I almost always get a kick out of how the liberal media all jump on the same idea and/or phrase at the same time.

The flavor of the week for the liberal media is terrorist or Jihad.  Always now applied towards the Tea Party individuals in the Congress.  Where are these people in the media when actual terrorist strike?  You never hear them call real terrorist what they are when they strike.

No, they would rather use that irresponsible term and apply it to fellow Americans.  This must be part of the President “more civil dialogue” plan that he called for so many month’s ago.

And just to show you how much it permeates the non-thinking liberal, even the gaff master VP Biden used the term yesterday if reports are true.  I guess he was on vacation when his boss made the call for civil discourse.

The debt deal is a joke as far as I can see.  It really does nothing to solve the problem, nor does it really lower the debt.  Once I heard that Reid had a hand in crafting the bill I had no doubt that it would be a piece of paper worth less than toilet paper.

But it’s the debate being held in the media that amuses me.  Take USA Today and DeWayne Wickham’s article where in his 1st paragraph; “Republicans are far more intent on taking the president’s scalp than balancing the nation’s books. They had ample opportunities to do the latter during the eight years of  George W. Bush.”  This shows an almost mindlessness that ignores actual facts and reality.

For the first part, the GOP only controlled Congress, specifically the House, for 6 of Bush’s years.  The second fact they ignore is the Tea Party wasn’t around for the last 2 years of Bush and they weren’t effective until Obama’s 2nd year in Office.  So for the last 4 years the Democrats  were in charge, not the GOP and in that time the debt has skyrocketed causing this Tea party revolt.

He basically goes on to call the GOP racist, now THAT will surprise you……NOT, and saying that the GOP is motivated solely by getting Obama out of Office in 2012.  He’s another surprise, that is the objective of all opposition party’s since the construction of a more than one party system.  How do you get to be a journalist and be this ignorant?

Actually we all know he isn’t ignorant, he’s an ideologue and his agenda is to promote Obama no matter how badly he does the job.  But since he can’t blame Obama for anything he has to attack the GOP.  I guess he will be next to jump on the “call them terrorist” band wagon.  He’s still stuck on the racist ploy which gained no ground with much of anyone except the very far left.

I’m not one to jump on conspiracy ideas, but it occurs to me that while the entire Country was focused  on this debt increase, the oil companies have slowly raised the price of gas.  Let’s recall that when Bush left Office gas was less than $2 a gal, the new National average:  $3.67 and it’s over $4 a gal in some areas.

Not a single report in the media, who has been busy reporting the racism and terrorist attacks by the GOP against the Country.  This is one of the largest reasons for the not even close to recovery recession we are still experiencing.  Remember when “pain at the pump” was a big deal?  Of course that is when a Republican was in office, oh yea he once was an oil guy too.  Of course Obama received millions of campaign donations from oil but that’s not a big deal right?  🙄


Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less.


9 Responses to “Jihad???????”

  1. Gini Says:

    Me either Liz, and of course, IT’S A GOOD THING! hahaha ha! I recommend ‘suspicion’ of THEM ALL, a good response to ‘it all’. Yep…………………ha!

  2. Liz K Says:

    I heard the President again today ask for civility in discussing our differences. If he really meant that, he would specifically call out those who are using the terrorist rhetoric. Of course, he doesn’t mean it because he thinks it benefits his reelection chances. Unfortunately, silence on the part of the Republican leadership about it makes me suspicious of their motives as well. I’m waiting for just one of them to stand up and loudly and firmly demand that it stop. Thank goodness I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Gini Says:

    Now that I have deleted the over 2thou messages on my email, I am in a better position to also keep up on my reading….like the closet however, there remains little hope I can STAY FOCUSED on either the email or the closet, n so it goes! hahaha ha! I am SO GLAD you are writing again. Great piece and does remind everyone the disconnect and ‘brain damage’ the ideologue suffers from. One cannot assault their conscience all the time, and not come away undamaged. Forgetting our two party system is adversarial is foolish, but of course, it’s easy to hit and run, and that’s exactly what is done by ‘the extreme’ on both sides, so ‘we the people’ are constantly ASSAULTED and challenged as well, to get to the ‘bottom’ of it all, remembering most certainly, THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS, and neither is government our friend……..a necessary ‘tool’ that belongs to ‘the people’, and if ‘the people’ don’t control that grp, they will be the ‘GIRLS GONE WILD’ moment every single time. I am not impressed with any of the goings on, and I do not think anything has been solved, and I do think the people will be lulled into YEA YEA YEA and HURRAY, instead of the OMG OMG OMG, they should be feelin’ about now. One has a really hard time not making voodoo dolls and buying all the pins Walgreen’s has for sale to stick in the doll! hahahaha hahaha hahah ha! YIKES…I know…so many ‘words’ and what did SHE REALLY SAY? hahahah ha! Just sayin’ hi ya…glad you are ‘baaaaaaaaack’. 🙂

  4. olinl Says:

    A good read, Chas. Does anyone think that the 2.1 trillion will not be spent to enhance Oboogerbutt’s re-election? From a fellow terrorist.

    Shared sacrifice is a group of conservatives watching a progressive being raked over the coals.

    I wonder, that in spite of the crappy document of the debt ceiling, is Obama cowereing in a corner of the White House sucking his thumb?

    In spite of how bad this legislation is, we would not have had the debate but for the tea partiers.

    • chas Says:

      You can’t have a “shared sacrifice” is almost 50% of people don’t pay any taxes. It’s nothing more than a feel good slogan that is nothing of the sort in reality.


  5. Frank C Says:

    Chas, great piece. It is amazing how short a person’s memory can be when it isagainst their interest.
    I wonder if the Master Gaffer (VP Joe) was speaking the words ofthe pacifist President?
    Today gas was $3.79 in NC.

    • chas Says:

      Thank Frank. American’s in general seem to have very short memories and much of that is because of the amount of news that is thrown at them on any given day.


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