How to Lose ($) 1 Trillion of Ugly Fat.


I’ve offered a few suggestions in the past but I thought I’d toss them out again.  First off let me say that I understand that some people will be hurt, lose jobs and hardships will be created.  I get all that.  I’m sorry that it has to happen but reality is such that we just cannot go on the way we are going and even liberals have to know you can’t tax enough to get out of this.

So first:  Since the only way to negate the backlash from things that will hurt people, I have found, is to take the first hit upon yourself.  Years in the Military taught me that when the duty hours became too much the first thing I did was not take days off myself and give them to my troops.  In light of that, the entire Congressional pension Plan is hereby in the dumpster.  I’ve never even seen how much that boondoggle cost tax payers but you can bet it’s in the billions.

You get your salary and when voted out of office you go back to the private sector and get a real job.  No one in America gets a pension for serving a company for so few years.  No more health care for life, no more paychecks for life, no more perks for life.

There is no way they would ever vote on this on their own, but they could be forced into it with the proper pressure.  And lastly for Congress,  rescind the 17th Amendment and go back to Senators being held accountable to the State they are supposed to represent.  If they were do you really think Obamacare would have had a chance of passing?

Next, do away with the Department of Energy.  It’s sole purpose when it was created back in the 70’s was to reduce our need for foreign oil.  They have failed miserably and we in fact import more foreign oil than we did back then.  So if you are a company and have a department that is supposed to come up with a way to cut back on the use of widgets, but after 40 years you use more now than you did then, do you think that department has much of a survival rate?

I grew up in PA.  There they have Townships and Counties.  Education worked pretty good most of the programs came from the Township Money from the County and State almost nothing from the Fed.  My guidance counselor had all kids from A up to G if memory serves.  Now it seems there are 3 Administrators for every Teacher who get paid a lot more money than the Teachers.  So discontinue the Department of Education, allocate all the budget now provided to the States and save the rest from salaries, retirement and health care and apply it toward the debt.  If you work for the Department of Education you should be able to get a teaching position.  Heaven knows we don’t have enough teachers.

Public employee’s;  You can contribute up to 10% of your pay towards a 401K or other type retirement account, the Gov’t will match that dollar for dollar, but no more retirement at 30 or 40 years.  You retire when you reach the proper age, which if I had my way would be 70 for everyone under the age of 55 this year.

Many people out there are most likely screaming at me at this point.  I know all the things that get tossed at me, right wing extremest, draconian etc, etc, etc.  But the truth is if American voters actually understood the time and the men who worked out the Constitution they would understand better.  The Government isn’t supposed to be our savior the Constitution left that up to the individual and God.

For reasons that totally escape me liberals think that you can over turn natural order and pass laws and regulations that make life “fair”.  I’ve said this before but “Fair” is a place with a midway, a Ferris Wheel and Cotton Candy.  In the real world “fair” means if you make a billion dollars a year, you should pay the same tax rate as I do.  That is actually fair.

The idea that because you succeed when others fail means you own more is pure and simple one of the foundations of Communism.  This “balanced approach”  or “shared sacrifice”, is right out of Marx and Ingles.  This isn’t red baiting or commie fear, this is simply the facts.  If you doubt me read the Communist manifesto , if memory serves progressive taxes is listed under section 2 paragraph 3.  But you really should read the entire thing to get the full effect.

How about some ideas on how to “fix”  Social Security, (I’d get rid of it over time, phase it out), and Medicare and the other totally unconstitutional program Medicaid.  I’m willing to hear ideas.


Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less.


2 Responses to “How to Lose ($) 1 Trillion of Ugly Fat.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I got the following in an email from my father-in-law in response to your blog:

    Jeff–Your friend Chas did not go far enough on the retirement of our Royal politicians. They should have to go on Social Security, Medicare & Obamacare just like the rest of the American people and it should be retroactive to 1970. Please foward this to him.

    • chas Says:

      Please tell your FIL that I am honored that he has taken the time to read and respond to my blog.

      Please inform him that the natural result of getting no retirement or free health care for life would be politicians going into Social Security. As far as the medicare, most of them are millionaires, I have no problem with them purchasing private health care. Obamacare is limping on to the USSC where the individual mandate will be ruled unconstitutional, which effectively kills the law.

      Thanks you again for your thought’s.


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