What We Lost


I think many Americans would agree that there is something wrong, a fundamental shift in this Country that is contrary to the foundation and of the Constitution along with the way we look at it.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of a few news story’s:

Recently Walter Reed Hospital forbid the bringing of Bibles to wounded soldiers.  This was recently recanted and dropped as soon as some members of Congress heard about it, but none the less was able to be suggested.

A chapel in Iraq was made to remove a cross from its building.

Has History been so poorly taught in our schools that people forgot that the reason the first settlers came to this Country was because of Religious freedom?  Certain groups and Courts have so warped what the Founders defined in the First Amendment that the original meaning has been lost.  Here is the proper wording of that Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So even a casual look says that the Federal Government, (and by extension the State’s) cannot pass a law saying we all must be Catholic.  What it does not say is that you can’t have a nativity scene in your front yard or in a Federal Park.  Nor does it say that we can’t have “In God We Trust” on our money.  What it says is you can’t pass a law.

But it also says something else, the Federal, (or State ) Government cannot forbid you from exercising your expression of your faith.  So if a Football team wishes to pray before a game, they can’t tell them no you can’t.  If the team wants to do it before a game, they can’t stop those who wish to from doing so.  What it doesn’t say that if you don’t believe in God that you have the right to stop others from expressing their belief.

No reading of those simple words indicates that any individual in this Country has a Freedom FROM religion.

In other words a display of any religion on Federal or State Property is NOT a Law thus DOES NOT violate the First Amendment in any way shape or form unless a LAW is passed forbidding the showing of a specific religion’s display.  The Amendment says nothing about showing a preference for a religion, just passing laws establishing one.

Human’s are such flawed creatures that should we forget that we have to answer to something other or a power higher than ourselves we become wretched wardens of our own.  I believe that, as John Adams said; “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” should quiet those who feel faith has no role in government in this Country.

Another loss in our understanding of History is a cause for the Revolution was taxes.  Yet we are deadlocked in Congress over raising taxes on a minority of the population, who in fact, already pay the majority of the taxes while almost a majority of the population pays nothing.  How does a plain thinking person come away with a policy like that as being fair or square that with equal protection under the law?

In the early days of the Country it was felt that only land owners should have the right to vote.  The thinking was that if you had no stock to protect you had no dog in the fight.  In other words when you have nothing to lose you will most likely vote to take from others.  Thus this is how our politicians work today.  They prey on those who have and give it to those who do not.  Both parties do it, it’s just a matter of where the money comes from.

Dems tend to take from the “rich” and plead that it’s only fair since the rich have so much more.  The GOP tends to try and rev up revenue so they can spend more in their home district.  Both end up butting in to the every day life of Americans, and mostly where it’s not wanted.

Every American should have a horse in the race.  Just for their own sake they should, but more often than not now they are voting to receive something for nothing or for who offers them the most goodies.  If it were their tax money being used in such a wasteful manner, if they felt the pain of having to fork over 30% of their income perhaps they would be more concerned with waste in Government.

In the words of JFK; “Ask not what your Country can do for you….

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


5 Responses to “What We Lost”

  1. Frankie Says:

    GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with all you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

  2. olinl Says:

    Just catching up. Sorry to be late. A question that has always baffled me is court rulings, especially Supreme Court rulings.

    Many times these decisions are the basis of what many jurists call grounded law, when no law was ever passed. Just where do these rulings get to trump the Constitution?

    • chas Says:

      The sad fact is that they do but shouldn’t. Most of the Constitution is written in easy to understand English however the Courts have made it into a complex fiasco that bends and twist the Language so much it is no longer understandable.


  3. Jeff Says:

    I get frustrated. I hear these talking heads, news commentators, etc. doing exactly what you talk about in this blog. It seems they are to much in a hurry to get it right and miss the whole point. You are very right on with this piece. Good job.

    • chas Says:

      Thank You Jeff. If I may, some times it seems that we forget it’s the base ingredients that make the sauce what it is, not what else you toss in it. We had a good base and keep tossing more crap into the sauce.


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