Making a List


Sometimes I think that either the Country has lost is collective mind or I have just lost touch.  I know I haven’t changed all that much over the last few years, but it seems that the rest of the Country has moved off someplace unknown to logic.

As of this writing the President is still sporting an approval rating of 48%.  So I have to ask; “Are you people insane”?  Let’s take a look at the list of “accomplishments” :

1.  Gas Prices are up by almost 100%.

2.  Unemployment is up over 8%, (it was around 7% when he took Office).

3.  Healthcare cost are up.

4.  Iraq is falling apart, (though he pulled out according to a Bush agreement, though Bush’s plan also allowed for conditions on the ground), after pulling out troops to advance his campaign promise.

5.  Afghanistan isn’t looking to good either.

6.  Three years and he can’t get the Senate to pass a budget, and his get voted down without a supporting vote from his own Party.

7.  National debt is now over 15 Trillion with no chance or plan on how to pay it off.

8.  The Military is being downgraded, (Military families are looking forward to paying hundreds of dollars more for their healthcare due to cutbacks).

Although eight is enough there is so much more.  Israel is rightfully concerned about how much of our support they have.  Iran is supposed to be close to building a bomb and the President is picking and choosing who’s civil unrest to drop bombs on and who’s not to.

No one is talking about the massive tax increase we are about to experience right after the election.  And we will experience it because there is no way after the election Congress can get it together to fix it to do otherwise and there is no way the President is going to do anything other than let it increase.  It’s all part of his plan to radically change the way America works.

The President wants to FORCE Catholics to provide infanticide options and pay for them.  By the way– Notice that it’s a headline issue now but the talking points has turned into banning women’s “reproductive rights”.  I guess if you  have the crap above behind you , it’s time to change the real issues.

Speaking of by-the-by’s did you know according to this administration you are privileged to live in the United States?   Just to save you the trouble of looking it up, is privilege; a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor”.  The emphasis is mine and points to the trouble I have with the statement made by Turbo Tax Timmy.

Last week Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that the “most fortunate Americans” should pay more in taxes for the “privilege of being an American.”  I always marvel at how the left changes its opinion on what being an American is.  In this case it’s a privilege, other times it’s an accident of birth, meaning we are not in any way a special people.

But back to the privilege part.  My rip with the statement other than being false on all fronts are this; 1.  Oppressive progressive taxes are a foundation of Communism.  2.  Hard working people who do well aren’t “fortunate” nor are those who are born wealthy.  They are simply wealthy.   3.  ANY privilege can be taken away BECAUSE a privilege is GRANTED.

If you were born in this Country, or legally migrated here, you are automatically fortunate.  This is one of the few places in the entire world that you can move your station in life by either hard work or a great idea.  But along comes this Administration and all of a sudden they GRANT you the privilege of being American.  Dangerous thinking indeed.

Sen. Olympia Snowe, R(INO @Large)-Maine, has finally determined that the Senate doesn’t work the way the Founders envisioned it.  After years of misrepresenting the GOP she is now calling it quits.  Let me inform you Ma’am, that the Senate quit being what the Founders envisioned after the passage of the 17th Amendment.

The actual function of the Senate was to be the State’s representative in the Federal Government.  Once the 17th Amendment was ratified it became a 6 year term of the House.  Instead of representing the State they pandered to the people in order to be reelected.

One would think that it would have taken somewhat less than 20 years to figure that out.


“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”






10 Responses to “Making a List”

  1. olinl Says:

    Like you my friend, considering all the points that you mention in your article, I find myself wanting to run screaming through the streets, because either you and I are crazy, or this country is going insane.

    • chas Says:

      Not to mention the double standard in the media. It’s enough to drive a person to drink. Hmmm, maybe I should write and thank them?…


  2. Granville Says:

    Thought provoking material as usual Chas. I’m hoping we ( as Americans) are given a legitimate contender to the Presidency this Fall. One who will instill, once again, the pride of working and paying your own way. Someone who will make it a priority to get Americans working again with Full-Time Jobs and becoming less dependant on government giveaways and that spiraling lifestyle.

    • chas Says:

      James my brother,

      Nice to have you drop by and read. I am honored. I concur with your comments wholehearted.


  3. Eileen Emberger Says:

    Scary times for sure.

  4. mission tx apartments Says:

    Nifty post! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Frank C Says:

    Great post Chas. The government has certainly lost its way and both parties are part of the problem and neither wants to be part of the solution.

    • chas Says:

      Mostly because no one wants to give up goodies, nor do they any longer have the internal fortitude to stand on their own two feet without the Government holding their hand. We could force them to solve the problem, but it would cost us and we don’t want to pay the price.


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