I think there has been exactly 2 times that I have agreed with VP Biden.  The first time was when he said, then, Candidate Obama was not qualified to be President.  The second was when he said ACA, Obamacare, was a Big F***ing Deal.

I know I agreed with the first time and he was proven correct.  He is also correct that Obamacare is a Big Deal.  Any time the Congress willfully, without regard to those who placed them in office, violates the Constitution and shoves such an unpopular concept down the throat of free Americans, it is a big deal.

What seems to be lost on many is the entire scope of power we would be handing over to the Federal Government.  The individual mandate forces an individual to purchase a product because it affects the whole of the body.  First off, if the Federal Government hadn’t unconstitutionally inserted itself into health care via a  couple of social programs then they wouldn’t be part of the problem in the cost of said health care.

But where does that end?  If the Government can force you to be part of commerce, what happens the next time government motors starts to go belly up again?  What’s to stop them from forcing you to buy a new car, let’s say, every 5 years?    Ridiculous you say?  They could argue the obvious need for the individual to support the commerce of the auto industry.  They can also argue the EPA emissions standards would or could be tightened to improve air quality and lessen reliance of foreign oil.

Or order everyone into electric cars.  Start a whole new infrastructure “shovel ready” job to install not only charging stations but we could go back to transport like electric trolleys.  We could just install electric pick ups for the car to contact and a meter would measure usage.

They could use the same argument for electric appliances. Every 5 years they become more energy efficient, so for the good of the environment and the Country as a whole, new fridges for all, need it or not, want it or not.  Sounds a bit far out?  I’m willing to bet if you asked people 70 years if Social Security was going to be the whole of many’s retirement plan, they would have laughed at you.

As they all “Knew” Social Security was nothing more than a slight supplement to your own retirement plan or package.  The Government gave away to untold millions of extra collected funds and “borrowed” the rest of tax dollars to the point where the system is just about broke.  And they want to run almost 20% of the US economy?

As far as Social Security goes the current case in  SCOTUS exhibits many of the same tactics used in Social Security.  While the Democrats publicly were claiming it wasn’t a tax, it would be untouchable by Congress because it would  be held in its own individual account, while the Government’s lawyers argued the opposite in court.

It only took one term of office for a new President to begin expanding Social Security’s mandate.  It’s been off to the races ever since.

Before you dismiss me as merely paranoid think on this.  Name a single tax or program the Federal Government runs that is either smaller in size or budget than it was 20 years.  Bet you can’t name 5.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


4 Responses to “B.F.D.”

  1. olinl Says:

    Right again, Chas. I heard that you might have had surgery. I hope you are recouping nicely.

  2. gwenfl Says:

    Great post Chas! Hopefully ObamaCare will be repealed. AND he will not get a second term.


    • chas Says:

      Both should be a slam dunk but I have less confidence in the American Voter and the SCOTUS than the average American. Thanks for your continuing support.


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