Meanderings 8-17-’11


Maybe it’s just me but this GOP Primary run seems to have overtones of 2008.  If you remember another Republican sat back, teased everyone for a time about his plan to run.  He skipped out on some key State debates and such.  Then with all the right in a frenzy he finally made his announcement.  He rose quickly for a month and then nothing.  He won nothing, lost funding and just dropped out.

That was Fred Thompson.  Now late in the race, with much fanfare, Rick Perry after weeks if not month’s of speculation.  He rises quickly to a top tier candidate.  Is the rise a flash in the pan?  No one can say for certain, but should it turn out to be nothing but a flash in the pan it might just proved to be the undoing of the GOP in this run for the office of President.

In an obvious campaign run, the President is off on the “Enjoy it, you paid for it Tour”   Secret Service paid $1.1m for a Country music star’s Tour Bus.  Now some of the left point out that Bush also took bus tours while in Office.  What they keep leaving out however is that Bush’s campaign paid for the bus.

Speaking of buses and very large “carbon footprints” how about a few States wanting to tax your driving by the mile?  Here we are again, the old seat belt story is back.  If you don’t know the story here is the short version;

“First the Fed determines you should have seat belts so orders car makers to provide them upon request, (at YOUR expense I might add).”  Then when people don’t order them orders car makers to install them no matter what, (at YOUR expense)”

No one wears them so the Fed forces car makers to install an alarm, (Cost covered by you know who).

When people disconnected the alarms the Fed and the States made it mandatory to wear them as a secondary offense, (if you are stopped for speeding and not wearing a belt you would be fined).

Now it’s a primary offense.

Continuous expansion of  Gov’t power.  Now, they want to follow us with GPS because, once again, we followed the rules and accepted the infringements upon our rights, bought more gas efficient cars and tax revenue’s fall off, so they come up with a new way to get into your wallet.  And will add to that the power to follow your every driving move.  One moron group is also trying to pass a law making “blow locks”, (must blow alcohol free to start vehicle), installation mandatory and it is being considered!

You can’t smoke anywhere up to and including in some places your home or car.  Forcing behavior through regulations, laws or taxes is not a morally acceptable part of ANY Government.

Josh Marshall on Talking Point Memo, (BTW that’s taken you need your own name), gives the President a pass on not coming up with a jobs plan or bill until now of course.  Blaming the GOP of course for the delay.  They would have just killed anything he put forward.  This is how you can really tell when someone is all in for someone.  I mean come on get real please.  The GOP has only been in power of a third of the power in the system.  Prior to the 2010 the Dems held 100% and there was no jobs bill or plan from the WH.

Yet in this individual’s eye because the GOP took over in Jan of 2011 it tainted the whole process prior to them even taking office.  What a klutz.

Well it seems Pelosi has a useful idiot follower in Vilsack, who like her believe that give away social net programs create jobs.  Do these people know nothing about how normal life works?  They can’t.  Vilsack said the other day that food stamps “stimulate” the economy because people buy food and this creates additional jobs in the market place.

Hey Tom, guess what?  When you steal my money that means I buy less because being responsible, don’t spend what I don’t have.  So to counter your “facts” I say that while people might help keep jobs by food stamp spending you are keeping me from buying for an example, a new Truck, which puts the need for higher paying jobs a boost.

Which of us is really doing the economy more good hard-working people like me or those who live off the money I make and the Government steals from me?


Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less.


3 Responses to “Meanderings 8-17-’11”

  1. hotshot bald cop Says:

    Thank you for a great post.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Chas, you know that the people who vote for Obobo believe that crap about spending government handout money stimulates the economy. It makes perfect sense to them because they are one demensional thinkers and most of them receive government handouts.

    And talk about almost treasonous, that $1.1 million tour bus was bought in Canada. HA!

    • chas Says:

      I don’t blame Obama for where the bus was made that’s on the Secret Service. But since this is, no mater what he says, IS a campaign tour the DNC should be footing the bill.


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