It’s pretty hard not to notice the difference in coverage in the press between the Dems and the GOP.  Take this recent debacle with Herman Cain.  When Clinton got up in front of America, (remember that the Washington Post sat on the story until AFTER the election) with an intern and outright lied about the relationship, it was “just about sex”.

While now the press is offering up all sorts of allegations with, as far as we know, no real evidence.  The press also played down many of the charges against Clinton from years past, yet this so-called crisis occurred almost 20 years ago.  Seems that there is no shelf life for anything involving the GOP.

Just take the article on RCP by Eugene Robinson, who writes for the Washpost.  This nonsense put forth, as noted above by the paper who hid allegations against Clinton.  Can you say hypocrites?

I want to know who dug this up.  Come forward and support the allegation with information not vague innuendo.

I also notice that there is no outrage over the Executive Orders Obama is signing at a great rate to by-pass Congress.  Bush was hammered for far fewer EOs.  The President says “we can no longer wait for Congress to do their job“.  I wonder why no one points out that he COULD wait for 2 years when the Dems controlled both Houses of Congress AND the White House.

Let’s face facts here.  This is nothing more than a way to make it look like he is doing something, (which nothing he has or intends to sign will do anything to help jobs or the economy), so he can get on AF1 or his Canadian made bus to campaign for reelection on the taxpayers dime.  The Administration will play this as a support tour any time he goes out to campaign, ,,,,, uh I mean speak.

Speaking of far left fruitcakes, let’s look at this piece of lunacy.  I’ll skip over the moronic intro and delve into the rest of the stupidity, that is called A new declaration of independence  you should of course read it first.  Go ahead I’ll wait.  😉

1. Debt relief
Total household debt in America is $13.3 trillion — 114 percent of after-tax income. That millions of working Americans owe every penny they make to hugely profitable financial institutions is absurd and grotesque.”

So somehow stupid people who can’t add and figure out something as simple as not spending more than they make or are likely to make is my problem?  Not in this Country it shouldn’t be.

2. A substantial jobs program
Most American cities are filled with beautiful old buildings and monuments and parks dating back to the recovery programs of the New Deal, as well as increasingly decrepit bridges and roads and structures that have been neglected by the last couple of decades of shrinking infrastructure investment. A real, direct jobs program, done in the WPA style, would rebuild our cities and towns in addition to putting thousands of people back to work.

OK Einstein, let me get this straight, you want us to pay/forgive trillions in debt for college students and graduates  so they can get jobs building roads and bridges?  Aren’t you the same morons who say that this type of work is why we should allow illegals in the Country because these are jobs Americans wont take?

That’s a rhetorical question, we all know the answer is yes.

3. A healthcare public option
Medicare is probably the single most popular government program in the country, which is no surprise, because government-subsidized healthcare tends to be the most popular government program in every nation that has implemented it.”

And the Affordable Care Program has caused the cost increase and every Country that has the single payer healthcare is up to its eyeballs in unplayable debt.  You guys should go back and read what happened to the cost of healthcare in just 4 years after LBJ passed medicare and Medicaid in the 60’s.

There is so much more.  This on caught my eye though; “9. Full equality for the queer community” .  I just shudder at what the left would be saying had a conservative had used a phrase that way.

In closing I want to say that if you read the comments of the article and you should read it because it will send chills down you spine.  The gap between understanding the nature and meaning of the Constitution and what a Republic is should scare the chit out of you.  These people making comments are of the same political knowledge and informed about as well as the Occupy Wall Street crowd, which is to say not at all.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


4 Responses to “Observations”

  1. Gini Says:

    Excellent read Chas. 🙂

  2. Jeff Says:

    Good post Chas. Something got yer dander up today? I love number 9.

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