…’we the people’ get to vote, and if we’re that asleep and that stupid, there is zero hope for the ‘future’ of this country as we know it and as our Constitution demands it to be. I am stunned with the ‘current events’…entering w/o a warrant, being most recent, but of course, and I think I am the only one on the planet, the law in Fla that demands ‘blood/body fluids for food stamps/state help’…..and no one seems to understand the THOSE PEOPLE YA KNOW, are US people ya know????????????????????? The plan, like abortion, is to ‘get the people comfy’ w/a concept, like ‘taking fluids fr YOU’ w/o a warrant or crime, or aborting babies at will, and pretty soon the conversation goes to FAT kids can be taken fr their parents, police can enter your home w/o a warrant, we can fine you for smoking in your car if there are kids in the car, etc….etc…etc…ETC…until they are standing in YOUR KITCHEN…right now they are in ‘those people’s ya know’ kitchen, but they are HEADING OUR WAY REALLY REALLY fast, and everyone is standing and clapping and I’m going WHAT WHAT WHAT are people thinking??????????? WHAT are they thinking to not see ‘who’ is next on ‘that list’ which we have zero control over if we loose our FREEDOMS as citizens ‘in’ a free society, instead becoming of subjects to tyranny? I’m tired of saying this…for real. But remain furious over ‘it all’…………………I don’t know where this is going to post…supposed to be on Chas’s so hope I am! hahaha ha!

  5. carolynro Says:

    Our state legislators are term limited.

  6. Lanna Says:

    Good points, but is there any solution? Call for a limited Constitutional Convention to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments? And a balanced budget amendment has its own pitfalls:
    The debt ceiling has been increased 78 times since 1960. The democrats, from 1960 to 2010, have held the majorities in the Senate for 36 years and the House for 41 years. Blame Bush and the GOP? Certainly they’re responsible for part of this mess, but consider who’s been holding the purse strings.

  7. Mary Says:

    Every time Reid, Pelosi and our anointed King come on TV and say that it isn’t about the politics they are lying. What is the quote, oh yeah if their lips are moving they are lying – August 2nd deadline is probably a made up date anyway, but even if it isn’t, the debt ceiling should not be raised. Furthermore they want to scare the seniors, the military etc. Well, has there been anything said about cutting the spending for illegals, welfare, and let’s not forget the pay of most of the czars that were appointed and reaping the benefits of the federal dollars. Haven’t heard any of that have we?

    • chas Says:

      And of course you won’t. You also don’t hear of the Congress or the President not getting paid either. You know they are going to get their’s.


  8. carolynro Says:

    Excellent. I know that Obama will make sure all the bills get paid as his line in the sand is his next term. So, sad…all of it. Another reason for term limits.

    • chas Says:

      I firmly believe that no elected official should hold office for life. The President limit of 8 is fine but the Congress should also be limited to 12 years and NO retirement benefits at all.

      No one in America gets the deal they do and there is no excuse for that.


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