What it Boils Down To


Once again a politician has made the choice to do what every politician has done at the end of every conflict we have ever been involved in.  “Let’s cut the Military”.  I am beyond surprised to see this, (NOT) just as I will not be surprise when we once again need the military to find that we MUST increase we spending, ask for more citizens to enlist and pay them more for the service.

After the Civil War, huge cut in Military Personnel.  After WW I, huge cut back in spending and personnel, the same scramble to get people and equipment to get into WW II, Korea and the hit list goes on and on.  The only politician that increased the personnel and equipment without a major conflict going on was Reagan, and he was blasted for it with screams of debt increases.

This is why it is so important to read, understand and learn from History.  How many times do politicians have to get slapped in the face with a cold dead fish before you learn to duck? Just on the easiest level to understand  you have to spend a lot to catch back up it is going to cost you much more to replace what you let go, just because the price of things always increases.

Now if you voted for Obama and this surprises you, do the Country a favor and stay home this year.  Because he told you that he was going to gut the Military.  Just like he told you he was going to sell the victory in Iraq down the tube.  Just because he believed it was the “wrong war”.  He also told you he was going to give up on the Afghans and he’s working on that right now by bringing home large amounts of troops and plans to have most of them out before you vote again.

He also told you he was going to screw up our medical system, make it and everyone more dependent on Government, (though he didn’t tell you it was going to increase the cost of service although a look at history would have told you that).  Leaving out the dozen or so other “accomplishments”, most of which are unpopular, that he told you were going to be on his plate, yet you were all for “Hope & Change”.    I’d like to think that the majority of the Country have that hope and change now, they Hope that we will change who will be sitting in the White House after the next election.

I’m sorry to report that I don’t have that kind of faith in the American Voter.  Anyone who thinks he can by-pass the Congress and the Constitution and make recess appointments while the Congress is still in technical session, (this after pulling the same stunt on GW Bush), and then ignore it and /or laugh it off, in my opinion is below contempt.  Yet RCP polls show that the President still has a 46% approval rating.

I have to wonder what is wrong with American’s.  I do, really, think that we as a people, a Nation, have simply lost what we had and it all started with the Progressive movement.  And we as a Nation have been losing the war ever since.  This election isn’t the start of a new offensive not will it turn back that movement, that isn’t as easy as it should be.  The Progressives didn’t get where they are overnight, nor will the damage they inflected be undone in one election.

But, if I suspect will happen this election the change will not even get to start.  At this point of the election cycle, as painful as it is to say, there are enough useful Obots out there, those who pay no attention, or don’t understand the Constitution to understand what is happening here.  As of right now, I see Obama getting another term in which he can continue to ignore the Constitution and turn us into something other than what the Founders dreamed we’d be.

Between the media, people like Paul Krugman who actually posted that the Government didn’t need to repay its debt, just make interest payments until revenue’s caught up, and Obama thinking we can spend our way out of anything, we can pretty much get ready to jump into the ash heap of history along with the short-lived democracies that highlight the pages of history.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”

7 Responses to “What it Boils Down To”

  1. Stormin' Says:

    More boiling is needed.

    Don’t forget the 2010 elections. Those people are not going to
    sit out this year.

    Many of the ‘band-wagon’ Pres. Obama voters will.

    The Administration mantra of ‘everything is getting better’
    doesn’t register with most folks and is only heard in their
    party circle of talking points.

    There are many informed voters out there thanks to folks like you.

    Keep up the good work and we’ll see a new President come the fall.


    • chas Says:

      A very small voice in a very large crowd my brother. But as they say; from your lips to God’s ear.


  2. Rhymi3 Says:


    Wonderful blog post, saw on…

  3. Eileen Emberger Says:

    Finally able to leave a comment here. Good post.

  4. olinl Says:

    I agree with most of what you said, Chas. I pray that you are wrong on the election. It will all depend on turnout.

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