It’s almost scary how easily people are distracted from the major point of an event.  Sidetracked by meaningless hyped stories.

First case in evidence;  Zimmerman/Martin.  What the hell does this minor case have to do with the Nation’s economy?  How about National Security?  Fact is, the only thing it does is give race baiters like Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers a platform to get news coverage.  It does cast light on the AG Holder who for the second time since taking office refuses to investigate or charge criminal activity done openly on camera by the New Black Panthers.

Obama’s camp must be peeing them self in glee over the point since you can’t talk about money when spinning over a local incident.

Point in evidence 2; Hillary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney.  This is so beyond stupid I don’t even want to address it.  Just on the face of it who in their right mind would listen to an idiot shrill for the Dems in the first place?   Well, besides the WH of course who had her visit a gazillion times, or the was that the other 33 Hillery’s?

All this does, once again, is take fuel away from the fact that double-digit millions of people are still out of work and gas prices are making it cheaper to stay home than go looking for work.  It also show Jay Carney is an absolute idiot, if he really believes that anyone buys his nonsense that not all 30 some visits of Hillary Rosen might not be the same Hillary Rosen.  She’s not just some pundit as I understand it.  Last year the DNC PAID her $120,000 for her services.

New Topic:  FAIR

The President is out running for reelection, mostly on our tax dollars it seems, touting his “Fairness Doctrine” or the Buffet Rule as he calls it.

First off let’s talk “fair”.  Fair is at best a subjective term.  I think fair is everyone paying the exact same tax rate,  with little or no write-offs.  I’ve always felt that a “fair” tax doesn’t require nor should it have any exceptions.  Once you grant one you have to grant more.  If you don’t believe that just look at our present tax code.

Now the President thinks fair is a higher tax, a damning, destructive tax on people who manage to achieve financial gains beyond what others might.  He obviously believes in a Progressive Tax.  A Progressive Tax is a staying point, BTW, of the Communist Manifesto.

That’s not to say that the President is a communist.  Every President since the passage of the 16th Amendment holds to the belief that a progressive tax is a good thing and obviously so do many Americans.  I say that because any candidate for presidential office that believes in a flat or fair tax always ends up dropping out of the race.

It is my belief that Jefferson summed it up best when he said; “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  In other words taking their money to give away to others or sending it to garner more votes for their reelection.

My point here is that prior to the Federal Government trying to be “fair”, not a dime was taken from the workers paycheck.  Prior to the Federal Government trying to “help” people what you earned was yours to keep or spend as you saw fit.

Some view this radical change from the Constitution as a good thing.  They find it helpful to steal the freedom of choice from all to benefit a few at the cost of millions.  I do not share that view.  I again agree with Jefferson who said; “I own that I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.

How much more oppressive can you get when the Government can order to buy something.  To eat certain things.  To blindly hand over a part of your paycheck to others without end or positive results?  I say; “The fruits of labor belong to those who plant the seed and nurture it, not to those who watched it grow.”

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


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