The Politics of Petty


The so-called adult in the room, the leader of the free world..etc, just pulled a 5th grader prank.  As anyone who has a newspaper, a radio or a computer knows month’s ago a GOP debate was planned for September the 7th.  Now in his intelligent always reasoning mind the President comes a long and wants to call a joint session of Congress on, wait for it…..September the 7th.

What is this guy, like 10?  How childish and petty can a person be?  I mean please, don’t tell me that the largest White House Staff in history someone didn’t know this was a conflict.  “Hey, I have an idea.  I’ll give my 200th speech on my focus on jobs, rehash the same old spend more money garbage and no one will pay attention to the debate.”

Much of the blame will of course will be heaped upon the GOP, which is obviously not even a close call.  The adult in the room is even more childish than his own kids are.  This is the “change” you voted for.  That 53% that put this “man” in office we know has fallen to a woeful 42% support.  It’s going to drop even more.

Jonathan Cohn over at the New Republic wants to once again convince you that the stimulus worked because it “created or saved” over 3 million jobs.  John, here’s a clue for you, in fact here’s 2; 1.  By his own measure it failed simply because he claimed that the unemployment rate would not top 8% with his stimulus.  It’s been over 9 for almost a year.  2.  The year Obama took office the unemployment rate was 7.3%.  One year later 9.9% and that’s an increase 2.6%.  The number of unemployed was 1.54 million today it is  14 million.  Please tell me how a loss of 12.5 million adds up to a success.  You can’t because it isn’t.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has placed a new policy in play for illegal aliens “to give migrant workers the full protections of U.S. workplace laws — regardless of their legal status“.    This is beyond ridiculous on a number of levels not least of which is that a Secretary cannot by-pas Congress and create new laws.  There is already laws on the books that say these people are illegal the only right they have is due process.  In other words the ONLY right illegal  aliens have is the right to be sent back to their Country of origin.  It is far pass the time to end this foolishness.

Algore has tried to rear his ugly head on climate change, it’s replaced global warming as the new claim for it, basically says if you don’t believe him or that it is happening you might be a racist.  Or more correctly be just like a racist.  Thanks Algore, we really need the son of a known racist to make that comparison.  This guy is not only a blithering idiot but at least the second biggest hypocrite on the planet.  There are a few people fighting for number one, but that’s another post.

Here is a guy who leaves a carbon footprint of a small city all by his lonesome and tells us to not use fuel, heat or air conditioning.  His garage is bigger than my house.  I don’t understand why anyone listens to this moron.  As long as I am here on this BTW, let me remind everyone that Algore’s “truth’s” and his 97 – 98% consensus is mostly headed up by scientist, almost none of which are actually climatologist.  The most acknowledged climatologist in their field do not concur with these findings.   Since it IS their field, I’ll stick with them thanks.


Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less.


6 Responses to “The Politics of Petty”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Great post. You asked “Please tell me how a loss of 12.5 million [jobs] adds up to a success.” It is in the eye of the beholder. It is a success to those who want to distroy this great country. Can we last to 2012? God help us.
    On the illegal immigrant “new policy” I would like to know when policy replaced the laws of the land. Democrats want to win re-election any way they can. One of many lawless tactics is to flood the country with grateful illegal immigrants and allow them to vote.
    Gore is the poster child for career politicians. His picture should appear in the dictionaries beside the definitions of liar, cheat, fraud, immoral, slimy, dishonorable, charlatan, swindler, and fool.

    • chas Says:

      Policy replaced laws when Obama took office. Didn’t you get the memo? He basically believes that if he can’t get it passed into law he can just order it to happen. He is the savior after all.


  2. Gini Says:

    Excellent read Chas…….and we hope everyone agrees, even if quiet, and will vote now, instead of staying home. Algore? Hahah ha! Poor guy..I mean RICH GUY. YIIIIKES I mean, regarding Al baby! ha! I contend he’s triple ‘ticked’ he isn’t prez and his ‘motive’ is to pull the largest scam ever known. Me thinks he succeeded! Trading that dream for CLASS CLOWN is amazing, but! There ya are, as we discover once more BRAIN DAMAGE is an issue for ‘some people’. hahah ha!

  3. DanFugate Says:

    Good post, Chas. I’m all for immigration, but the proper channels should be followed. The Algore section, well, that cracked me up.

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