Refried Beans


It comes as no surprise to me that the President has produced his “new” jobs bill and it turns out to be a re-hash of the same old tired worn out, failed ideas he has been trying to sell us for the last 3 years.

More and higher taxes, all of which it should come as no surprise to any one don’t kick in until Jan. 2013. Which of course is after the election and he hopes he is safely back in office for the next 4 years. Hopefully, that will not happen, but in either case, this nonsense wouldn’t pass when the Dems held all the cards. I don’t see how it passes now.

The heaviest anchor to his bill is how he is paying for it. First, even if he won’t admit it we all would be paying more in taxes because he wants all of Bush’s tax breaks to go away. Combine that with the removal of many so-called loopholes, we all end up paying more. But he will focus on the over $200,000 group of wage earners. His so-called “balanced approach” is nothing of the sort.

The top rate would return to 36%. I actually think that the present rate of 35% is pretty obscene. No American should have to give the Government more money than is expected to give the Church. Right now 47% of Americans pay no income tax so they give the Government less than they do the Church, but everyone else is stuck.

BTW, cutting any amount of Trillion of dollars spread out over 10 years, which everyone’s plan is supposed to do, really isn’t doing a lot of repair to the debt problem. Even if we never borrowed another dime, at that rate of repayment we’d never pay off the debt because of the rate of interest and how fast it increase the amount we owe. I’m afraid that we long ago passed the point of ever being debt free. Of ever being able to totally paying this debt off.

Also predictable is the left crying about the right trying to suppress the minority vote to tilt the election in their favor. John Lewis, from the NYT, surprise!, writes that a Poll tax by any other name. To Mr. Lewis it is a restriction to voting having to identify yourself legally. He whines that as many, (no proof is offered of course), as 25% of Afro-Americans lack the proper identification to vote.

Hey John, the ID is free, let them get one. Let them take some personal responsibility in their life if they want to vote. The phony claim that there is no voter fraud that should prompt such a requirement. That is rubbish, I recall numerous things, the new Black Panthers in PA is one example. This Administration refused to look into the intimidation of voters despite the visual evidence.

You can’t prove a negative but all over many States illegals aren’t asked to prove they are qualified to vote. I recall a town in IL, if memory serves, that had more Democratic votes than resident voters in the town. Just because neither Party is interested in investigating wide-spread fraud because it benefits their reelection doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Besides I have to provide identification if I am walking down the street if asked by Law Enforcement. I have to provide identification to use a credit card at times because I won’t sign the back of mine. If I have to identify myself in simple everyday life, wouldn’t you have to prove you are who you are supposed to be for something as important as voting for a representative or the President?

There are so many problems with registration, voting and fraud in elections I often questions results, especially in local elections. But let’s look at national elections.

Early voting; Talk about an incumbents dream. You send in a vote before election day and if something turns up later that would make you change your mind, that should be too bad. Any individual who votes early in my opinion is foolish. But the bigger problem is people voting early is they do and then show up at the polls to vote again.

Lewis, if you didn’t know is a Congressman from GA, gaining many votes I am sure, from the scores of illegals in GA. Many times write in ballots, even those who are serving our Country, are never counted and worse have been tried to be called not qualified. Mostly by the left I might add. Understandable since most of the Military leans right, but it is still inexcusable.

But for any and all of our problems, this is still the greatest Country in the world. We just have to keep it that way by not continuing to move it further to the left.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


3 Responses to “Refried Beans”

  1. Modelling Says:


    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your bloggets solved properly asap….

  2. Jeff Says:

    Great post Chas. You are right on as usual. If Obama gets re-elected it will be through illegal means.

    • chas Says:

      Thanks Jeff. It’s hard to imagine him winning any other way. But we do have a considerable time left prior to the election.


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