Liberal Almost “Logic”


Before I really get into things here we have to start with a certainty.  Th. Jefferson spelled it out most correctly when he said the natural inclination of Government is to grow/expand.  Hard to contest that logic given the over 200 years of drifting away from the original intent of a limited Government with specific enumerated powers.

Nary a one of us could fail to come up with numerous examples of Government Programs that started, (no doubt), with good intentions but just bloomed into monsters that they could not only no longer control, but would cost members of Congress their seat should they attempt to end the program.

Just a few examples.  The 16th Amendment’s original intent, (if we are to believe the originators) was a temporary fix to pay for the cost of World War 1.  Either that war cost one hell of a lot more than I thought, or they are still just stealing money from our paychecks that the Founders believed was our property.

The phone luxury tax was to pay for the Spanish-American War.  That stayed on the books for over 100 years.  Again, either that War cost one hell of a lot more than we thought, (the average solider only made $30 a month then), or there is a heck of a lot of shuck and jive happening there.

The National Park ‘System now controls approximately 35% of the best land in the Country.  Prime land that we are “allowed” to use if we obey the Government’s rules for it’s use.

Social Security, an obviously unconstitutional program, (while FDR told the Country one thing, his lawyers argued the opposite in SCOTUS), that was to supplement your retirement savings.  It WAS NOT suppose to be your retirement program, the Federal Government did everything in its power to make you feel that it could be though.  Hence as the life span of individual’s increased as it had over the previous decades, the program was at some point going to flat-line and then start running in the red.

Most people don’t understand the basis of the program at its inception.  The average blue-collar American only lived to be 59 years old back then.  So why do you think the retirement age was set at 65?  Because the Government wanted you to have a great and easy retirement?  The people who were most likely to live longer than 60 were people who had money that didn’t really need the Government’s help after they retired.

Today Social Security gives money to kids, illegal immigrants and even Congress doesn’t know who all else.  A not bad idea, though unconstitutional, gone out of control.

Here’s the bottom line: “Politicians” are looking to keep their cushy jobs.  I know I’d like to have job with the pay they get and the bennies they receive.  It’s only natural for people to want to get something for nothing.  Normal people aren’t going to ask to pay more for something, they want it for less or better, for free.

Very few people think about the fact that nothing is for free.  Someone is paying for the “free” health care you are getting.  Someone is paying for that visit to the ER for the kids runny nose.  It isn’t you, so why should you care?

So here is the “FAIR” logic of the liberals:P

If you are young you should pay for the health care of those older.  Since you don’t really need health care, for the most part, you will some day need it and your kids will pay for yours.

If you are paying 4 or 5 thousand a year for coverage, you can stop and pay the 2,000 fine.  Who pays the other half?  Yep.

Name me a single time that the Government got involved in any program and the expenditures of said program decreased, (barring the military which “peace dividends” always end up costing us more in the long run).

While the Constitution sets guidelines on the power of Government, on the limits on the scope of its power the job of politicians is to make you believe that you can’t survive without the Government or what it “does” for you or what it gives you.

In the end, the ONLY job of the Government is to protect our God-given rights, not stomp on them as has been done with our permission  over the last century.  It has been said that we have met the enemy and it is us.  We have become the Constitution’s worse enemy, through our own negligence.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


2 Responses to “Liberal Almost “Logic””

  1. Liz K Says:

    Well said!

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