A War On Voting?


Seems like every election cycle liberal’s deny the fact that there are areas, mostly blue states, that have problems with keeping the voting for President and elective officials honest.  Illegals, the dead, earlier voting, (with another vote at the polls), are common place.  Just no one wants to investigate.

Eric Holder ignores the video evidence of New Black Panther’s blocking an entrance to non-Obama supporters but wants to investigate states who want voters be able to identify that they are who they say they are.  He wants to look into removing felons from the voting rolls, (seeking to have them return them to a voting status).  In basic liberals WANT people,especially those who support them, to be able to vote even if they are; 1. Illegally in the Country, 2. To be able to vote more than once and 3. Even if they are a felon.

Kind of makes you wonder WHY these groups of people support Democrats, well…….maybe not.  It should make you wonder about a party that enjoys such support however.

Ed Kilgore of Salon writes about how the GOP is trying to keep, mostly minorities and the poor, from the polls.   Truth is no one is trying to stop people, legal citizens, from voting.  They simply want to identify those who are voting and make sure they are only voting once.  Make sure they are actually alive when their vote is cast, make sure there are actually the correct number of voters in the town, not twice the number of voters as opposed to registered voters on the rolls.

The truth is that Holder is a corrupt, and that is not too strong a word, as well as a fully engaged partisan active pretending to be an Attorney General.  I say that it is far past time that Holder and his constant contempt for America and true legal proceedings be kicked out of DC and stop insulting not only the American people but the Administration as well.

Holder is just another example of the total lack of experience and leadership that has ruined the credit, what little of it there was, in the Government of the United States.  It’s time for this to stop.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


4 Responses to “A War On Voting?”

  1. Gini Says:

    Hummm…I do not think our laws reflect a cowards view point at all. I do think ‘cowards’ sometimes are in charge, afraid of defending principles put in place to assure an ‘even playing ground’ in our society. Tho not perfect, and accepting the fact that ‘evil’ exists, it is a battle that is constantly being fought by everyone everyday. Our laws after all, do not ‘address stupid’….the best ‘educated’ might be the stupidest person in the room after all…..yep!

  2. Gini Says:

    Most certainly everyone who recognizes a true man of moral and good character would have by now, stepped down, we are reminded that Eric Holder is neither, and this admin seems to have little to do w/those characteristics either, or he would have been asked to step down, if not publicly fired on the spot. Instead, we have the prez giving ‘aid and comfort’ to ‘his man’, w/zero concern for the evidence that has been produced, at least suggesting if not proving, Mr Holder did indeed, lie during the questioning of ‘what, where, when and why’, of Fast and Furious. Fair elections would be a usual and normal event of concern for this group whose ethics are at the very least, questionable. Of their list of what to do next, I think probably, FAIR isn’t part of the ‘model’ they are using. Again, winning being the ‘game afoot’, however you can, with little regard for the ‘rules’. So, again we are back to ‘who’ is on the SCHOOL BOARD, prob influential in the community, and MAYBE in charge of the ‘election board’ in your community. That is the first and most important concern as it’s there that the ‘fair’ of it all, begins. Corruption breeds more corruption, and a community that is willing to stand down instead of standing up, will be ‘ruled’ under the thumb of that tyranny, and freedom will remain illusive to ‘the people’. If we wish to keep our freedom, we must be willing to stand up to those who would stand in our way….i.e. If one is scared away by the Black Panthers standing at the front of the voting booth, perhaps it’s time to BE UNAFRAID? I realize I live where that doesn’t happen….and I have large boys that can go with if need be…hahaha ha! BUT, if ‘we the people’ allow this in our country, we risk being ‘the next target’ on their list. Do we really care ‘who’ is knocking on our neighbor’s door? I think we sure need to………….pst Chas, I’m catchin’ up. hahahah aha! Great reads as always.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Holder should have been run out of the United States long ago. Remember this?

    Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.
    Eric Holder

    • chas Says:

      Speaking of cowards, who lied about when he first heard about Fast & Furious? Couldn’t even admit the truth.


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