The Bull$hit Bill


At least that’s what we should be calling the so-called Buffett Bill.  You simply must face facts and the facts are this; 1.  Buffett is a liar and a hypocrite.  If he wanted to pay more taxes we all know all he has to do is write a check to the Government, which we all know they aren’t going to turn down.   2.  When he claims he is paying less in taxes than his secretary.  First off I’m sure his secretary makes more than half the workers in America and second she is paying income taxes, while Buffett is paying Capital Gains Tax which is like comparing apples and rhinestone.  3.  Taxing Capital Gains, (which is a double tax to begin with), which discourages investment, which fuels funding for expansion, which is the reason to hire more employees.

I just don’t understand how anyone can deny the simple fact that you can’t spend money the Government takes from you.  Only the Government gets to count the same dollar twice, or more.  And that is what happens when the Government takes a large part of your investment capital away from you in taxes.

Herman Cain comes as close to a real change in the tax code than any one running for President.  I’ve heard questions about how it might not provide sufficient revenue for the Government to spend what it needs/wants too.  But that’s the whole point, starve the beast and get the Government out of everyday life of average Americans.

Still trying not to sound like a nut case, (and failing), was Al Boring, (Al Gore), on a global conference on what ever they are calling it these days, seems they keep switching back and forth between global warming and climate change.  Anywho, Gore spent a lot of time it seems talking about the rain, the drought and the Hurricanes being caused by “climate change”.

This is the same guy who tells us when you point out that last year was the coldest winter in generations, explains that you are confusing weather with climate.  Then he turns around and does the same exact thing.  Is this guy a basket case or what?  So, if I understand this BS correctly, if we have a bad season, pick one, it is caused by humans BUT if a season trends the opposite it is simply weather or some other anomaly.   It is simply amazing that this guy gets any attention except from maybe guys in white lab coats with butterfly nets.

Speaking of insane, Harrisburg, PA is playing with the idea of changing how the Electoral Voting in the Sate works.  The idea is to award votes by congressional district.  I’d love to see that in MD since the majority of districts are red but we always because of population, always ends up a blue State.  Interesting enough this would apply by and large in most States in the Country.  No you say?  Check out the red/blue voting map for the last couple of elections for President, excluding the last on which certainly went to the left.

Of course the real goal is to in the end , get rid of the Electoral College.  But the truth of the matter is the college has almost always been with the popular vote.  So it really is nothing more than a hangover that the Democrats are still feeling from the 2000 election which they mistakenly feel Gore won.

I actually spent time working out the EC Votes by percentage, i.e. 60% of the vote wins 60% of the EC and the other 40% goes to the loser, and found that even that way both of those elections turned out the same way.  Of course the real reason the Democrats want the EC to be gone is they believe, mistakenly, that they would win the big house more often.  The reality is the EC protects the Country from the , what I call cord wood vote.  This is too many people living up each others butts, i.e. the cities and surrounding area, who are in dire need of lots of Government services as opposed to those of us who need very little Government in our lives, but they expect us to help pay for their needs.

Note to Democrats, this is the reason why the EC was put in place.  To prevent this sort of “mobocracy” from taking over the entire Country.  You already screwed up the Republic enough with the 17th Amendment, we have to draw the line here and make sure you can’t destroy the Republic any more than you are already doing with your unconstitutional garbage.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


11 Responses to “The Bull$hit Bill”

  1. Gini Says:

    I guess we all are wondering where the ‘common sense’ is in ‘it all’. As usual, it’s absent, and amazingly by those who we do know KNOW BETTER. At any rate, we continue to hope that reasonable people are more numerous than those who are inclined to think ‘the ends justify the means’ and a ‘good lie’ is ok, to that end. Of course, the real ISSUE is, who indeed, is the one person who will STOP this train. So far no one has had the fortitude, so the train runs slow and then faster, depending on, but it’s headed straight for the CLIFF, regardless. I would like it to go in reverse now please. ALL the way back to the ‘station’ would be good!!!! hahah ha! Oh well, as the continuing saga of “AS THE GOVERNMENT TURNS”, continues, we are challenged to ‘be informed’, or loose it all in the end to a tyranny no one probably really would rejoice in. I mean to say….not very many ‘get to sit at the table’ of tyranny, and the tyrant is prob not the ‘nicest guy’ in the room either. Yep………….

  2. Paul Says:

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  4. Tristan Prichett Says:

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  5. Devorah Aguon Says:

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    • chas Says:

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  6. DanFugate Says:

    Good post, as usual, Chas. I’m of the opinion the government should decrease taxes and spending. I can’t wrap my plebeian brain around being taxed multiple times for the same dollar or on the same purchase.

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