It’s The Constitution……..STUPID!!!!


I had glanced through an article on the Huffpost by Rep Steny Hoyer, who happens to be of my district.  You can read it here:

Rep.  Hoyer had much to say in maligning Rep Ryan’s budget proposal, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to show the Congressman’s objections and supply a short response.  “So let’s  just get to it”.

Hoyer claims:  “By ending the Medicare guarantee, the Republican budget shifts increasing costs to seniors and the disabled over the next several years.” 

I say:  There is NO power under Article 1, Section 8, that gives the Government the power to run a Health Care Program.  To say that you have such a power under the 16th Amendment simply because you call it a tax is misusing the intention and purpose of the Amendment.

Hoyer:  “And it repeals the patient protections and the cost containment policies of the Affordable Care Act. ”

Which, as stated above, is not a concern of the Federal Government.  The ACA being an unconstitutional power grab by the Government.

This next one is one education, but its way too long to re-post so I will just post part of what is supposedly decimates; Pell Grants, financial aid to students, Head Start cuts.  Then he jumps into renewable domestic energy.

Renewable energy?  Does he mean things like the Volt, Solyndra and the other numerous failures our tax dollars have been thrown away into?  Sorry, I’m not crying over the loss of funding for such nonsense.  Here is a real fact, if renewable energy was a money-making, self-sustaining idea, then someone would be doing it.

Jefferson once said: “Only a lie requires the support of Government.  The truth stands on its own.”  I believe that this holds true in business as well as people.

Now for the rest of his dubious claims of benefits of Government handouts.  One thing I’ve learned about the left is the always fail to learn the lesson of Adam Smith.  If you flood the market with college degrees you cheapen the worth of that degree.  Kids out of college make less now in start out pay than they did 30 years ago.  It’s called supply and demand.  If  you put more degrees out there you create a buyers market and they get to name the price.

It wasn’t so long ago that McDonald’s was paying well above minimum wage because unemployment was under 5%.  No people out of work makes it hard to find people to work for the lowest available salary.  That’s not so true today.

Head Start; we’ve known for years that head start isn’t actually a beneficial educational program.  Any small gain is gone in just a year or so when you compare them to kids who haven’t attended the program.  Let’s call it what it is, a social program that allows Mothers to have the kids looked after while they can do other things.  It’s an expensive Tax supported baby sitting program.

Hoyer goes on then to tries to repeat the lie that the more the Government spends the better off we become.  If that were true we’d be in the best shape of this Country since it’s inception since Obama has spent more money in his first three years than Bush did in his 8 years in Office.

As long as I am at it, let me now move on to something the President said the other day.  The President made the claim, and I am paraphrasing here, that this Country was never about what one person could do but what we could do together.  I have seldom heard a more inaccurate statement in my life uttered by a President.

An average reading and understanding of the Constitution and the debates that formed it would show to ANY average intelligent individual that the individual is exactly what this Country was designed around.  The Constitution isn’t an instrument of powers or a grant of rights.  It is a document of restraint, a curb against what the Government can do to an individual.

The President shows just what is wrong with liberal thinking, how it interferes with the grand design of the Founders.   The Constitution shows what the Founders knew to be fact, that even with the best intent Government is corrupt and too much Government is absolutely corrupt.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


2 Responses to “It’s The Constitution……..STUPID!!!!”

  1. Frank C Says:

    I will bet you Hoyer never read the Constitution since being elected many years ago.

    Well done.

    • chas Says:

      I will disagree with you my friend. I think, like Obama who supposedly taught Constitutional Law, he just has a totally misguided and incorrect understanding of the document. Thanks for your continued support.


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