OH, You Got Change …


Remember in 2008, or the day after he got into the Senate if you think about it, when we heard about the “change” Obama was going to bring to Washington?  Many laughed, many worried, some actually believed.  Well those who believed were correct.  It’s just not the “change” they expected.

How about we start with changing the tone in Washington:  Remember the very first meeting with the leaders of both Party’s?  The minority leader tried to make suggestions and the President’s “change in tone” was “I WON“.  That was a change for sure, because as we all know, President Bush signed many bills presented to him from a Democratic lead Congress.

Of course there is the “transparency” that the President said had to change in Washington.   The Administration knew for 11 months about the GAO throwing a half million dollar party in Vegas before the press broke the news.  Wouldn’t transparency say that you investigate this as soon as you hear of it.  Take care of the problem, punish or fire those to blame and then break the news yourself?  Is this what this Administration did?  Heck no, this Administration blamed the previous Administration.

Speaking of transparency, did you hear that it took Judicial Watch almost a year to get the cost of the First Ladies fun in the sun tour in Spain with her daughters and a few friends?  That little time away cost us almost a half a million.  The press use to complain about Bush going to his ranch, the First lady has spent close to a million in just 3 years on her little get a ways.

The real killer to me is the reelection campaign that the President is now on.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think any of the past President’s should have been able to use our tax dollars to pretend they are giving a policy speech when the rhetoric is obviously a campaign speech.  But what really rankles my shorts is when the defense of this President doing is “We are ONLY doing what all previous Presidents have done”, when we were told that this was going to be a different type of Administration.  WTF, you claim you are going to be different, but your defense for business as usual is ” it’s business as usual”?

Here’s the thing.  There are very few homes in America today that do not have access to any form of media.  Most homes have multiple TV Sets, or internet and even cable, wouldn’t it make sense to just do a multi-braodcast across the various medias instead of spewing tons of carbon in the air flying around the Country?  This is supposed to be the Green President right?

But here is what I hear as I listen to his various speeches, (Don’t get pissed off, I am going to do the overboard thing just to highlight):

In, (pick a State College), President Obama said; “I have a plan that will allow us to move this Country forward, so that you don’t have to eat your family dog.  I’ve eaten dog and it’s tough.  Let’s not go there again”,.

But then he drives down the road a few miles for a campaign speech and says; “I want to move this Country forward, not force people to make a choice between eating their family dog and filling their car with algae.   I’ve eaten dog and it’s tough.  That’s where the GOP wants to take us again.”

This is shaping up to be a campaign that panders towards two groups, those who want your money and those who want to collect a pay check.  Seeing that almost 50% don’t pay Federal withholding taxes, so they don’t care that Obama is throwing around money like it is Christmas, so long as they get theirs.  There are some that shout we need to cut and /or change these give me’s, but wait, no I didn’t mean my give me.

The Congress has a lowly or perhaps woeful approval rating of 14% and yet the majority of them will be returned to yet again “serve their district”.   All of Congress gets a low rating yet it is the Senate that has failed to do any work at all.  The majority leader is sitting on some 30 bills that he will not even bring to the floor.  Does the President call him out on this?  No he blames the evil GOP and calls them a do nothing Congress.

And just to show how little attention we seem to be playing, with all the waste, mis-steps, stupidity and outright lies the President enjoys a 48% approval rating, (47.5% disapprove).  We have a debt that has increased by 5 trillion in the last 3 years, that we couldn’t pay off in my granddaughters lifetime and 48% approve the job he is doing?  WTH people.  This isn’t American Idol.

Wake Up!

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


2 Responses to “OH, You Got Change …”

  1. Frank C Says:

    Great blog post. I remember when he told Sen McCain “John there was an election, we won, get over it.” Boy does that lead to a dialog. If GOP wins, Romney should say he will NEVER use those words like Obabble

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